Dream High 2 Releases Energetic Second Teaser

The first teaser for Dream High 2 was hilariously over-the-top in that wink wink way, knowing that it was being silly and wanting you to laugh at it. Some self-deprecating humor is always good with me. The second teaser is much more straight forward, introducing the main cast members and a snippet of the personality conflicts to come. I’ve only heard the best f praises for Kang Sora, which gets my expectation up, but sounds like she’ll deliver no matter what. I like how high energy this drama seems, which is one reason I loved the original, which kept moving the students forward in pursuit of their dreams without too much unnecessary filler. Another reason to check out episode 1 of DH2? Kim Soo Hyun has been confirmed to make a cameo as well, which will make it so the entire original cast shows up. Woo hoo, bring it on baby, bring it on!

Second teaser for Dream High 2:



Dream High 2 Releases Energetic Second Teaser — 14 Comments

  1. Hello! I didn’t expect you to be writing from the the side of Atlantic ocean. Thank you for the teaser. May be one of those days, I’ll be able to catch up with all the dramas on my list. Have a wonderful vac. Waving from down under \(^0^)/

    • Aww, hello matey! Little one fell ill, been stuck inside unable to venture out, which of course leads to drama watching and writing.

  2. I adore Sora on We Got Married. If the few improvs she’s done on that show are any indication, she’ll do just as well as Kim Soo-hyun in the first Dream High. ^_^

      • I think Leeteuk COMPLETELY faking it on WGM but I still watch their couple because Sora is that awesome. Her improvs on WGM also show her to be a very competent actor. You should tune into Sunny. The ending is kind of sad but nice.

        I’m also tuning in for Jinwoon of 2AM. I would want to support Jiyeon for T-ara but honestly Eunjung has all my love.

      • me too hipployta.. no matter wat eunjung is the one n only i cud truely love in dream high for the female leads.. n its gonna be the same in DH2 .. here the gal bein kang sora…… cnt seem to like jiyeon no matter wat !!!!!

  3. Kang Sora really is ten kinds of awesome, won’t lie. Lovin’ her in WGM especially (I wouldn’t say Leeteuk is faking it, but he does have a tendency to act all OTT which I can’t really stand). This trailer just confirms that I’m definitely tuning in to DH2 now, overhyped be damned!

  4. Kang Sora is definitely the star to watch in Dream High 2.

    Why isn’t there a “Kim Pil-Suk” (IU) type character this year?? All the characters look really idol like and it seems DH2 is missing the underdog characters (aside from Jinwoon and Kang Sora’s characters).

    Btw excited for cameos from the original DH cast, especially IU and Wooyoung (the too cute Milky couple)! It will be nice to see where their characters are now and how they will come back into the DH2 story.

    One question (if somebody knows please answer…thanks): If DH2 follows the timeline of Dream High, wouldn’t our original cast still be students at Kirin??

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