Newly Single Ariel Lin Discusses Breakup and Asks for Privacy from the Media

This news will make some ArJoe fans rejoice. Much as I think Ariel Lin is never going to end up in real life with another actor (she’s never dated any of her co-stars or anyone in the entertainment industry since she debuted), she has such explosive and brilliant chemistry with ALL her male co-stars there are legions of Ariel fans who ship her with a former co-star. I don’t blame them, she makes it hard to believe it’s just acting when you see her onscreen all in love. Ariel has been dating an older non-entertainment industry boyfriend for the last two years, and TW-news exploded this week with the confirmation of the long simmering rumors that Ariel and her boyfriend have ended their relationship.

Ariel personally posted a very lengthy and heartfelt statement on her weibo, which I have translated below. It’s tough to have a personal relationship end in such a public way, so my wishes to Ariel in this difficult time. Rumors claim the relationship ended because he shaved 7 years off his real age of 43 when he started dating Ariel, and she only recently discovered this deception, with the loss in trust marking the end of an already rocky relationship.

Ariel wrote on her weibo:

We both tried hard, and gave it a chance, but in the end we can only wish each other the best, respectfully saying goodbye to each other. So painful, so very painful, but in the end it was time to let go. Because of this, I ask the media to please give him and his family the private space they need. I only wish the wonderful him can find the right girl for him, giving him what I lack, and a complete happiness.

Please stop hurting the person I cherised, did none of you ever love so deeply before? Have no understanding of the gutwrenching pain of such a loss? Please do not continue spreading unsubstantiated rumors, continuing to tear holes into an already gaping wound. This [good deed] will add to the goodwill for those you love. Yes, we have ended our relationship. It wasn’t because of age, or a lack of trust. It was just because this world is so complicated, and my job is so challenging to a person’s soul.

Earlier this year, Ariel wrote that she was potentially retiring from television, ostensibly to get some rest, but more likely to focus on her relationship and/or get married. Not sure if her plans remain the same now that she’s single again. Ariel acting is a gift for me and all her fans, but I personally support her decision to retire from the small screen if that makes her happy, or to continue acting and share her talents with the world through the screen.


Newly Single Ariel Lin Discusses Breakup and Asks for Privacy from the Media — 50 Comments

  1. damn…that must be tough for her….as a bonafide Ariel (and Arjoe) fan I wish her all the best and hope she will find love in the future and whether she decides to discontinue working in TV or not, I will continue supporting her…Ariel Lin fighting!!!!

  2. It was pretty obvious frm d pics dat d guy was too old for her…but 43!!! o_O
    And i seriously think she is being too kind to someone who lied to her. I hope she should just hook up with Joe Cheng (i kno am being too ridiculous…but u never kno :D) and just forget abt retiring and njoi doing what she is best at i.e. acting

      • Ofcourse am gonna focus on d rumors…and am sure they are not rumors…amean dont u kno the entertainment world? These kinda rumors are never baseless. What she said is just a way of making it look normal. Seen it done many times by loads of celebrities all over the world. Just my POV tho. I am sad that it ended. ( I am a huge fan of Ariel)

    • Was there a picture of him posted? Sorry, I’m not so up to date with Ariel’s private life. Kind of curious how the guy looks 😛

  3. I only wish & pray for Ariel’s happiness. No matter what she decides, as long as it’ll make her happy, I’ll support her. I will always love & respect her, whether in “real” or “reel” life. She truly has a good heart. So much poise & grace even under this difficult time in her life. Everything happens for a reason, I’m sure someday, she’ll meet someone who will love her, for who she is & support her for what she loves doing, which is acting. Stay strong and praying for the best, Ariel! 🙂

  4. sorry to burst everyone’s arjoe bubbles, but Joe has a 2-3 year relationship
    curious about his girl? check here they were hiking together through Europe this summer

    that’s one nasty break-up Ariel’s going through, make that more like one helluva nightmarish break-up
    hope she doesn’t leave showbiz for good because of all this
    I like her, she’s one of the best young actresses around

    • Seriously that’s his girlfriend? I guess he’s in for similar situation like Ariel’s. That girl sure looks older than him 😛 She looks more like his manager or coordinator types rather than his girlfriend…anyway as long as they are happy!

