The Lovely Cast of Skip Beat Holds Press Conference to Drum up Interest

Since the Super Junior Boys were just in Japan for the Athena DVD Release Concert, it must’ve been easy for Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae to jet to Taiwan afterwards for some sorely lacking Skip Beat promotional activities. Due to scheduling conflicts, the entire cast held just one whirlwind press conference back in December right before the drama premiered. More visibility never hurt a drama, so the boys joined Ivy Chen and Bianca Bai in Taipei this week for another press conference. I hope this drama’s ratings increase, because I do love the chemistry between the cast members onscreen, and would love for the Siwon or Donghae to do more TW-dramas since I think they are fabulous as Lian and Shang. I’m actually looking forward to Skip Beat again now that I’m off recapping it.

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The Lovely Cast of Skip Beat Holds Press Conference to Drum up Interest — 21 Comments

  1. I really wish this drama wasn’t so bad. After episode 4, I’m sad. I really wanted to like it but it’s horribly paced, with jokes and references that seem to only be made for people who have read the manga (which I haven’t). 🙁

    • Well, that’s easy to solve ^^ Just read the manga 😉 It’s worth it! I have been reading the manga for 10 years now and I still love it! The story and the characters are amazing!

      And once you’ve read the manga I’m sure you’ll find the drama absolutly stunning!


      • But that’s not going to work in the show’s favor. TV should’ve made for a mass audience, Taiwan can’t tell its whole country to “read Skip Beat before you enjoy this show”. That’s why the ratings are tanking.

    • Actually… I think that the show gets a lot better the farther you go on. I guess if you haven’t read the manga or any kind of manga, really, the way that it’s portrayed would look a little weird. I thought it was fantastic in the end. 😀

  2. Its not an amazing show, but its not bad…its got its hilarious moments…reminds me of the anime! Amean c’mon, its not a typical rom-com…anyway am soo digging the pairing of siwon n ivy! I want to see how it ends…coz i left d manga mid-way, it was dragging so long, frustrating!

  3. Is it just me or Donghae do really like he’s not in the mood unlike the other three? Tired maybe?
    Based on your reactions, I’m now wondering whether to see this one or not. Hmm…

  4. I agree that the acting is a bit over the top but Ivy Chen really made me feel Kyoko’s pain in the big crying scene in her room. I was crying for her. Maybe the writers need to put more reality into it and let the actors act.

    Siwon is handsome but Ren’s character needs to show more glimpses into the real person behind the carefully cultivated persona he projects in public. We should be hearing Ren’s thoughts in voice over as well as Kyoko’s. Taiwan dramas often use that as a story device and I feel it adds to my understanding when the character himself is internally conflicted. I know some may not care for that and say that an actor should be able to project the feelings without it but I like it.

  5. I could not get past epi 2 so it was dropped at this point over the female leads acting and silly/unbelievable scenes (don’t know if they are following the manga or not but if so, it was a horrible interpretation). *Le sighs*

  6. Guys, I have read the manga, and I love this drama! The producers have to cater to both the people who have and haven’t read the manga while still trying to follow how the manga flowed. I think they are doing a great job! I can’t wait for Episode 5!!!

  7. i just watched ep 5, and i think it’s getting better, and this was probably my favorite episode, so we’ll see how it goes 🙂 i’m actually rather excited for the next one, since the preview shows Bo (the chicken), and I loved that part in the manga and anime ^^ plus, donghae looks so freaking hot in the preview *_* however, i heard we need to wait an extra week or two because the channel is showing the chinese new year celebrations (i think? correct me if i’m wrong..). erg, finally, an episode i’m really looking forward to, and we have to wait twice or three times as long > <

  8. bianca bai looks so pretty in her dress! i’m actually liking her acting and character in skip beat, while initially, i had been dreading it a bit, because i cringed whenever she was on screen during fated to love you, haha. maybe it’s cuz she’s not a love rival? and i agree, ms.koala, the chemistry between the different characters is great, so even if it dragged a bit in the early episodes, i still like it- i can’t wait for donghae to find out about ivy, and i’m especially looking forward to the angel-devil part! skip beat fighting! –and really? we need to wait 2 weeks?? isn’t there another channel or something that also is showing skip beat, except it’s one episode behind? i remember there was one channel that premiered it on dec 18, and then the other on dec 25 or something… right?
    erg, i wish tw dramas let out 2 episodes each week like k dramas… that would make me sooo happy

    • yeah, SB will be off this week since there will be chinese new years specials airing on tv. the 2 channels you’re talking about – 1 shows the episode from the former week, and 1 is the official channel it airs on, so it airs the most recent episode from airing night. 🙂

      so unfortunately, we’ll have to miss seeing siwon & donghae a week! 🙂

  9. i think ppl are always gonna have complaints about this, since it was adapted from manga/anime, because ppl who read the manga or watched the anime might complain tht it’s not similar enough, or things aren’t portrayed correctly, while ppl who haven’t might say tht it’s too outrageous, or tht they don’t get it.. i think it’s basically impossible to get it perfectly, but tht skip beat is doing a pretty good job- i think it’s pretty entertaining

  10. i think the drama is entertaining. i haven’t read the manga or watch the anime but so far i’d say it’s quite good. you still can follow the story without having to read the manga first. however, i’ think Siwon has not yet shown his full acting capability here, unlike his great acting in Oh My lady.

  11. They need more Ren and Gong xi parts!! 🙂 The other parts – just not as interesting for me. Overall, it’s just another tw styled drama… i enjoy the hjinks btw Gong Xi and her two boys 😉


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