History of the Salaryman Holds Press Conference and Releases More Previews

I have now decided that History of the Salaryman might just be so awesome it defies description and promotional materials. It’s so awesome that nothing can distill that awesome into bite sized nuggets of explanation. Which is why all the teasers and pictures we’ve seen so far look absolutely insane. The cast attended the press conference this week in preparation for the drama’s premiere on January 2nd on SBS. While I’m a fan of Lee Bum Soo and Hong Soo Hyun, I’m even more of a fan of the production team behind this drama because they produced last year’s marvelous Giant. Apparently second male lead Jung Kyeo Woon will be playing an antagonist character to thwart the everyday salaryman played by Lee Bum Soo. Considering that his sartorial style at the press conference is normal whereas Lee Bum Soo is a cross between a tweedy librarian and a poinsetta, I might be rooting for the second lead already.

Dude, what the hell are you wearing? And why are you wearing it? It’s so hideous even the cameras cringed to take your picture.

Putting Lee Bum Soo and Jung Ryeo Won‘s outfits together is a level of ugly never seen before.

Jung Ryeo Won has officially edged out Gong Hyo Jin for having the oddest most inexplicable style amongst the K-actresses. It’s like she goes out of her way to look weird, because even if I randomly threw together any outfit in my closet I can’t come up with this.

On the other hand, Hong Soo Hyun = gorgeous from head to toe.

I think Jung Kyeo Woon’s outfit makes him look boring and stodgy. Maybe if his coat wasn’t as long it’ll be a perfectly dashing suit. But compared to Lee Bum Soo, he’s the model of normal male dressing so I’m not complaining at all.

Watch more of the Salaryman folks in action. I’m still completely baffled, but thoroughly amused by how weird this is. This is like the K-drama version of a spaghetti Western.

Second teaser for History of the Salaryman:

15 minute preview:



History of the Salaryman Holds Press Conference and Releases More Previews — 16 Comments

  1. LOL.
    The 2 leads have 4 different shades of red including her hair 🙂
    That’s my nicest comment even though I am actually a fan of Lim Bum Soo and Hong Soo Hyun.

  2. Koalaaaa! Loved that analogy for Lee Bum Soo’s outfit. On the other hand, I kind of like Jung Ryeo Won’s outfit and that red hair on her. Put together, the two of them might turn out to be a whacky couple. The preview looks… interesting. I’ll be keeping my eye on this one.

  3. I also disapprove of Hong Soo Hyun’s ugly yellow shoes but I dig the lady in red.

    As for Jung Kyeo Woon, although he started out as a model, he often wears the unthinkable. I vote to see him shirtless again, as in his glorious Doctor Champ days. ♥ ^^

  4. Not trying to MEAN but Jung Ryeo Won‘does not have much of a figure. I cant see her wearing anything form fitting so i assume this all she could come up with. O ther then the drama looks funny but who knows what will happenn in the later half

  5. Wow… I can not believe she said the F word in the trailer… I bet that they will probably gonna edit that when the drama coming out on Jan 2.. However, even though it is totally insane.. It look like a good kdrama.. let’s hope we see some HOT Shower scenes of JKW and LBS.. HSH does look fab!!! I love her dress.. although, the yellow shoes is soo yellow….=P

  6. I think everyone’s reaction to the cast’s outfits are hilarious. That having been said, I think Lee Bum Soo’s outfit looks, at least, coordinated…unlike the lead actress’. Oh well, I cannot wait to watch this drama. It’s craziness seems like it’ll be like what Myeong Wol could’ve been, and even though I haven’t seen Giant, I’ve heard great things about it..so I feel like I can expect great things from this drama =]

  7. I was going to say Jung Ryeowon’s outfit is ugly, but then I saw Uee’s picture, wearing the exact same outfit, and it looks really fine.
    So I guess it’s the fitting, and Ryeowon is too skinny nowadays, it’s kinda scary.
    I think Hong Soohyun’s yellow shoes is nice choice.

    The trailer seems so wacky, I don’t know, I don’t think I’m going to like it…oh well, I like all the casts though, so I’ll waiting for the first impression’s reviews.

  8. I knew Lee Bum Soo was short, but wow! He’s really short.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE HSH’s outfit, especially the shoes. Such a good decision to go with that pop of color rather than doing something neutral, given the dress’s flapper fringy flippiness.

    • About Lee Bum Soo’s shortness, I think the ladies’ 6 inch heels don’t help much. I think he is on the short side for a guy, but definitely taller than both leading ladies.

      The daughter in me just has to stick up for the short guys. My late daddy was really short (5 ft 3 in.) and his height was even mentioned at his funeral!

  9. I am so glad I started being a big fan of Jung Gyu Woon since Again My Love, then Loving You A Thousand Times. The picture of a handsome, gentle, loving man will stay with me for the rest of my life. So, I am a bit disappointed that he did not play the role of a great charactor. I have to think that he just have to take a different role.

    I can just remember forever how handsome, loving and affectionate he is. Hope to see more of him in the next great role.

    Thank you.

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