More Striking Stills from Padam Padam as the Drama Continues Filming for a December Premiere

It feels like upcoming cable drama Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat has been filming for like forever. It’s been filming since mid-September, and the drama isn’t even slated to premiere until December on jTBC. I love the fact that it has such a head start, and the cast and crew won’t be scrambling around like headless chickens trying to scrape together enough for two episodes each week only hours before the episodes airs. Because it’s been filming for so long, there has been a steady diet of official stills released by the production, all of which make it seem quite light and pretty.

I had initial reservations about super tall Jung Woo Sung paired with extra-petite Han Ji Min, but so far I’m loving every cute picture of them together. Kim Bum does look older having lost weight purposely for this role, but I’m with the group who thinks he looks too gaunt. Hope he puts some meat back in those cheeks once this drama is over.

Aside from looking a little too thin, everything else about Bummie is really popping in this drama. He seems so happy and energetic. Hope his character is interesting, with or without his own love story. It’s just good to see his back on the small screen again.

Since Han Ji Min plays a vet in this drama, I expect tons of injured animal scenes and/or cute animals in need moments. I’m a sucker for poor sad animals, so I’ll be sure to have my hanky ready this time.

Below is the first still of newbie young actor Choi Tae Joon, who plays Jung Woo Sung’s teenage son in the drama. Yes, you heard that right. SON. I’m pretty blown away that my I Lub You is suddenly playing a daddy.

[Credit: Padam Padam Official Naver Cafe]


More Striking Stills from Padam Padam as the Drama Continues Filming for a December Premiere — 18 Comments

  1. Ummm…Tae-joon looks older than Bummie.

    These all look gorgeous! I’m excited for all these new cable dramas – it’s like Christmas or something! ^_~

  2. …I’d hit that.

    (Bummie. I’d hit Bummie. Not Jung Woo Sung because he’s old, man.)

    (Also, is this son going to be full of angst that his daddy spent all those years in prison and now that he’s out, he is hanging out with some young dude who seems to have replaced him in daddy’s affections?)

    (Heeeeeeello, legitimate daddy issues, where have you been all my life?)

  3. I remembered having doubt when I first heard about collaboration between HJM and my So Ji Sub in CaBel. Since he was so tall and muscely while Ji Min’s cute lil thing. But they proved me wrong. Their chemistry was so out of the world that I actually prayed it was true when the rumors abt them getting married last year surfaced. Lol. I’m pretty sure ill ended up shipping this two too when the series comes out. Tehehe

  4. Lmao…i love how everyone thinks Bummie looks like some diff actor…i think he looks like Eita…loving the stills…cant wait to see how they play out the daddy-son story

    • Oh, Eita! That’s true. And Japanese dudes, at least actors, seem to have that gaunt/thin thing going on. I really love Eita. He was adorable in Nodame and heartbreaking in Sunao ni Narenakute.

  5. Ah I really love the new Kim Bum look. But in the 2nd and 3rd pic he really looks scrawny. D= . I agree it’s like they’ve been filming this for ages! And the official airfare is still in December sooo long. I’m excited to watch this. And gasp~ his “son” is looking goood~.

  6. They have been teasing us with this drama forever. But like Koala said, at least the poor cast and crew won’t be totally run ragged with filming. Bummie did get thin for the role (I had been wondering whether he had) which is a relief to hear. Hopefully he’ll put a bit of meat on his bones afterwards.

  7. No! Adorable animals are too much of a distraction! I’m just going to be cooing at them instead of watching the actual drama.

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