Cha Seung Won in Taipei for the Bulgari Store Grand Opening Event

Cha Seung Won bagged himself a Style Icon Award last week in Korea, and this week finds him in Taiwan for the grand opening of the Bulgari store at the Taipei 101 building. I swear that man was born to wear a suit. He probably came out of the womb bespoked, LOL. He’s insanely popular in Taiwan mostly due to City Hall, which was such a rage it was aired three consecutive times on the channel that broadcast it. His popularity has only increased after Best Love was shown there during the Summer, and I’m thrilled more folks appreciate the fine wine that he is.

While these pictures are primarily to showcase always dapper Cha Seung Won, I can’t help but be gobsmacked by his date for the event, Taiwanese songstress A-Mei (Chang Hui Mei), who apparently is wearing what appears to be 10-inch heels. A-Mei is super tiny, which explains her extra effort not to appear a dwarf next to the extremely tall Cha Seung Won. But I keep wondering how she managed to walk in those heels? Sigh, what women do for beauty.

I rather wish A-Mei hadn’t bothered wearing the world’s tallest set of heels, because it just looks uncomfortable and dangerous, plus she’s still a good foot and a half shorter than Cha Seung Won that it already looks weird enough. Though if she showed up in flats, the height disparity would be so freakish perhaps we’d all be laughing at that instead. I guess she can’t win either way. I feel her pain. Also, Christian Louboutin really wants to torment the ladies by coming up with that contraption of a shoe.


Cha Seung Won in Taipei for the Bulgari Store Grand Opening Event — 23 Comments

  1. ZOMG! Those heels! The final answer to vertically challenged people like me AND it can skewer people. I wonder if she had to practice walking in those…

    On another note, 3 TIMES? Wow, I love City Hall just as much as anyone but 3 times on the air is a tad bit too much.

  2. Wearing such heels is counterproductive because their outlandishness draws the eyes down rather than up. Petite women need to accentuate their heads, drawing the viewer’s eye upward. Moreover, she should have worn black tights or something so that the line doesn’t break at her ankles. It makes her look even stubbier.

  3. Just looking at her feet makes my back hurt. I’d probably be eating dirt while suffering from broken bones if I wore those. ^__^’

  4. Those heels….I can’t even wear 3inch heels lol…

    Haha yes I went to Taiwan in the summer and best love was airing (dubbed in Chinese and I was like boo cha seung won’s voice is half the amazingness but ah well)
    And city hall was airing too! Probably the third time haha but yep….secret garden too XD and bof…for probably the 10th time…

  5. She’s wearing Louboutin Daffodile and those shoes are SUPER comfortable. When I wear mine I can’t even tell it’s 6.5 inches because they feel like 4 or less. The double platform really makes it work AND they are one of those rare Loubies that are true to size. I usually wear my Lady Dafs though because I prefer the Mary Jane look

  6. Gosh, even with those heels she is still so much shorter than him. Ok, I’ve concluded that only (LOL) GHJ can match him visually.

  7. First of all CSW looks amazingly good!!!! the man rocks the suit as always
    i have to state that first cause it seems unfair to let a pair of the most awful heels in history stole CSW’s looks
    yet the heels are so ugly and seem so insecure… and she stills looks short… maybe with a longer pants so that she can hide the shoes…
    anyway i’m happy CSW is always in some event or other… hope he gets a new drama soon

  8. CSW is my version of Johnny Depp gets getting better and better he looks sooo good…. 😀

    Those heels are just plain crazy….I rather look somewhat tiny than wear those heels and the whole outfit just doesn’t go….

  9. The first time I laid my eyes on the first picture, that’s the first thing I’ve noticed… sky-high Louboutin heels. I love Christian Louboutin cause his shoes really looks sexy but I still can’t see myself wearing a pair cause as much as they look pretty, they look painful too and oh, they’re damn expensive that I can’t afford one yet… unless I’m going to shell out a couple of bucks which isn’t going to happen (for now, lol).

    I agree with the commenter above saying that Cha Seung Won is the equivalent of Johnny Depp in Korea. Those two guys are indeed aging gracefully. ^^

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