You Are My Pet Holds VIP Movie Premiere

I don’t thinks it’s possible for Jang Geun Seok to pick a fuglier look than what he rocked for the You’re My Pet VIP movie premiere. He even get bonus ugly points for how badly he managed to clash with co-star Kim Ha Neul, who will be winning no fashion awards herself. For two very good looking people, they sure go out of their way to not be attractive. Granted Seok has a reputation was wearing very……unique outfits to events, so I can’t say I’m surprised. Kim Ha Neul is also hit or miss with her fashion sense, and that green short dress was an unequivocal miss with me, especially factoring in the messy hair and too bright lipstick.

Apparently this movie is premiering under some controversy, as the Korean Men’s Association has officially called for a boycott because they take offense to the story concept of a woman keeping a man as a pet. Setting aside this being adapted from mangas (which have way weirder stuff than this), it’s funny to have men in a still predominately male-run society like Korea take offense to a make believe rom-com turning the tables for once. This movie was intended to appeal to the ladies, who probably don’t give a rats behind about the so-called boycott and will run to the theaters to pretend they too can have Jang Geun Seok for a pet.

I’m always stunned by how random and off-the-cuff Seok can be in real life, but then onscreen when he is in character, he’s just on fire and owns it. I’m also curious where in the world Seol went to find that hideous suit. It’s seriously so wrong EVERYWHERE I don’t even know where to start critiquing it. It hurts my eyes to keep staring at it.

Kim Ha Neul must be like “OMG, what the hell have I gotten myself involved with?” It’s a little too late for buyer’s remorse, sweetie. But from all accounts, it’s looks like you had a fun time making the movie.

Of course celebrity friends of the leads or the director showed up, but I’m too lazy to dig for pictures. I did run across my Hyukkie at this premiere, and it’s just funny to imagine him sitting there watching the movie. I dunno, seems totally not his thing.

Yoo Seung Ho also showed up, having just finished his drama last month, and his thriller movie Blind with Kim Ha Neul was a success at the box office over the Summer. He looks so damn young, just the reminder I needed to remember his age and cease any propensity to ogle him. I also love the picture of him staring at the rip in his jeans, totally like he didn’t realize his pants had a hole in it until he stepped on that podium. LOL, he’s sooooo cute. You’re My Pet premieres this weekend in Korea.


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  1. “It’s seriously so wrong EVERYWHERE.” <== 😆

    Maybe the suit is not the right size for JGS that's why it looked awful on him. Or,could it be his haircut? 😉

    And why is Yoo Seung Ho wearing a big round eyeglasses? Is that the latest teen fashion in Seoul?

    Thank God, JHK is normally dressed. Go Tree with Deep Roots!

    Thanks Captain for this news. 😀

  2. JGS looks like an overgrown child….I just don’t know what to make of his outfits and hair…although the hair is okay here…
    I actually like Kim Hanuel’s dress, but it needs to be a little longer 😛 and the hair is definitely too messy…and it clashes.
    But OMG YOO SEUNG HO<3 so so so so adorable and I'm so glad he's older than me muhaha. The glasses are kinda weird but he actually looks good in them, so who am I to complain? XD I love his hair too. Lovelovelove

  3. I’m so used to seeing Jang Geun Suk wearing these outrageously weird outfits that I don’t mind it anymore. Why oh why?!!! So ugly indeed! Oh! my only two Korean ” boylets” ( a Filipino pun for fangirling young stars) in this item. Yoo Seung Ho, it seems just yesterday the first time I saw you in Love Letter as the young Jo Hyun Jae and now you’ve grown so handsome. Thanks Ms K.! Geun Sukkie, change your style or stylist ggrrrr!!!

  4. I dunno. I feel like, after living in Korea for almost two years, for every good outfit here, there are three or four TERRIBLE ones. There have just been so many trends and fashions that I look at and think “this is attractive?” Example, the giant glasses women get that cover their entire face. On as fundamental level, I do not understand that style. Or, the men I see wearing Ugg boots here. Or, last week, I went shopping for a sweater and while there were some nice cozy winter sweaters, the overwhelming majority of them were crop-top THICK cable knits hat were giant on me (5’9″ caucasian). When would you wear that? When would you look outside at the weather and think “yeah, I want my shoulders and arms to nice and warm, but I also REALLY want to show off my belly button” ???

  5. Who put JSG in a women’s outfit o_O? The jacket is too small and the trousers way too big.
    BTW…there is only one decent outfit and it isn’t with KHN.
    Did they made a pact? That movie must be talked about in every way, let’s wear ugly clothes.

    • Lol. I agree. That suit paired with that hairstyle…all JGS needs is the big owl eyeglasses and he could be Tootsie. Maybe he thought this was a Halloween dress up party?

  6. I dunno, I think that dress came with black spandex tights, but she decided not to wear them, and he has some serious static cling with those pants. Maybe they’re leftover costumes. Anyway, they are really playful. Is something really going on?

  7. My Only explanation for this HORRIBLE outfit for JGS is that raided the closet of his latets drama that he is filming, which is set in 1970’s and just couln’t change on time for the movie premiere….SRLY he needs to get arrested by the Fashion Police now!!…and he looks like he is 18 yrs old.

    • Didn’t he say at the MMM press conference that his animal print jacket was his mom’s? Did he raid her closet again?

      As I think about it… I understand that he does things in his life that reflect his character, such as he adjusts the music he listens to to fit the taste of the character he is portraying in order to help him to effectively realize the part. I tend to think that he also dresses like his character as well to help him get into the role even more. So maybe the Love Rain guy looks like that…

      Seems plausible to me.

