Written and Video Preview for Episode 15 of Man of Honor

You all must watch this preview for Man of Honor episode 15. Forget everything else and just forward to the last 15 seconds. Trust me, you’ll thank me later. Seeing what In Woo’s dad has up to sleeve (instead of offing Jae In, he’ll use her existence to his advantage) might actually be the kicker this drama needs to ramp up for the final half of its run. I’m officially DYING for it to be Wednesday already. I know my poor sweethearts Young Kwang and Jae In are going to suffer before they get their happy ending, but as long as they have each other through all obstacles, I’m rest assured it’ll all work out with plenty of continued cuteness all around. I’m back to being excited again, all thanks to what’s to come courtesy of the latest preview.

Written preview for episode 15:

In Woo’s dad pushes all his wrongdoings onto Young Kwang’s dad and then takes Jae In back to his house. Jae In starts her awkward and inconvenient living arrangement at In Woo’s dad’s house. On the other hand, Young Kwang feels tremendous guilt towards Jae In and is emotionally exhausted, but faced with In Woo’s dad’s dastardly plan towards Jae In, Young Kwang makes the challenge In Woo’s dad directly to protect Jae In.

Preview for episode 15:


Written and Video Preview for Episode 15 of Man of Honor — 32 Comments

  1. Hi, thanks for the preview.

    I just wanna ask about the writer of this drama, is it true the writer of this drama likes pairing the 1st lead actress with 2nd lead actor at the end of the story? i just read it somewhere, and I want to know if you know about it.

  2. Omg…can’t stop playing it over and over… 🙂 I’m guessing the kiss would be the cliffhanger for ep 15 eh!!! But am still so overly excited..thx Ockoala!

  3. unni, THANK YOU!

    but a little warning on that last 15 seconds would’ve been nice.. i kid! a KISS? whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! love, love, love, love, love, loveeeeeeeeee it!!!!!!

  4. You are so RIGHT (the last 15 seconds)!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~!!! Can’t wait for Wednesday to be here!! I hope JI is not “silly” enough to realize who is real and who is fake; and also I believe that our OTP have to go through the obstacles before they can finally be together… but hope they still give us some heartwarming moments of the two if we have to go through the angst ride.

    Thank you!! ^^

  5. Finally some movement in the plot. it took forever for someone to tell her the truth even if there is an evil wink behind it. I feel like she would be happy just having a job at the company or better yet funding to complete her nursing degree. Why would she go into business and take over, idg what Evil Papa is so scared of. She doesn’t want his job.

    and yey OTP can get together (even though my heart was wavering to the InWoo side briefly, he was just too cute last episode)

  6. wow.. can’t really open the preview from my office, so the last 15 second is about the kiss?! I must see this.!!!! got to be now!!!!

  7. and I swear, if that “kiss” turns out to be some sort of a dream or just an imagination from either of them, I’ll have a fit… lol. wuhu, 12 hrs to go 😀

  8. Wow, keep on kissing for 3 hrs…..will make their lips numb. I hope it’s not just lips touching kind of kiss, but sth more intense…..hehehe…..

  9. thanks for the post (—:
    hah, after shuffling through some comments here, I’m wondering if I’m the only one in the whole universe to actually prefer In Woo to Young Kwang? (please, don’t throw anything at me! D:) I don’t know why but In Woo has completely charmed me, even though he’s kind of an arrogant idiot sometimes … To my mind In Woo’s complicated personality and interesting character completely outshines Young Kwang, which is really weird ’cause I’m a HUGE fan of Chun Jung Myung’s 😮 anyways, I really like Man of Honor and can’t wait to watch the next episode! ((—:

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