First Official Trailer for Xing Ming Shi Ye with Nicky Wu and Wallace Huo

Nicky Wu and Wallace Huo just wrapped their upcoming period detective drama Xing Ming Shi Ye and the production has released an official preview and behind-the-scenes look at the drama. It’s got a dash of CSI, some bromance, and plenty of love triangle angst to go around considering I just saw Nicky crash Wallace’s character’s wedding and steal the bride away. I guess the bromance just went down the drain right there. I’m not going to pile on lead actress He Zhuo Yan, who has already gotten eviscerated by the C-netizens for being unattractive (or not as beautiful as the C-netizens demand for a lead actress acting opposite hot stuff du jour Nicky), but I’m mostly annoyed by her being a bad actress (she was Shuang Er in Huang Xiaoming’s Royal Tramp 2008 and she managed to turn one of my favorite Louis Cha lady characters into a royal bore and dud). I’ll check this out for the love of Nicky and to watch Wallace ham it up.

Nicky plays Duan Ping, an official in the Ming government investigating crimes. He’s the straightlaced crime solver. Wallace plays Mong Tian Chu, supposedly a man who went abroad to Italy and then came back to China. He’s clearly playing the eccentric freethinker. I didn’t know Italians in the 15th century dressed like Caribbean pirates. Costume design FAIL. I’m glad He Zhuo Yan confirmed in her interview that audiences watching will likely think that she’s the luckiest chick in the entire world, having Nicky and Wallace fighting over her. Ha, she better change her locks after the drama starts to air.

Official teaser for Xing Min Shi Ye:


First Official Trailer for Xing Ming Shi Ye with Nicky Wu and Wallace Huo — 19 Comments

  1. wow, I get to leave the first comment…..the drama looks interesting. I am actually more interested in two main male leads’ interaction rather than with the female lead.

    • OMG, your newfounded Nicky love is strong if you’r commenting first and getting excited about it. Lulz, it’s like 20 years too late, but I’m glad to have you join the squeefest. I’m ready to scrub the leading lady out of the picture and just have a drama about the two guys solving crime.

  2. If the female lead is Liu Shi Shi.. then it would be 100% PERFECT!! :DD Anyway, will definitely watch this drama because of Nicky and Wallace

  3. No offense, but with those 2 hot guys on screen HZY is better off being a piece of furniture or something.. And LOL Nicky still has his 4th stance.

  4. Oh, I haven’t watched her in anything previously, but here she seems really cute and easy-going ^^ This kind of looks exciting, I can’t wait!

  5. C’mon, even Liu Shi Shi got slammed by C-netizens for not being pretty enough to attract a harem of hot Qing princes. If they can even find fault with LSS, what more Ms He.

  6. I feel like a pathetic “couple fan”, but at this moment, I still cannot bear to see Nicky with another girl than Shishi. I’m that much of a RX4/LS shipper. Luckily, time will heal everything. I hope..

    Sorry He Zuoyan, I have to completely ignore the first picture of you with Nicky.

    Poor girl though.. she got sick a while back, so her face is swollen and chubby. So the girl is not in her best condition. And then she is placed in the middle of two of the hottest actors right now.. I can already smell a lot of bashing and criticism..

  7. That hair style really doesn’t look good on Nicky. It just emphasizes the squareness of his face and makes him look even more severe. The hair styling for the female lead also isn’t fantastic – once again, it emphasizes all the wrong features of the girl’s face. And then there’s Wallace’s pirate costume. Someone needs to fire all of the stylists for this drama, stat. Stylists are supposed to make people look better, not worse.

  8. ahh too bad I’m not into period dramas but love Wallace tho. btw, I’m just curious did they wear fancy piercing at that time? O.o anyway he looks cute with it. 🙂 yea agree with ya the actress looks blahhh. defo not worth for 2 hot guys fighting over her. lol sry

  9. Gosh!! You r so damn funny! I totally agree with u on the 15th century Italians costume and the girl!! Oh no, there r so many pretty actress in china, why her? And the bride’s made up is a disaster! Total failure. I nearly fell from the chair when I saw her striking Red lip color!

  10. The BTW bromance between Wallace and Nicky is amazing. I remember when they first started filming, Wallace was serious and in some of the BTS looked stiff as a board. Give him sometime in Nicky’s presence and he’s just as silly.

    I can’t wait for this drama!

  11. A post i found on tumblr:

    Xing Ming Shi Ye
    Before you read this, if you are the owner of Koalas Playground or is a fan, please don’t take any offense or even better, don’t read this…

    I just read this review of Xing Ming Shi Ye and I completly flipped out. First of all, you go about spelling He Zhuo Yan’s name wrong asHe Zhu Yian (Yian isn’t even a Chinese word…), then you call her ugly and a bad actress, clearly you haven’t seen her role as Xiao Zhao in HSDS. True, her role as Shuang Er was kind of different from the earlier portrayals of Shuang Er, but that’s kind of the directors fault since he didn’t as her to be a kickass character, and if case you haven’t noticed, the whole 2008 series of Lu Ding Ji sucked, partially because Huang Xiao Ming kind of killed it, not that i’m saying that Huang Xiao Ming is a bad actor, but the director kind of sucked (no offense). Basically the whole series kind of killed the book and they chose the wrong actors for the wrong roles. I recommend the TVB version. What I really took offense to was the “bad actress” part. Not counting my opinion, but He did win a spot in the top 100 Young Celebrity with the most potential and she played Xiao Zhao very well, even though it was a small role in this version, in HSDS, but I admit that her dancing skills are very derpy. True that Xing Ming Shi Ye isn’t one of my favorite series, but it definitely has nothing to do with He Zhuo Yan’s acting skills or how pretty she is, because her acting skills are great and she’s very pretty. yea. ok. keyboard rant is over

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