Man of Honor Holds Open Media Day Complete with Noodle-filled OTP Goodness

You all know I’m loving Man of Honor, but that love is primarily caused by adoring the two lead characters plus really enjoying the snappy execution that makes every episode appear to just fly by. The ratings for MoH is nearing the mid-teens, but I’m not certain anymore whether this drama will ever be a bona fide hit and break twenty. The cast and crew held an open media day recently and everyone appeared to be happy and having a great time filming. The production built from scratch Young Kwang’s noodle restaurant, where many scenes take place, and it really reflects the sunny and satisfying mood this drama gives off. If Park Min Young wasn’t dating Lee Min Ho, I’d be all over her chemistry with Chun Jung Myung, because it’s just amazing to watch them connect with each other through so many ups and downs (so far). Young Kwang and Jae In are just the epitome of made-for-each-other. Swoon. I also want to say “PIE, feed me some noodles, too!”

As much as I am rabid over Young Kwang and Jae In, I genuinely believe this love triangle can be quite compelling. I think In Woo’s going to stop being an ass towards Jae In now that he knows her true identity, and that may be the catalyst for him to start standing up to his father and doing the right thing to try and protect her.

While in the drama, Jae In and Young Kwang’s mom are finding a reluctant but growing acceptance of each other, it’s nice to see everyone so cuddly behind the scenes.

Aren’t they so adorable together? He’s so boyish and brash, she’s so bubbly and caring. AGGHHH, please toss out the fauxcest misunderstanding as soon as possible, drama! I can’t endure the wait for my OTP to get together.

I do hope more people check out MoH, because I enjoy talking about this drama with folks and enjoying the uber-dramatic fairytale vibe of it.

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Man of Honor Holds Open Media Day Complete with Noodle-filled OTP Goodness — 26 Comments

  1. Thanks, Mrs Koala. The actor portraying In Woo is darn tall. Wow. And kinda cute as well. ^^

    Glad to see that your blog has been back to normal, I had been worried over the past hour.

      • KBS’ Entertainment Weekly interviewed him, no idea what it’s all about buat and he sang.. quite nicely too..

  2. I have been in love with PIE since The Duo and was waiting for MOH to be a few episodes in in order to not have to angst about waiting ’til the next week for my dosage of cuteness. He is my screen saver and Koala I have been reading your recaps weekly so now is the moment to marathon eps. 1-8. Thanks for sparking my interest even more.

  3. They have such a great chemistry!! I cannot get tired of admiring these together!!

    And I want a bowl of noodle! It’s making me hungry just by looking at it! Hahaha ^^ Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures!

  4. SO IN LOVE with the two of them
    I don’t knoww.. they’re so natural, and great chemistry and godddd look at those smiles.

  5. ahhh..i have yet to check this drama out. ever since BBJX, i haven’t really watched any k-drama yet. and i don’t know why, i feel like i’m cheating on LMH/city hunter and nana if i watch this drama and fall in love with the OTP…hahaha. i know, i’m crazy. but thanks for sharing the recaps koala, i will try to watch it during my break. 😉

  6. I have the same thought here too. If PMY wasn’t dating LMH, I’ll ship these two together…… But well, you’ll never know, people change, maybe at by the end of the drama, theses two really fall in love with each other….heehee…….

  7. These photos are so cute, and look at Mom, so nice. The cutest is the last one. Oh boy, I bet Lee Min Ho is crazy jealous right now aha ha ha! Thank you so much for posting this ockoala unni! This post has put a smile on my face (and that’s before tea at 10pm)!

  8. No way is PMY going to wander off the path that is LMH – who would? I’m loving MoH, but at this point, I’m hoping that she ends up with a cured In Woo – maybe cause I really like Jang Woo on WGM. He’s such a total horndog and makes no excuses for being a healthy male with a good sense of humor. Plus, he’s turning in one heck of a great acting job in MoH.

  9. wow wow.. thanks for all those cute picts of MOH.. those picts are so adorable.. I dont want to talk about chemistry between PIE and PMY, because I just feel lika I am bertraying LMH.. LOL.. All I can I say is I want PIE to feeding me a noodle too..

  10. thanks for the post sis! i am so into MoH. loving it when i never thought i will watch the drama coz of it’s BKKTG reference. so far i am embracing its makjagness. i love the otp and even jang woo is holding up on his own. the story has good execution and well acted.

    MoH is subbed at DarkSmurfSub.

  11. I’m loving it cuz of BKKTG references & vibes and the OTP could not be any better..such a cute pairing! Many thanks for the wonderful photos and PMY is so sweet & cute! 🙂

  12. I didn’t like PMY particularly, but now I like her because of CJM……. I hope MOH’s rating will begetting better and better ………

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