More Stills from Full House 2 and its Head Scratching Fashion Sense

It’s round two of Full House 2 versus Koala’s eyes. My corneas put up a valiant battle, but the eyesore was so powerful I was ultimately vanquished. More new stills have trickled out from the set of FH2 starring No Min Woo, Hwang Jung Eum, and Park Ki Woong. If I concentrate on the very pretty faces of all three actors it’s fine, but venturing beyond that makes me shake my head in befuddlement. I can’t even make heads or tails of the need to make everyone look ridiculous. I have made fun of the stylings for two K-dramas in advance of its premiere and ended up loving the insane but rather apropos looks in You’re Beautiful and Mary Stayed Out All Night. But I think the extenuating circumstance in both of those dramas was Jang Geun Seok, and sadly he’s not around in FH2.

Angora? Why angora? And how did they manage to find two equally atrocious angora sweaters to slap on poor Hwang Jung Eum. She looks like Big Bird’s pretty cousin in these pictures. If cashmere is my best friend, angora is my hated foe, all faux-soft but really itchy and sheds like the dickens. I think with the sartorial failures that have befallen Hwang Jung Eum in two straight dramas, her next role ought to be that of a Parisian supermodel with a walk in closet crammed full of couture. She’s owed something big time.

Below are the very pretty scripts for FH2. Obviously the characters drawn on the cover do not in any way resemble the characters onscreen.


More Stills from Full House 2 and its Head Scratching Fashion Sense — 64 Comments

      • I wish No Min-woo would have taken that Vampire Idol deal. But I don’t think he could have beat this project for name recognition, even if he goes down in history as the worst-dressed star in the history of television – after Rain. Because you’d have to work really hard to top that.

      • So far Woo Woo is the least hideous of all three complete looks-wise.

        He still has a looooong ways to go to out-ugly Rain, who was dressed like a manwhore in FH. I have proof, too!

        The entire outfit is so much fail I don’t know where to begin my critique.

        It’s hot pink! ‘Enuff said.

        Even tie dye was insulted by this shirt.

        This outfit was a distant cousin of the plane outfit. Only tighter.

        Neckerchief! ‘Enuff said as well.

      • I’m sorry but I just adore the entire package….out of this world really!!!! 😛

      • Mhahahahahahhaa

        Manwhore?? o.O Poor Rain…

        But if we are gonna talk about eye sores in fashion in dramas what about Yoo Min-Woo’s (Song Seung-Heon) in Summer Scent!!! All of his style, hair color and cut included was hideous!!! OMG that give me nausea!!!

        But as Hae-Young in My Princess (2011) he was impeccable, so he grow in my eyes, and in style!!

      • Holy moly I was LMFAO seeing those gems! Bahahaha oh I was so naive believing all Korean men dress like that…

    • omg! sis those pics are just super hilarious, now i am laughing here at the office and everyone is looking at me, and oh, you forgot the really, really off top he was wearing at the hotel when he met his friend.

      • Oh My god! Those were the days….i had nightmare of Rain wearing hideous outfits…gosh, I really hope FH2 will come out good because PKW looks adorable here (minus the horrendous blonde locks)

      • OMG! ROTF!
        I no longer remember it was that bad! Poor, poor Rain!
        I’ve been waiting like forever for FH2 but this….this…..sigh…

  1. Okay, chingu? I can ignore their clothes because let’s face it, fashion sense in kdramas can be glitchy at best, but their haircuts? I can’t even. I just…I can’t.

    The scripts are pretty, pretty though. ♥

      • IKR! I’ll probably tune in just to point and laugh.

        Or maybe I can save myself some grief and skip it altogether. On the other hand, No Min Woo! laksjdlasjd IDK. I’m torn.

    • lol, to be fair… i think no min woo can pull that hair off. he looks A LOT like a stone sculpture. creepy and beautiful. plus… PARK KI WOONG! nuff’ said. [i don’t see the hair. not looking not looking not looking.]

      and please don’t judge me for this….. but, ANGORA! it’s so furryyy!!:):):) ok, not a good fashion statement… but it totally made me wanna give hang jung eum a big hug! Sigh, this comment will stick out like a sore thumb amongst the rest… maybe i’m as weird as the drama’s fashion sense. 🙁

      • the overalls with the red and blue sweater kinda reminds me of the horror doll “CHUCKY” hehehehe 🙂

  2. These poor people, nobody deserves to have to look like that. No Min Woo looks angry and if I had to be photographed with my hair like that, I’d be looking peeved too. Park Ki Woong is smirking in a yea-I-am-dressed-as-a-goob-and-my-hair-sucks-whatabouti kinda way?, poor guys.

    While watching FH I wanted the stylist to be fired…but this time round THIS THIS…. makes me go to Korea and slap some sense into that person!(I don’t agree with violence normally, but this is too much!)

    • [Trans] @ ellentuna @ dangji77 someone make me like this . [By R.O.M] this is one of No Min Woo’s tweets…

      If you check the pic – I don’t think he was that happy with the outfit …. because in the next tweet he invited the girls to dinner… (both are designers and worked with him before – not always on my liking but it looks like he likes their style)
      I think we aren’t as traumatized as the cast is ( for a few pics for the media, I bet they tried other outfits too, even “better”)

      However I love No Min Woo’s costume from the first pic, but the blue blazer’s collar is a horror ( 90’s style – I had a few of them backthen , somehow the colors were combined a lil better )

  4. My eyes, my eyes, my eyes…I don’t know if it is the weird head of hair that ALL 3 (at least in YAB and Mary SOME of the leads were dressed sanely) are sporting or the really BRIGHT shirt HJE is wearing that is making my eyes tear up right now…..also how pretty and Manhwaish are those script covers???..actually the original FH manhwa had some good art if I remember correctly…now why exactly are the leads dressed exactly the other way round again???

