Operation Proposal with Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin Airs First Preview

Yeo Jin Gu may be wowing the noonas on The Moon that Embraces the Sun, but he has a few more years before he will hit Yoo Seung Ho territory – the elusive place where it’s impossible not to drool over him whilst feeling really guilty about it. Which is why I’m thrilled to see Yoo Seung Ho finally decide to do a romantic youthful drama that is perfect for his age and almost-a-grown-man good looks. The first preview is out for Operation Proposal, the K-drama remake of Yamapi and Masami‘s Proposal Daisakusen, the what-if time travel drama that posits a very emotionally tardy leading man gets multiple chances to flash back to the past and potentially let his best friend know his feelings so that she doesn’t end up walking down the aisle with someone else. I didn’t like the J-version, but the K-version is looking mighty good to me. Co-starring Park Eun Bin, the chemistry factor ought to be there (which was lacking in the J-dorama), but hopefully the writer will find a way to make the drama feel less redundant and spinning in circles. OP airs in February on cable network Chosun TV.

First preview for Operation Proposal:


Operation Proposal with Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin Airs First Preview — 20 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting this preview! I actually liked the J-version, well..until I started to feel like a gerbil on a wheel, with the circuitous plot. I hope the K-version can keep it fresh and engaging. I’m looking forward to this, although I might have to stick it on the hard drive shelf for now. So many dramas I want to watch, but so much to do in RL!

  2. I enjoyed watching the J version bec of Yamapi (I know.. I know.. what you’ll say about Yamapi and his acting :p) but THIS definitely feels different. I think its the YSH thing.

    Gonna need a bucket. Unni, better get it ready!

  3. ProDai is also one of my fave J-Dramas even if I felt that it’s too redundant sometimes coz it took him so many chances to go back to the past and still when he gets back, she’s still marrying Naohito Fujiki’s character.

    The preview looks like it’s gonna be exciting. Hope they add a different flavor to the series.

  4. Gahhhhhh this boy ♥♥♥♥

    The preview actually looks really cute. Now the question is, is it just really good editing, or is the actual drama going to be good?

    And I never saw ProDai (it’s been on my list forever but I’m not a slave to the Pi like everyone else seems to be so I keep forgetting about it) so I’m going into this with no expectations or prior knowledge. So exciting~

  5. I have a soft spot for that dorama. It even made me cry ^^’ It was just so earnest and sweet, with a gorgeous cast and great chemistry between the friends. And the fairy was pretty damn cool XD However, I don’t think I’ll ever want to watch it again, not even as a k-drama, though they seem cute. They also seem a little young to pass as college graduates. Masami’s character even had her Masters already. Well, Eikuru Nana was 19 back then, and Masami was 20, so I guess there isn’t much difference.
    Though Yoo Seung-ho and Park Eun-bin still look a little childish ^^

  6. i loove ProDai sooo much… i m admit, i watch it b’coz pi were there… buut still i love it! i love the entire cast. eventhough sometimes i get annoyed coz never have the gut to confess… i hope YSH can play guud so when i watch it i m not gonna compare him with pi…
    no offense coz im pi fan ^o^

  7. I actually enjoyed the J-version (minus the Hallelujah chorus every 10 minutes, that is) . I’m looking forward to the K-version. I’m finally watching Warrior Baek Dong Soo (yes yes, late in the game, I know). This ahjuma is NOT ashamed of her love for Yoo Seung Ho.

    PS, loved him in Blind as well. ♥

  8. I thought the j version was touching, though at times repetitive (I kept shouting, confess already!!). I have a feeling this will be good as well. But for Yoo Seung Ho, I still don’t see the difference between his high school counterpart and present him lol.. But it’s not that Yamapi was any different, just that YSH looks so boyish to me, not old enough to get married..

  9. LOL at 0:31… he was trying so hard to be a gentleman and not touch her butt as he slung her over his shoulders…. Ah! Why can’t February come any faster?

  10. Not gonna lie, I had to watch it twice because I was too distracted by the ABBA the first time. 🙂

    I really liked ProDai, more for the story and for Pi than anything else. I couldn’t stand the main girl though, not sure if it was the actress or the zero chemistry with Pi.

    I’m looking forward to this, because 1. I want to know what the big deal is with YSH – can’t believe I haven’t watched any of his projects! and 2. I’m hoping for a cute lead couple I can root for.

    I’m wondering how they’ll do this in 16 episodes without making it feel repetitive though, when even 11 45min ones felt circular and redundant, like you said. Maybe if they do one flashback a week and go more in depth with the relationships… all hangs on the writing, as usual.

  11. @Laica – yes – that makes Two Of us – i am looking forward to this because Of EXACTLY d same reason – he’s cute – no doubt abt it – so why havent i watched ANY Of his drama?? Got no answer – maybe because it’s over 24eps?? Sigh … I Dont like sad ending either – is dat why?? I tried watching bits n Pieces Of flame something but … Was too long n sad ending … Cantb bothered …. OK enuf blabbering … Hope u summarize or mention this when it airs Ms. Koala …ciao e grazie mille:)

  12. wow. im waiting for feb 8. i hope the ending will be that yoo seung ho and park eun bin will be together!!!! i didn’t yet hear the song but i’ll try….. please watch this. i promise this is gonna be beautiful….

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