Ariel Lin and Hu Ge Reunite for the Youku Drama Awards

Hot on the heels of Yuan Hong and Liu Shi Shi reuniting to accept their Esquire China Men of the Year Award, the OTHER Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008 couple followed suit yesterday. Hu Ge and Ariel Lin sat side-by-side in the audience and went onstage together to accept their respective Most Popular Actor and Best Actress (Taiwan and Hong Kong) awards at the Youku Drama Awards. I’m sorry but forgive my spazzing for moment (ArGe is back together!!! ARGHHHH, they are so perfect together!!!). ArGe fans went beserk seeing them together, and everywhere I heard folks clamoring for more cuteness from Rong Er and her Jing Ge Ge. ArJoe fans can hate on me, but I’m actually a closet ArGe shipper. Their chemistry is the best I’ve seen from both of them with any of their co-stars. It’s been too long, these two need to do another anything just to make me happy.

They are so beautiful together. On the red carpet, Hu Ge was asked how he felt about being reunited with Ariel for this event and he teasingly responded that he was so excited he actually felt nervous. When asked if he was excited in a romantic way, he played along and said “that and much more!”

I love Ariel’s fitted bodice gown that flows so beautifully on her petite frame. The color is also quite refreshing and modern.

Youku organizers totally sat them together on purpose prolly because they are good friends in real life. These two not only made two dramas together, they made two period dramas, the latter of which LOCH2008 filmed for a year with an extended break in between due to Hu Ge’s car accident.

I miss my babies Huang Rong and Guo Jing. Hhhhmmm, I sense a LOCH2008 rewatch urge coming on.


Ariel Lin and Hu Ge Reunite for the Youku Drama Awards — 13 Comments

  1. Oh my gosh, thank youuu, Koala!! I wasn’t expecting the organizers to sit Ariel and Hu Ge together, but I’m so happy that they did! Did you see the fan clip of Ariel and Hu Ge chatting happily as soon as Hu Ge sat down? ( They’re just too adorable; I was totally giddy over Hu Ge’s reply to how he felt about seeing Ariel again. I honestly didn’t realize how much I missed them until I saw the clips of them interacting at the Youku awards. I demand more ArGe! I loved Ariel’s dress, too… very rarely get to see her wearing floor-length gowns.

    Did you notice that Peter Ho was sitting on Ariel’s other side? It would be interesting to see them work together some time. (Peter mentioned in a 2010 interview that he likes “gentle” women like Ariel… which I find kind of funny. Ariel has a heart of gold, but “gentle” wouldn’t be the first word I’d use to describe her).

  2. Wow, indeed, what a beautiful couple these two make! How I wish they’re a couple in real life. Love them in LOCH, hope they can reunite for a movie project or a modern drama sometime soon. I think, among all her leading men, Hu Ge has the most chemistry with Ariel in terms of personality and way of thinking. And for someone who has just gone through a break-up, Ariel has really been looking exceptionally gorgeous and radiant these days, she’s stunning in that gown! Thanks for the adorable pics. 🙂

  3. Kyaaaa, missed them together, too!! I’m shameless, I love Ariel with all her costars, but I’m inclining towards with whom she appears at present, and if it is with Hu Ge now, then yeah, I love Ariel with him the most! keke (Bolin left her alone to promote Love Sick, anyway, so he’s momentarily disgraced ;P )
    Ariel looks so breathtaking, love the back of her dress: so edgy!

  4. I have been also totally spazzing at ArGe’s long-last reunion. Huzzah!Youku actually did a very cute thing with seating arrangements. They seated together lead pairs that had worked in a drama together, so Ariel & Huge were sitting together as were Liu Shi Shi and Wallace Huo.

    I watched the interview where Huge was asked about his feelings on seeing Ariel again. It was hilarious as the question was just springed onto Huge by the reporter very suspiciously at the tail-end of the interview. The question was also phrased very hilariously and quite unprofessional. It made me suspect that the reporter who raised the question is either a ArGe shipper and/or not a reporter but just a fan who had sneaked into the interview room. In fact, another actor (who was interviewed together with Huge) asked suspiciously of the reporter which newspaper agency she was from when he heard the question. LOL

    • Yea.. It was Wallace Chung who was doing the interview with Hu Ge together. And they actually switched their awards .. accidentally lol

      I’m sure that it is a fan instead of an actual reporter. When Wallace jokingly asked her from which newspaper she was, she answered: I don’t know. lol

  5. Argh, they’re so awesome together…I love the first few episodes when they get to know each other, and then she’s so protective of him and he’s so adorable (she is, too)…So awesome ^^

  6. lol I watched the fancam. Hu Ge was also sitting next to Li Xiaolu and Ariel next to Peter Ho, but the two just immediately started talking like they just saw each other yesterday. Their personalities are so suited for each other. Sigh.

  7. I love this couple together. Not only they match in look and style but they both have good inner qualities and borh have compassion and respect for each other. They have the ingredients and bondings of a real couple if it happens.

  8. o my God…
    i really love this couple..even i like ArJoe too..
    but..but..i think ArGe couple is the best..!!!
    i hope they can be a real couple in real life.
    i really love them..
    love them so much…!!!!!

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