    • HJW isn’t even just wearing a neon yellow angora sweater, don’t forget it’s paired with a ripped in multiple places light-colored jeans folded up ala 80s style. Someone in the costume department MUST have it out for the cast of FH2.

      And those overalls are wide-legged!!!! Jesus, talking about piling on the inappropriate style mashups

    • She must be really pretty to still look cute in those hideous sweaters. Angora… itch is all I can think of. Never liked angora.

      I liked Full House, rewatched it a few times, even with the unrealistic behind-the-back sale of the house (which has the most lovely setting). It’s one of those I consider Korean drama classic, along with MNIKSS, Coffee Prince, etc. Looking forward to the twists.

      I just hope they give the characters ‘normal human being’ hairstyles. The ugly hairstyles distract us watchers.

  5. I don’t think they look that bad. Forgive me for saying this but I am used to ridiculous styling in K-Dramas because they generally always have terrible, ugly, horrible, tacky, bright wardrobes/fashion (if you can call it fashion. ugh.)

  6. I dunno, that brownish suit in the top picture is pretty bearable but that hair has gone beyond terrible and turned into a major radiation disaster.

    The blond dude thinks he’s getting points for the Che Guevara (if that is, indeed, who that shadowy face is; it could be Captain Hook) and for that jacket that could have come off the set of The Outsiders without much trouble. He is wrong.

    Is this what our intrepid heroine needs to choose between? Corporate executive stud with a perm gone terribly, terribly wrong or counterculture hottie who superglues his clothes together? Can she please burn that sweater because it’s making me itch? The world may never know. (Well, the world will eventually. I’m not sure I’ll be sticking around in this drama’s wake to find out, tough.)

  7. Those covers for the scripts are the exact covers for the manhwa Full House. I hope they do follow the manhwa more than the previous kdrama Full House. If so, it should be interesting.

  8. The only redeeming thing in this photo is Park Ki Woong’s smile.

    Gets me every time. Even with atrocious hair, I just…m…e……l………t………………..

  9. i’m just gonnna go all out and say this: WTF with the hairdos?!!

    Thanks Koala for the update – but clearly I’m not going to check this one out…

  10. Wow, I didn’t think it was possible, but poor Hwang Jung-eum looks even worse here than in CYHMH.

    I don’t hate Noh Min-woo’s hair, though. It makes his too-smooth face more interesting. Kind of the way Kim Hyun-joong became hot in the Perm episodes of PK.

    • because the script cover has cartoon people! Usually the fashion in manga won’t work in real life. seriously… it happens to ALL manga-adapted dramas. Boys over flowers [jap AND korean versions] and skip beat [taiwan version] etc etc. The fashion always goes awry. remember Lee Min Ho’s ramyun-looking hair which seemed caked into his head? lol.

  11. Hwang Jung Eum –
    Weren’t your photos from when you were growing up embarrassing?
    Are you trying to make up for lost humiliation?

  12. I enjoyed parts of Mary and YAB immensely but even there I hated the stylings so this is going to be a trainwreck, style-wise, as far as I am concerned. Sadly, this doesn’t look any worse than the men’s outfits in Goong (my eyes!) or the entirety of the wardrobe in the original FH.

    And also the hair! The hair! What on earth!

    I am tuning in anyway – love the cast and the original FH was my gateway kdrama (though I am still trying to figure out how someone can legally sell a house they have no title to) so I am in.

    I think the script covers are using the original manga artwork.

  13. That furry yellow sweater. Those overalls. WHY. A question mark is not needed because it is now a statement. WHY. Omg. It hurts my eyes. -__-. I know they’re going for some sort of concept here… But HJE. Do you seriously have no say in what they dress you in?!?

  14. Am i the only who’s excited about this drama?!!!
    Forgive me guys but i love it because of No Min-Woo oppa.. (never mind the fashion sense)…
    ________________As long as this show is full of comedy like the first one, i’m in….
    ……………………Hwang Jung-Eum is cute though (in my eyes)…kekeke

  15. Dear God, what did they do to my strikingly sexy No Min Wo??? Forget the clothes, his leonine mane makes him ugly, real ugly…

  16. I think No Min Woo is beautiful no matter what hair or clothes. That girl is just too cute and pulls off the angora plus the colors. I am itching just thinking about it. Rain looks awful but last night for the first time someone made me watch Ninja Assassin (redundant) and I have a new respect for Rain.
    NMW is a sculpture but not creepy, just gorgeous.

  17. Hwang Jung Eum outfit and hair style looks like angry bird especially with the yellow sweater!! muahahaha.. I bet the stylist and the whole team production love angry bird so much.

  18. Why did they do that to No Min Woo’s hair :(((( , I wish he won’t keep this hairstyle during the whole drama , I want his black not permed hair back :((

  19. God in Heaven, WHAT is going on here?! I’m laughing and yet totally horrified with these stills for FH2. I know that this is a remake of FH1, plot and all, right? So, this is going to be a period piece complete with retro wardrobe choices? It has to be – there’s no other answer for the retina damage I just received.
    And No Min Woo – how could they do that to his head? I just rewatched MGIAG and he was just perfect (not the acting, the look) – to see his hair like this is beyond sad.
    All that neon fuzzy angora just makes me itch – why all the sweaters? And those big buttons on her pair of OshGoshBeGosh overalls are stupifying.
    This FH2 has the potential of making the original seem like a classic.

  20. I think the angora sweater looks great, I have the same one in a pale blue and pale pink and love the oversized look.
    Mine are so comfy that I often just wear them when alone at home, the feel of the sensual angora is so wonderful on my bare skin and though they do shed a little it is outweighed by the feel and look of the soft angora!
    Just saying… Jayne

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