Preview for the Final Episode of In Time With You

I dropped In Time With You a few weeks ago, electing not to aggravate myself and remember it for the things I enjoyed, figuring that the drama would drag out You Qing and Da Ren’s murky best friends-in love with each other relationship until the very end. Looks like I was right, as the drama is headed towards its finale this weekend with You Qing still headed down the aisle with Ding Li Wei. She can elect not to choose Da Ren, but picking controlling Ding Li Wei is a baffling choice other than he’s quite persuasively wanting her. I came across pictures of Ariel Lin as You Qing wearing her wedding dress and she’s so pretty it took my breath away. A final longer trailer for episode 13 came out and watching it reminded me once again of how utterly beautiful the drama is to look at. Director Winnie hit new heights directing ITWY. Will You Qing and Da Ren end up together? The world finds out this Sunday.

Preview for final episode of ITWY:

Da Ren: I’m back. Using the pen you gave me, I’m writing down my well-wishes for you. But what I can’t write down, you must already know. Can I be your friend? But not just a “friend.” Can I be allowed to like you?

You Qing: I’m sorry! I’m sorry for being so selfish!

Da Ren: I lost. I lost the you whom I love dearly. Why are you here?


Preview for the Final Episode of In Time With You — 26 Comments

  1. i love itwy so much!!!i think that this drama is very realistic to reality..the dialog seems like it has spoken in daily life and the problem in there is also the same..i cried a river while watching epi da ren totally a character that i want to be a boyfriend but i hope that he is not too slow..their friendship is what i’ve been envious bcoz it is hard to maintain boy+girl friendship more than 10 years..nway i ‘m totally ready to watch final epi of itwy!waiting for the moment to be happened!

  2. Thanks for the preview! This drama is so hard to watch T________T It’s devastating to watch You Qing making it so hard for herself and Da Ren. They are both clearly so unhappy without each other. In the trailer, when she wailed after reading his note it just broke my heart >_______< That was such a heart wrenching cry…

    I've read that episode 13 will be 2 hours instead of 1 and a half! Hopefully the ending won't feel too rushed and maybe we'll even see some genuine happy moments for our one and only couple. Goodness knows we need every happy little thing we can get at this point! I actually took a break from the drama and then watched the recent episodes, so I'm really anticipating the final episode. Some day I need to go back and rewatch everything properly, the drama's got some beautiful and insightful dialogues.

    • is it really going to be 2 hours? That would be perfect. 🙂

      I can’t wait for Sunday! I hate that we had to wait until the very last episode before our OPT get together but it will be SOOOO worth it. (from the scenes I’ve seen of what happens in Singapore) *hee* The story is awesome and the dialogue incredibly realistic.

      I love this drama to bits.

  3. LI DA REN!!! <3 <3

    Jie, I was so disappointed that you didn't like this drama. But each to their own, I say. I just love Li Da Ren and maybe Bolin as well. I was hoping this week wouldn't be the last episode *sob sob*. Where do I go and buy this dvd with English subtitles??

  4. I’m so excited for this drama to end. Skip-Beat! is on the other side. I’m still like Li Wei, but I like being contrary like that. My ideal ending for this drama would involve Li Wei and Da Ren getting married to someone else, while You Qing remains single forever. I don’t think that’s going to happen though.

    • Me too! I’m uber excited for Skip Beat! 😀 I watched the first few episodes of ITWY, but then I lost interest. Maybe I’ll come back to watch it someday… Anyways, Skip Beat next Sunday!

    • What a cop out, drama. What a cop out if you go down that path. Life has no easy saves. You can’t go break an engagement and then conveniently find your fiancee cheating. That’s beyond lame.

      • I agree wholeheartedly. (Spoiler here – sorry guys) When I read the script for episode 13, I was quite disappointed with the avenue that story choose, ie. You Qing catching Ding Wei cheating just when she was going to break up their engagement. This was just too convenient, too pat, absolving and giving You Qing a good pretext/excuse for breaking up the engagement.

      • What a disappointing way to end things 🙁 ITWY started out good but it really didn’t deliver. Sigh.

