Written and Video Preview for Office Girls Episode 18

You guys must’ve noticed that this week’s Office Girl’s recap was nowhere to be seen. Truth be told I’ve been extremely busy, but I’ve also discovered my urge to recap OG has dissipated. I still love watching it, but so little is happening I simply have nothing to talk about. I don’t want any OG recapping duties to mar my love for this drama, so I’m probably going to drop it. Still considering it, but leaning towards becoming a passive viewer rather than an active commentator for this particular adorable drama. Perhaps it’s Kai Er’s smug scheming that is to blame, though I still screencap like crazy each and every Xing Ren and Zi Qi interaction that is just so sweet it gives me mental cavities. I’m looking for the truth to come out sooner rather than later so that the OTP can work towards their professional goals together.

Written preview for episode 18:

The shiniest of loves always attracts envy. Kai Er’s nefarious tactics come one after another. After Xing Ren discovers Kai Er’s earring in Zi Qi’s suit pocket, how will she approach her upcoming battle with Kai Er?

A rich woman who doesn’t even blink when charging her credit card appears at Jing Shi Department Store. She’s extravagant and specifically requests “the young hottie” Zi Qi personally attend to her. This mysterious woman, what new changes will she bring?

Trust is most important in a relationship. Stallone fans the flames and calls Zi Qi a little hungry wolf. Naïve Xing Ren starts to suspect Zi Qi’s background. How will Zi Qi explain this snowballing lie away? Xing Ren’s stubbornness meets with Kai Er’s scheming, an angel versus devil battle is about to commence.

Latest previews for Office Girls:

Zi Qi’s mom: Your dad is an old fogey. I’m going to make him pay for this.

Zi Qi: There is no need, mom. In the beginning I was a little upset, But then realized that he probably has a good reason for doing this.

President Qin: Your mom came to me and wants me to immediate make you a Vice-President.

Zi Qi: If I want to become the Vice-President, I want to accomplish it with my own hard work.

President Qin: I hope you can beat me in this competition.

Zi Qi: I will beat you.

Le Le: Who does this belong to?

Zi Qi: I have no idea who this belongs to.

Le Le: The evidence is in front of you, how dare you pretend that you’re not cheating on her.

Xing Ren: I told you before. When two people are together, what is the most important thing.

Xing Ren: Manager, this earring, does it belong to you?

Le Le: Xing Ren! Kai Er is still interested in Qin Zi Qi and is plotting to get him. Everyone can see it. Are you that naïve or that foolish?


Written and Video Preview for Office Girls Episode 18 — 9 Comments

  1. *sigh* i gave up on this drama…it’s dragging way too much but for some odd reason i still want to watch it because of qin qi zi and shen xing ren

    • Same here! It shouldnt ve been extended 🙁 It was going so well b4. But i want to kno how this drama ends…so am gonna watch it anyway 😛
      I loving the yellow windows of Kai Er’s office. ^^

      • BIG SIGH …. same here.
        It is probably ‘drama syndrome/trademark’ that try to milk-dry a good rating for big money (so they think), while unfortunately sacrificing quality for quantity.
        As we can see, adding quantity without lowering quality is HARD …. here too!!

  2. i agree the pace is slowing down due to extension but hey, at least i still get to see this cute couple every week. My most most fav OTP of the year.. 🙂 But i can’t wait to see the revelation of QZQ’s identity and how those around him will react, especially STL who goes Chou Xiao Zi everytime he calls QZQ.. lol.

  3. I don’t blame you, Ms Koala! They are really really dragging this along – and I’m normally a huge fan of this type of tw drama. Now I’m a super picky drama viewer – I must be getting old.

    I will give it a final watch when the whole thing finishes airing… but right now, I just use the fast forward button mostly. 🙁 Still love Roy though.

  4. Hi Koala,

    THANKS for all your hard work and for recapping so many K, J, and TW dramas. I really appreciate your efforts!

    I understand the desire to sit back and watch OG without turn on your “recapper’s lense,” but would you please consider doing baby recaps? I would love to continue seeing (reading) the sheer sweetness that is our OTP. Even though there’s not much story progression, I’d still like to go along for the ride with scene recaps of Zi Qi and Xing Ren’s coupledom.
    Please and Thanks. 🙂

  5. Ms. Koala, while i agree there’s not much happening with the story, there is so much sweetness between the OTP that i hope you would consider the baby recaps…

    In this episode, i especially loved how Xing Ren is starting to more demostrative and vocal of her feeling for Zi Qi. Last week, we had ZQ asking for kisses. This time we see XR telling him how important he is to her and kissing him to express her love and gratitude to him. I’m like ‘awwwww….’ way cute!

    I don’t think any plotting by the Kai Er will make XR doubt ZQ one bit. It obvious that ZQ could have gotter KE if he wanted her but he made his choice pretty clear. I think ZQ has earned XR trust in more ways than one. That is, unless this drama ignore the level-headed person they made XR to be, just to justify prolonging the series.

    Still excited for Sunday…

  6. Hi Ms. Koala, it’s the first time that I write here, but I have been reading you for a long time, especially for your interesting comments and your recaps about Office Girls. I adore this drama, I fell in love at first sight with Zi Qi and Xing Ren’s OTP and, it’s true, now the plot is dragging and nothing significant is happing, but our cute couple is always sweet and lovely and I still like how natural their relation develops. Moreover, new events will happen in the next episodes and I’m very curious to see XR discovering the thuth about ZQ and becoming more active to defend her love from Kai Er and his mother (because I suspect that ZQ’s mother will prefer KE as her son’s girlfriend). So I really hope you would consider to do a baby recaps at least. Please, Ms. Koala!

    Sorry for my english, I’m Italian! 😉

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