Written and Video Preview for Episode 21 of Office Girls

I’m going to be so sad when Office Girls. This drama has been my steady companion for months now, always good for a laugh and some swooning once a week. It’ll likely end at episode 23, though TTV will preempt one episode this month since it’s Lunar New Year that week. Part of me thinks Kai Er has been wreaking way too much havoc, but then I realize she’s done no real damage since Zi Qi and Xing Ren’s sincere feelings for each other has helped them resolve every little misunderstanding. I cannot wait to see Kai Er get her just rewards, and I hope it comes via Stallone looking out for his precious Le Le. I do think the truth about Zi Qi’s identity is a major issue, and I hope the drama allots time for the couple to deal with it, and what it means going forward. I don’t think it means anything, since Zi Qi’s dad wants his son to earn the right to run the department store. OG would be a truly worthwhile drama if it finds a way to not just deliver great emotional catharsis for the OTP, but also provide a fitting conclusion for the work place issues.

Written preview for episode 21:

The things that can never change, means it will change. Zi Qi’s sincere attitude shows his dad that he has changed. Zi Qi’s dad agrees to help Xing Ren’s mom, and their father-son relationship takes a big step forward. Who knew an despoiler would appear midway. What will happen to Zi Qi’s dad’s promise? Zi Qi’s intentional distance from Kai Er leaves her unhappy, so she plots to send Zi Qi and Xing Ren’s relationship into an impasse. Will Zi Qi discover Kai Er’s evil plan, and will Xing Ren’s misunderstanding of Zi Qi be erased?

The snowball that is Zi Qi’s real identity grows ever bigger. Zi Qi’s mom calls Xing Ren out to talk. This leaves Zi Qi backed into a corner, and even Le Le steps up to help them resolve the situation by encouraging Zi Qi to tell Xing Ren the truth. Will Zi Qi tell Xing Ren who he really is?

Preview for episode 21:


Zi Qi’s mom tells Xing Ren the truth, that she is Zi Qi’s mom. She tells Xing Ren to break up with Zi Qi, because Zi Qi needs a woman by his side who can help him. All Xing Ren can do is drag him down. Since her mom got sick, she’s had Zi Qi go ask his mom to borrow money. Xing Ren tells Zi Qi that the lady rich Lady Yeh came to speak with her.


Written and Video Preview for Episode 21 of Office Girls — 7 Comments

  1. Ahh…i saw another preview with Kai Er with Zi Qi and all i have to say is that she needs to get her paws off of him lol…actually, now that Office Girls is ending, I’m getting hook on to the drama again, waiting to know what is going to happen next…Let’s hope the drama will give us a GREAT ending! and then a great ending means that we will see no more of Qin Qi Zi and Shen Xing Ren lol

  2. oh wow this is a good twist..i thought eventually Qi Zi will tell her himself, but hearing from someone else like that hurts ! :(can’t wait till sunday!

  3. i wanted Zi Qi to tell her~~~ poor Xing Ren she has to find out from someone else and that person just has to be the “witch”
    the preview also reminds me of me too flower, when Bongsun found out about Jae Hee

  4. The only one that will be able to mend that rift between Qi Zi and Shen Xing Ren will be his father. The lie in keeping his identity a secret was before their relationship and it was between him and his father. Since father/son relationship is healing I think he will step up for him. Also because I think he approves of his relatioship with Shen Xing Ren because she has been a good influence on him.

    I really am going to miss this drama.

  5. If they are going to avoid usual clichè of “love sacrifice” and also Xing Ren will become more strong and she will fight to denfend her love for Zi Qi, I will adore the end of this drama. *_* I can’t wait for next episode too.

  6. I have been avoiding most of the episodes of this drama because I was worried about how it will end. The ending I want to see is Zi Qi and Xing Ren together and he inherits the company, also I want to see LeLe and that manager together. I have not that much doubts for the ending, but more worried about the obstacles that come up between Zi Qi and Xing Ren. But, it seems to me that they are a very solid couple which I love. I’m just hoping that Xing Ren doesn’t give up on Zi Qi, but I have a feeling she will leave him and he will have to chase her back. I also think that to solve the misunderstanding between them, the father would step up considering he seems to really like Xing Ren. In a way, because the lie was exposed by his mother and not by him, he never really broke the promise he had with his dad even though he sort of asked his dad for money and would give up the inheritance on the company. His dad could always say that he still never broke the promise they had and end up giving his the company. I really hope the ending is not rushed considering the pace of the whole series seems to be really relaxing and somewhat boring at times. If they rush the ending, I will get really annoyed.

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