      • i knew it was gonna b sthg like dat after wtchng the preview…I even commented above wondering if it was gonna end like that…if it does, dat is gonna be stupidest excuse ever.

    • R u serious! This drama is beyond disappointing! OMG i love the main leads but god the story is so damn annoying. Since Li wei came back, it been dragging for like forever.

      Then they’ll only give us like 10 of them being together at the end WTH!

    • *sigh* It’s a too easy way to tie up any loose ends related to Li Wei, but I’m so glad that she decided to break off the engagement *before* she found him cheating. That said, it’s not surprising at all that he’s cheating, but it’s a little too convenient for You Ching to find out right when she decides to break up with him. Ah well.

    • @ Hipployta Agree, catching her fiance cheating will ease YQ’s conscience on rejecting a man who proposed after a near death experience. But I wonder if the cheating part was really necessary to the story? I think it’s a redundant move if we consider that LW was already an utter jerk that deserved to be ditched even before getting caught in flagrante delicto, and even before YQ realizes that she loves DR more. But YQ needed a clean slate, so LW’s unfaithfulness will have as a second consequence YQ loving only DR, and only him, taking LW out of her heart for good… so I consider LW getting caught red-handed a totally deus ex machina move to completely solve YQ’s love dilemmas. It’s sooo disappointing! grrrrrr

      And why would a playboy like LW even wanted to get married in the first place? Why would a woman depicted as independent, strong, and intelligent – which in fact she’s quite the opposite judging after her actions in ITWY; stubborn, dense, immature, yes, she is- get back to an ex-cheater? Probably all of this was played out just for keeping apart the OTP, and add unnecessary dramatics between DR and YQ…ITWY reeks too much of flawed planned plot narrative, instead of having a natural resulting one from the characters’ personalities, in short, it lacks realism…And this is only the tip of the iceberg where artifice is concerned.

      If only the story would have had more entertainment value, but alas…and the last 5-6 episodes were just a frustrating running in circles…

      I’m so sorry that this is Ariel’s last drama, and I didn’t like it, being a huge fan of her…I really tried though, the beginning was promising.

      Contrivance, ITWY is thy name! And I’m too old for this drama! Peace out!

  5. Ending already .. so sad .. one of the best realistic love story yet … dislke the “fake & slapstick” of other TW drama.
    Anyone know where to watch live streaming ?

  6. Even my husband loves this, that says a lot. Just love, love all the dialogues, the mother’s wise words about love and marriage in ep 12, everything. I feel like I have been a long, beautiful movie. Can’t wait for Sunday!!!!

  7. I just started marathoning this about 1.5 – 2 wks ago. What kept me on was how realistic some of those issues and indecisions are. How we make excuses and justifications, convince and blind ourselves to personalities, or endure when endurance and sacrifice is not necessarily any compromise when one side is perpectually unhappy etc etc.
    Her defiance with her mother too. All so real and true to life.

    If she discovers an affair now to give her an excuse to end their relationship – yes, far too convenient a cop out. Those two’s personality clashes are so true to life too.
    While I applaud her for her strong-minded independence, You Qing’s sometimes selfish diva attitude gets to me too. The girl should have woken up long ago (as her mother reminded her) to realise she has a rare gem in Da-ren who can understand so well, tolerate and put up with her princess ways.

  8. Thanks for sharing! Part of me doesn’t want ITWY to end just yet, because I really want to see more development in You Ching and Da Ren’s relationship as/after they realize/acknowledge their love for each other. (Then again, I don’t want it to be dragged out either). I can’t wait for the 2-hour long finale. Here’s to hoping the DVD will be released with good English subs, because I will watch the heck out of that thing! 😀 I love that this is one of those dramas that I can discuss at length with both my mom and my little sister; it’s so interesting to get different perspectives from a working mom and a film major 😀

    • Did you take a peek at the first episode yet? If not, you should still give it a try. The writing in terms of the actual lines is really beautiful, and the cinematography is amazing. It’s a gorgeous and resonating drama overall. It might be harder to watch now that you’ve probably read a bunch of other opinions (both good and bad) on it, but if you have time, just try watching it with an open mind. You might like it 🙂

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