      • I remember hearing somewhere a long time ago – back when I was shipping Joe and Ariel because of ISWAK – that Joe Cheng prefers the more mature, model-like types than girl next door types. I guess it’s true!

      • hahahah I thought the same thing Polly. I think that must be a long time friend or something. Anyhoo, i will always ship ArJoe. When people are good together, they are just good. they would make such a hot couple. But Ariel doesnt even like how tall he is (shes cray cray) so I wont ever expect anything. *secretly praying* heheh

    • So Joe is backpacking trough Europe? Nice, I was so depress here thinking that he was all alone!!! Shame on me, he has a girl and I was just by my phone waiting for his call!! Men, they think they can play with my little heart!!! Y-Y

  5. Ohh good hair cut…I saw an interview where she was commenting on “Tuesday with Morrie” and “Five people you meet in heave” a very soulful actress….I wish her the right partner… 😉

  6. She does indeed have amazingly explosive chemistry with her co-stars. In her current drama, ITWY – her chemistry with Sunny Wang & Wilson Chen (both on screen and in BTS) had me blinking my eyes hard a couple of times at what I was seeing. I’m sure that would be very hard on any real life relationship especially if this man has been coming to the shootings (as has been reported) I’m not saying that’s the reason. I don’t care what the reason is, I wish her all the best and pray for her health & happiness. Such sad news.

  7. A lot of relationship normally happens like hers b/c actors are so busy that they dont have time for their loves ones and when they don’t, the people tends to fall apart.

  8. Ariel’s weibo messages were really sad. It sucks to have your breakup splashed all over the news, complete with rumors of all kinds. (I do understand that it would be particularly hard for a non-entertainment person to deal with a significant other’s intimate onscreen scenes for dramas and movies… wish that she’ll eventually find that guy who will love, understand and respect her well). I just hope that she enjoys her several month break from filming and gives herself some healthy “me time” and lots of time with family and friends.

    Even though it’s horrible that Ariel has to go through this kind of pain from the breakup and endless rumors, I’m proud of her for being true to herself and not sacrificing her career for love. She loves acting, and I don’t think love and career have to be mutually exclusive. Whenever she gets married, I’ll be happy if she slows down and just does 1 good project a year. Like Ella said on Ariel’s weibo, “Jiayou, Cheng You Qing!”

  9. Wow this is a major blow for Ariel. I feel very sorry for her and I’m sure is a tough time since she gave her all to the relationship, but at the end of the day is better to break it off now than later if they have gotten marry. I’m sure she is going to find her soul mate one of this days. I wished her the best of luck.

    Personally, I would like to see her with Bolin…they make such a great couple. 😀

  10. I don’t get why actresses have to end their careers to get married. I mean, I get it, but I kinda don’t. It just seems a bit unrealistic. If you’re almost 30 and you’ve been working since you were a teenager, then ending your career to be a wife and homemaker or something else would be very hard. I get the sense actors are workaholics and I know that, that mentality is hard to quit. When you work so hard and for so long at something that you’re obviously dedicated to and good at, it inevitably becomes part of your identity and lifestyle…

    Anyway wish Ariel all the best. I’m enjoying her latest drama very much. She’s a great actress.

  11. That’s really sad since she has been looking forward to focus on her relationship. I feel like fate should really give her a break after having had brain surgery. I’m guessing the end of the relationship is more due to not having enough alone time together than to his age. Sometimes it feels easier for an actress to date other actors, because they understand what they’re going through. Even if he is 7 years older than he says he is…isn’t he, at the end, still the same person?

  12. Ariel is so beautiful and gifted, and fortunately, she’s still a young woman. When she’s ready she’ll find the perfect soul mate. Right now she should concentrate on maintaining her stamina and health.

  13. Aww, her message was really sad and so heartfelt. Huge Arjoe fan here, but breaking off an engagement must be devastating. I love how she stands up to the media and reporters trying to spread rumors and be judgmental towards her ex. More power to her! I wish her all the luck in her career (already has it) and her personal and love life.

