Yoon Eun Hye Romances TOP for the Pages of W Korea Magazine

Yoon Eun Hye was in NYC last month doing an endorsement for Calvin Klein that was used as pictorials in various magazines. Her individual shots were featured in Dazed and Confused, but she and TOP (of Big Bang fame) did a couples shoot that was just released for November’s issue of W Korea. These pictures are very femme fatale seducing her boss on the penthouse floor of his Chelsea apartment. I love these pics, which are just stylish and eye-catching. Not sure I’m feeling the chemistry between Eun Hye and TOP. I’m more admiring the pictures from a clinical perch rather than an emotional connection. The camera captures the image with a sense of detachment, which makes sense since W Korea tends towards the edgier looks.

[Credit: W Korea Magazine]


Yoon Eun Hye Romances TOP for the Pages of W Korea Magazine — 32 Comments

  1. I don’t know that that was the theme… I thought it was just the love and misunderstanding between lovers….

    So she’s playing the secretary and he is the boss….
    Can’t wait for the rest of the pictures!!

    I wonder who she’ll pair up next since she already paired up with Kim Hyun Joong, 2pm, and now T.O.P..

    • Because she is professional. If they need her to cut her hair for the role, then she’ll cut it without complaining. It’s simple as that.

      I love those pictures of her and TOP 🙂

      I can’t wait to see her in a new drama soon ^^

  2. Oh, her oppa KJH will be soooo jealous (I hope mwa ha ha)!!! YEH is just so beautiful and sexy. I’m not really a TOP fan, so he’s just comme ci comme ca for me. I hope there would be shots much like this one with our best OTP in the very near future. I wonder why magazines couldn’t think of that. People would empty stands buying their mags if our OTP is shown like this…Anyway, much thanks for this ockoala unni!

    • Yeppp, I think HwanHye shippers from the globe will make sure they get copy(s) of our OTP mag, if they really gonna do one!~

  3. YEH on top of Top .. ^^ But quite unfair, she had bare some skin and he is still fully covered. aish .. when will be the time i can see top showing his skin.waiting for the other pics..

  4. Yes they both have chemistry especially TOP the way he gazed at Yeh. I didnt know he has good looks. Oh so the concept is seducing the boss? As as as I know TOP never rip off his shirt. LOL

  5. Mrs Koala, thanks for those pics. Truthfully when TOP is alone is my fave by far. Yummy.

    Random thought: I know you have dropped “Material Queen”, but during ep 19, my screen almost combusted due to the insane hawtness of the not-yet-couple. Not the main leads, of course not. But Jiang Yu Chen with the “sax player”, whose real name I can’t find. Seriously the sexual tension was soooo high. I thought they were just about to jump unto each other. lol

    • I figured Material Queen was dropped too, but just curious as to why. I hardly ever comment – I’m a kdrama fan so I stalk all your recaps for those but have enjoyed exploring other countries’ dramas through your posts as well. 🙂

      • @ moll
        Mrs Koala stated that she dropped the drama because “it went downhill for me completely mid way in terms of plot”. 😉

        @ Kiwi
        Thank you!!! Indeed Danson Tang is ♥. ^^

    • agree with you! 🙂
      thanks, Mrs. Koala for posting this.
      it’s my first time reading that the theme was like that. But it’s good!
      I really like the pictures.
      YEH’s always so sexy and beautiful. They have chemistry together.

  6. Sorry, but he looks like a gay guy faking-it with a beautiful girl. And it looks like he spends twice as much time on his make-up as she does. Not attractive.

    The fem look popularized by K-idols and K-stars makes pretty boys simply look like pretty boys, which they are.

  7. Ms. Koala, thank you for posting the photos of YEH its nice… I just hope & wish that
    one day KJH & YEH or HwanHye will have a romantic photo shoot & and CF together…
    I really miss HwanHye a lot!… and hello to all the “HwanHye” fans… Cheers!

  8. YEH really done so well in this photoshoot!! hope to see her wearing shorts n bra but with KJW on top of her wearing shorts too ha ha ha pervie mode sorry KJW and YEH shippers…but couldn’t help myself thinking along those line of thoughts whenever I would see YEH with other guys posing so sexy as ever…..wishing that other magazine in Korea would also feature them together or would make a CF together that would be DAEBAK for sure!!!! thanks ms Koala for featuring YEH n KJW whenever they have news…more power to you too n God bless!!!

  9. i think the LAST pic captures the theme correctly….seing that TOP so wants YEH to give him a glimpse nevermind she is tryin to ‘protect’ her bosses image if they do get caught ……yah rite in a bra u fell on him….i’ll believe that 😉 nevermind…..all i wanted to say was the last pic nails the concept very well hehe..^^

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