Rainie Yang Rocks Two Distinct Looks for Vogue Taiwan

When Rainie Yang first debuted, she was the very essence of the girl-next-door sunshine girl, and she’s cultivated a very down-to-earth image for her entire career. 2011 was the tenth year anniversary of her entertainment career, and it’s no high praise to say she’s hitting one career achievement after another. After Drunken to Love You and releasing a hit album, I’m hoping Rainie takes a page from her DTLY co-star Joseph Chang‘s eclectic playbook and pick a movie next. I want her to challenge herself because I think she has the acting chops to pull off a different character than her typical bold and brassy heroine. In terms of modeling, I find her pictoral for the December issue of Vogue Taiwan visually arresting, a great combination of edgy with pretty.

I concede Rainie’s hairstyle for this photoshoot is like an insane cousin to Ji Heon’s broccoli hair in Protect the Boss, but somehow she manages to pull it off. She looks daring and intriguing, but not silly or ugly. I like it, even if there is no way in hell any human being will wear that hairstyle out in public. I also like the other hairstyle, the slicked back Mad Men-esque do paired with the androgynous clothing. It’s a great contrast between feminine messy and masculine foppish.

[Credit: Vogue Taiwan]


Rainie Yang Rocks Two Distinct Looks for Vogue Taiwan — 17 Comments

  1. Hm. I think I know why I don’t really like Rainie Yang in fashion photoshoots. Her face is too baby-ish looking, so she can’t rock many styles, except cute ones. Also, cos her face is small, so she can’t pull off baggy clothes/ heavy dresses (see third pic from bottom [a little weird] compared with the last two photos [she looks good!]).

  2. Don’t really like or watch any of her dramas.. but I love her tom-boyish look here – her eyes her lips and her body posture.. rocks..

  3. The photos look like they were taken by an inexperienced photographer.. Either that or the makeup is not dramatic enough for a high fashion photo shoot suitable for Vogue….Rainie still looks pretty but there is no va-voom at all unfortunately…..

  4. She’s a beautiful woman, but holy smokes! Just how big are her feet? It looks like she’s wearing her father’s shoes on dress-up day in the playroom.

  5. Just love her multi-dimensional cuteness w/ a new touch of mature womanhood. She has that imposing genuineness that is a quality to envy. Definitely BFF material. I enjoy her as an actress.

  6. I love Rainie Yang.. I agree with ockoala says here.. no one can pull off the hair like that and still looking gorgeous but she can.. love all her picts.. big fan of Rainie.. I wish she will be in a movie on her next project..

  7. She looks gorgeous and I especially love the more “masculine” look. I love when women look fierce without having half their clothes off.

  8. Question:

    In photos 1,2,3 and 5, did a bird land in her hair? Coz that thing look hideous!!! Love the rest of the photo though!!

  9. Big fan of hers..she has this pixie look and in fashion shoots it always seems out of the world look ,which I won’t be caught dead with hair style like hers..but she pulled it well. I just simply love her and overlook any of her short comings.

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