  14. *hugs* Ariel!

    I was a bit taken aback by Bolin though when he commented on the rumors in passing last wk when Ariel is absent at their ITWY gathering saying that if he’s the boyfriend, he’ll have problems seeing his GF doing some of the scenes in ITWY. I just thought he shouldn’t have said anything even if there’s an ounce of truth to it (which I highly doubt, afterall the more intimate scenes in ITWY r nth)
    And I’m ranty TangRen’s LB tweeted about it @weibo (黄蓉的一生,除了拥有丐帮,她的全副心思都用在经营郭靖。两个旗鼓相当的人走在一起,总不能都各自埋头苦干自己的事业,那样的状态无法建立起常规的生活,必须有一方放慢脚步去成就另一方。找到生活的重心,无须取舍,便有方向。(此刻突然想起一位朋友,共勉,并祝福她)轉發(422)| 收藏| 評論(428)11月17日 23:49). Argh, she should just shut it.

    I’m not a RL ArJoe shipper at all, but Joe has denied the lady is his gf, they look just like great buddies on an Euro backpacking trip to me.

    • I was a little surprised by Bolin’s comment, too. I guess he was just being honest, but it probably would have been better if he hadn’t commented.

      Ohh dear… some of the comments on weibo were sweet, and some were… well, some people just stay quiet, like you said 😛

  15. How sad. It seems to me that she has been having a hard time with the media constant scrutiny and meddling. I really like her. I think that she is in the business for the right reason, and that’s why she has such a hard time with the fame aspect of it. I have a feeling that it will cause her to retire from the industry altogether. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

  16. Whatever the media saids, the public needs to take it w/ a grain of salt. News are never complete & all true…So, entertainment news are even less true I feel. So actors should brush all those headlines about them, and fans should just say “whatever”.

  17. I’m so sorry for Ariel, is so heartbreaking having to end a relationship, loving the other person, but knowing that, that love at some extent hurt you… It is better to say good bye… Time and love heals everything I hope and pray that she finds a prince charming that love her, support her and cherish her just the way she deserves!!!

    Ariel, love and kisses from the other hemisphere… Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Strong…. Love you girl!!!

  18. I hope Ariel finds some day a guy that truly deserves her, and understands her job prerogatives. Now if only TW gossip rags would just let her be for a while, that would be fantastic.
    Her weibo message broke my heart for her 😐 *cyber hugs*

  19. Aww, I absolutely love her so I hope she’ll be fine. She seems really sweet, professional, classy, and understanding.

    P.S. I will admit that the ArJoe fan in me kinda did a fist pump. I’m ashamed……

  20. Ariel is ready to love, again. That girl seen backpacking with Joe is merely a friend. Joe and Ariel will announce their marriage any day now.

    Yes, this is what would happen if I rule the world.

  21. That girl with Joe on his European vacay is really Joe’s girlfriend. I was an ArJoe fan when I learned that Joe spent all of his vacations abroad with only her in tow going to the Maldives, Bali and yes, Europe. They are now even partners in business and they have an Italian restaurant in Taiwan called Destino. All my ArJoe dreams were crushed when I found out that they were both dating older people, but it is Joe who has been with this lady since he started the biz, maybe even before he entered it.Joe has repeatedly said that the woman that he likes is beautiful to his eyes, not necessarily to everyone’s eyes. At least we know that he really loves her. I wish Ariel finds a guy who will stick with her no matter what, just like Joe did with this girl who has received a lot of flak from his fans. I wish them both happiness.

    • yeah .. but it’s really bullshit to know that ariel and joe are not couples for real .. 🙁 i love them since ISWAK .. i just wish ariel and joe would realized that the two of them are really good together ! plz joe and ariel .. go out for a date ! so that you would realize that you really do love each other !

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  24. I hope Ariel gets anything that is the best of the world.
    I want everything to be perfect for her, everything has to go her ways and she will succeeds in whatever areas she put her effort in.
    I wish her the best and will support her forever because she is my idol.
    Love you Ariel Lin <3

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