Saving General Yang with Ekin Cheng, Vic Zhou, and Wu Zun Releases First Official Still

Looks like Director Ronny Yu’s mega-budget period war movie Saving General Yang is potentially looking for an American distributor. The first official still from the movie, starring among others Adam Cheng, Ekin Cheng, Wu Zun, Vic Zhou, and Raymond Lam, showed up at a distributor exhibition in Los Angeles over the weekend. This is a full and direct look at the seven Yang brothers in costume, in character, and I hazard a guess, in the process of marching off to war.

I am so excited for this movie it’s not even funny. I love the Yang family lore, which baths patriotism with hot guys and tons of bromance. Seeing Ekin as First Brother leading his younger siblings makes me remember why I’m so fond of the guy since he really can’t act. He looks great when be brings it. But why my Zai Zai get saddled with facial hair? Boo. Everything else remains a giant yay.

If you read the promotional sheet below, the production couldn’t possibly give away more of the ending if they tried. I know how this story ends, but non-Chinese folks not familiar with the story ought to have some sense of surprise saved for them. Now everyone will be guessing which brother lives.


Saving General Yang with Ekin Cheng, Vic Zhou, and Wu Zun Releases First Official Still — 16 Comments

  1. Geez I don’t know the story and now it’s all spoilt. Seriously.
    Blech what a cover hitting you in the face and that red effect 🙁

  2. Yeah guess so, the ending will be very traumatic, I don’t know whether I can take the pain in my heart to know that Wu Chun will not survive the war. I just hope I can survive the movie. Definitely going to watch the 20 million (don’t know in which currency) budget movie.

  3. koala, i know this is totally random from this article post but i can’t wait till your OFFICE GIRLS recap!!! i’m so excited for that drama lol!

  4. I thought Vic looks just fine.( as always :)) A little facial hair doesn’t bother me. It’s not like we’re talking ZZ Top Levels of hair. Now THAT would be just wrong on SO many levels. 🙂 Blech!

  5. I remember watching the tbs 1985 anniversary adaptation where they had an all star cast including the handsome 5 tigers. LOVED THAT SERIES but as 12 year old, I was heartbroken with the ending. I was in so much denial.

  6. Yeah, the ending is definitely spoiled for most anyone who knows anything about the Yang Family… I think it’s a good idea to spoil that everyone but one of them die though otherwise you might have the distributors who wouldn’t know what’s mostly common knowledge to everyone in the know thinking it’ll be a Happily Ever After instead of a bittersweet ending. But yeah that tagline combined with the blood spatter makes it seem like it’s a horror B movie which doesn’t help things.

  7. Can’t wait for it ^^ though I have watched 85 version, Alec su version, and Hu Ge version, I still love the bromance, and curious about who’s going to play whose wife.
    Yeah…boo too zai zai facial hair, but can’t help it right, since they needed it to make him look older than wuzun or raymond lam, while actually he’s younger than them.

  8. I hope Wu zun gonna survive the war . don’t know if not i can’t watch LOL XD if again dying in like in previous two movies err…! good thing is Wu Zun another movie is coming out as well Magic to win! he will not die! there newayWu Zun FTW!

  9. Isn’t the prophecy all go to war but only 6 comes home/returns? That’s what I remember in one of the versions I watched. OMGGG GONNA BE SO HEARTBROKEN WHEN MY BABY ZAI DIES. Omg… felt sad just reading about it let alone seeing it :'(

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