Teaser and Stills of the Upcoming Mike He and Ella Movie Bad Girls

Before Ella filmed Perfect Two with Vic Zhou last Summer, she actually filmed another movie first, but said movie is getting a later release date. Pairing up with Mike He, Ella plays the titular head of the Bad Girls, a group of high school rough and tumble girls who form a gang to protect their little village from nefarious elements. Suddenly their world is turned upside down with the arrival of a movie production in town to use the old architecture to film a throwback love story movie (as evidenced by the style of the movie poster above).

The lead is none other than Mike’s movie star character Justin, and by a stroke of random chance, Ella’s tomboy character becomes the leading lady. Since the movie is a romantic love story, Mike needs to get Ella to learn how to act like she is in love, and their fighting and bickering unsurprisingly leads to them actually falling in love. The movie is gearing up for promotional activity and released a few official stills and a teaser trailer this week. I think it looks harmlessly cute.

The teaser starts off with a romantic school age dating sequence filmed like an old movie, but then tells you that is just a movie, and the rest is what is real, and then we see Ella kicking ass all over the place. I found the teaser intriguing and keeping me curious to see a full trailer and watch the two leads interact more.

Teaser for Bad Girls:


Teaser and Stills of the Upcoming Mike He and Ella Movie Bad Girls — 22 Comments

  1. Aww, I really want to like Ella but her over-acting just grates on my nerves. Taiwanese Hana Kimi made me swore off Taiwan dramas… at least for a long while. Though she seems like such a sweetheart in real life. On the other hand, I’m always down for a girlfriends type of movie so I’ll see how other people react to this before diving in.

    • I’m with you on Hana Kimi. I ended up not finishing it because of Ella’s (and everyone else’s) overacting. Granted, it is an adaptation of a manga so the overacting was bound to happen but in those days, I just couldn’t stand her onscreen. But now, I think she’s more mellowed out I think. I feel like she needs more feminine roles because she’s become more beautiful and her acting has gotten better.

      But…I am interested in the concept of the movie so I’ll def pay attention to this one.

    • I’m not a fan of Ella either due to Hana Kimi. But hey, I didn’t like Cha Seung Won in Athen and fell in love with him in Best Love, so it’s not always the actors/actresses fault. I’ll give her another try!

  2. I remember when the news that Ella was filming movies with Zai Zai and Mike came out and we were all like “What the heck?!?!?” But I think she’s done better than we expected. I hope these movies succeed in changing her image a little bit and she can do more movies like these.

    • I totally agree @estel. In the past I didn’t have very high expectations for her acting, yet from what I’ve seen so far from the previews and promotions for “The Perfect Two” I’m beginning to think I misjudged her. I think in the past it’s been her characters rather than Ella herself that I haven’t liked in her past work. (I’ve found myself making the same argument for Ariel Lin. From interviews it’s obvious that she, the actress herself, is adorable, but my gosh I found it so hard to put up with her characters in “It Started with a Kiss” and “Love Contract.”)

      It struck me — all her past roles have been so similar. Could it be that Ella was pigeonholed after “The Rose” to play only whiny, tom-boyish characters? Or could it even be earlier than that to when she debuted with SHE? Whatever the case is, I’m glad she broke free of her usual role, I’m liking this side of Ella. Is it two more days till the premier? Jaiyou!

    • Ya, after I write that I watch the teaser for “Bad Girls.” I did that in the wrong order, lol, sorry guise. Maybe Ella’s forever stuck in this role. Still, I’ll give her another shot before I pass judgement. I’m still hopeful thought that the next role Ella accepts will be a character that she hasn’t tried yet.

  3. so I haven’t really been interested in anything by Ella but I love Mike and this looks like it might be really cute! thanks for the heads up 🙂

  4. It must be tough to play teenage when you are thirty but if anyone can it is Ella. She has a youthful joy about her acting. Just look at her recent costars transformations for proof. Smile!

  5. Can’t they give Ella mature-character roles, like the one of Ariel in ‘In Time With You’. I bet she’ll do well.

  6. I like the concept, I love the poster and I’m frickin envious of Ella pairing up with both Zai Zai and Mike in a year! What does a girl have to do to be lucky like that?!

  7. I always like her roles as a tough cookie. Suits her well.

    When is the girl gonna marry her man in real life? She deserves a little break to become a sweet wife and new mom. Good luck to her and family.

  8. I’ve always had a problem with Ella’s overacting, but I’m willing to give this cute movie a chance. I like Mike He, but does he really need to be named Justin (Justin always sounds like an American jock guy), can’t he be Mike instead. Also, aren’t they a bit old for playing high schoolers, even Ella doesn’t look that young anymore.

    But I do like the Grease’ish movie poster. So retro.

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