Written Preview for Episode 7 of The Moon that Embraces the Sun

I rather like the conceit of The Moon that Embraces the Sun in having Yeon Woo lose her memories about her past. It’s less painful that way for her, and also allows us to watch Yeon Woo and Hwon fall in love all over again. Which they will surely do. While young Yang Myung resonated with me because he lost so much to Hwon simply by virtue of his birth, along the way Hwon has also experienced his own gutwrenching loss and feeling of helplessness. Both men are on equal footing in my mind, and I want to watch them do something with their respective positions rather than coast by. Hwon is already doing it, by battling the ministers and his Queen Yoon in his own way. I also find Hwon’s romantic nature which has been hidden away so lovely to see when he lets it out. I can’t wait to watch him reunite with Wol/Yeon Woo, allowing them both to reclaim what was so cruelly taken away from them.

Written preview for episode 7:

Having received the summons from Taoist priest Hye Gak, Nok Young once again reminds Yeon Woo to be mindful of strangers while they are walking on the street. Yeon Woo overhears that the King’s procession will be passing through and becomes very curious. She disregards Seol’s entreaty and heads towards the street. Hwon, who has no idea that Yeon Woo is still alive and is currently watching him, has a very pained expression on his face during this procession. Yeon Woo looks at his face from far away and feels this sense of familiarity, which causes her to feel confused.


Written Preview for Episode 7 of The Moon that Embraces the Sun — 12 Comments

  1. woww can’t wait for their second first meeting .. whuaaa so excited, can’t wait for wednesday tocome.. thanks koala unni, been waiting for this review the whole day hehee.. ^^

  2. I haven’t been watching the series. Despite that I sped-watched Ep 6, heh. I think it’s gonna be swoon-worthy when they fall in love. I may feel a little icky to watch PDAs b/w the two. a) They are 6 years apart but somehow I still envision KSH as SD from Dream High and b) Haven’t heard the best things abt HGI’s acting. Coupled that with the age gap plus she’s married makes me a little nervous if she’ll be able to effectively portray the whirlwind romance b/w the two.

    I agree with your analysis of JIW’s acting. When he was teasing his sister the vibe was very Cha Chi-soo ish. Although he’s supposed to be play around etc. there should also be an underlying sadness in his delivery. Hopefully he can work out the kinks sooner rather than later since I really want him to do well.

    • could not have said it better myself! Han Ga In makes me nervous….I really don’t want her to be the bad leg of this drama. But it MAKES ME SO UNCOMFORTABLE knowing he’s like 6 years younger AND she’s married. gahh..disturbs me a bit, but I will try to look past that. She’s supposed to be 2 years younger than him, but he looks like a kid next to her. Her aging…has um..shown….doesn’t help that he’s babyfaced too…

  3. Thanks for the preview! Whaaa! Do you think we are going to see the Chapter 1 of the novel next week? I’ve seen Blue’s translation and it me ache for the first meeting between Wol/Hwon! Kim Soo Hyun has been sooooo amazing in his first appearance, I hope HGI will be as impressive as KSH (crossing my fingers)…..

  4. really love this series!! Love all the characters~ =) i miss the child actors already!! especially the crown prince hahah i loved his acting. he really portayed it well =) Anyways, can’t w8 for them to fall in love all over again! XD!

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