      • Agree Totally! Keun Suk is very professional on and off screen. He dresses the character that the he is playing at the moment in all public appearances as an indirect form of publicizing the drama/movies and also as an extension of the character role current.

  8. Please someone shave JGS head. Omg. T_T how can such a pretty man be cursed with such a hairstyle? He’s setting bad examples! Look at Yoo SeungHo! Oh gosh. >____<. If this hairstyle becomes the latest trend I'll be the first to pull my eyes out. Where do I apply to be their stylist? Good thing you didn't post pictures of JGS wearing that fluffy white feather looking jacket he wore at the VIP screening. Oh gosh he looked like big bird from sesame street. Lol I'm so frustrated. Ah it's that time of the month and JGS just happened to catch my attention.

    Ah as always I love Jang Hyuk's manly clean cut look. Haha maybe Jang Hyuk got lost. Ah I hope to see Jang Hyuk in a Rom-com soooooon~

  9. OK… I like the JKS hairstyle waaay better than the Momo look. I hated the noodle hair. The suit is the worst, though. Sleeves too short, jacket too short, pants too short, hips/legs of pants too big. It makes him look like he has gained a lot of weight.

    I’ve noticed that the Korean clothes look really good or really bad. Not a lot in the middle. In MMM, I hated most of Jung In’s suits because they looked too small. Jackets were too short and tight. Drove me NUTS! Makes me wonder if they properly train people to measure men for suits in Korea.

    I like KHN’s dress. It’s too short, but hey… she’s got the legs for it! The hair is a mess. And what is up with YSH’s glasses??? And the hair??? I didn’t even recognize him.

    Yep… JHK is the winner of the day.

    • yeah i’m trying to remember if in the japanese show, momo dressed like that. wasn’t he a dancer? i wish he could have dressed up cutely (yoo ah in have succeeded at this numerous times) without looking like a shabbily dressed overgrown kid.

      in other news, geungeuns, jgs also mentioned mgy at the press conference.

      • yeah, question about mgy was asked by a reporter first. this topic got nothing to do with mgy.

      • Mey, you are right about Momo being a dancer. Momo (Matsujun) had mostly slouchy sweats or sweaters like the main actress from “Flashdance” and that one weird knitted sweater vest over the long sleeved top. But it was a believable wardrobe for a dancer who wanted to move fluidly.

  10. Seems in Korea, ugly is “in” and he sure did topped it off this time! Plus that hair style isn’t helping. Maybe it is time he finds a new fashion coordinator?

  11. I now officially label Jang Geun Seok as a fashion statement disaster!! This guy need to change his stylist. I feel like punching his nose looking at that hideous outfit, probably the worst I’ve seen him yet, and I can’t even talk enough about the hair, it’s ugly! What a waste of pretty face when you doll up with an old fashion VERY ugly outfit!! Jang Geun Seok really love to leave his mark wherever he goes so people will remember him “Oh that’s the guy with an ugly outfit.” I would probably ditch him if he wear that outfit on a date, don’t matter if he’s JANG GEUN SEOK!! But hey at least we get see JGS wear normal clothing when his acting right.

    • totally agree. seems like he wants to counteract his perfect look in drama with his ‘unique’ fashion style. but i wun ditch him for sure even if he wears a table cloth… hey, he’s geun chan!

  12. Is that supposed to be his “new” haircut? I mean it’s a little bit shorter, but seriously, I was thinking more along the line of a crew cut or something. That long hair needs to go.

  13. Will definitely hate that outfit if I see it on other actors… but since it’s Geun-Seok, it’s all good.. I made peace with his fashion sense a long time ago. haha! I feel bad about the boycott though… but since the movie’s target audience is women, I still hope that it does well in the box office. He made quite a sacrifice for this movie and although i have to say that the plot is quite off for some, I’m sure the acting and screen presence of KHN and JKS would be a sure treat!

  14. what are those people wearing?
    some one tell them to look at the mirror before doing that to our eyes.
    that hurts my eyes i cannot look any more.

  15. I don’t understand what was he thinking what he donned that outfit? Come on Jang Geun Seok, bring me back my Hwang Tae Kyung. Shin Hye is surely going to be upset if she sees you like that.

  16. I don’t understand. I get that he has an off-beat sense of fashion and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the gender binary (which is great!), but he looks butt ugly here. I love him to death but even I can’t excuse that sort of monstrosity. It’s some kind of bastard lovechild of a chintz carpet and my grandmother’s winter coat. Ew ew ew.

  17. Just SO SO VERY VERY GLAD that Kim Hyun Joong didn’t accept to act in this movie, Phew!
    Fake nose (even though he tried to prove that he didn’t have a nose job done, come on, we all saw how flat was his nose when he was in his teens) Jang Geun Seok with his bad taste hair and attire sure fit the role of a pet dog. He really is well cast for this movie. Well done, act like a dog!

      • Really?! So what? You mean his fans breeds like dog bugs? I don’t hate him, in fact I find him terribly amusing him, just don’t think he’s that nice, more like a hypocrite!

  18. ahh nooo~~~
    I was SO lucky, a friend of mine got tickets for the premiere and interview and I got in with her. I saw JGS and btw, I was thinking the same about his suit xDD but just now I realized that I missed my beloved Yoo Seung Ho…. no way~ could you tell me when he was standing on stage??

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