Office Girls Completes Filming and Cast Gathers to Send Lunar New Year Wishes

The cast of Office Girls started filming last July, and now they’ve entered their third Seasonal change and hit a bevy of holidays along the way. The biggest is of course Lunar New Year, so the cast assembled and passed out holiday cheer and signed autographs to fans right around the time principal filming for the drama was completed. It’s adorable how Roy Qiu is holding that giant fake yuan bao like it’s an old-school cell phone. I love the cast for always putting on a show for their fans with the brightest smiles and cheerful spirit whatever the occasion calls for. They deserve the ratings, and I hope OG catapults the lead actors into even bigger and better things in the new year of the Dragon ahead. From OG and me, wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year~

The drama completed its filming this week, with Alice Ke posting pictures and thoughts about how sad she was that her time with the cast and crew has come to an end.

Above is Alice’s camera phone picture of the set that was her apartment, showing the last scene to be filmed there. Below is a screen shot that says “The End of the Drama”.

And since it’s Lunar New Year’s eve today, I’ll give everyone a present with a giant spoiler about the ending of OG. Voila! Xing Ren in a wedding dress posing with Zi Qi’s mom. This is what imma talking about, drama. Bring on the fan service!



Office Girls Completes Filming and Cast Gathers to Send Lunar New Year Wishes — 17 Comments

  1. happy new year of the dragon!!! prosperity and good health to you and your family. thanks for bringing us always the goodies 🙂

    love love love the spoiler…OG to end with a bang that is, can’t wait.. have not seen any episode upload tonite so i guess cny celebrations got in the way.

    • totally agree with u! i was scrolling down slowly so i got less excited the more i went down, cuz the dress just got worse after each nudge down

    • I think all of them use viki, but these are the sites i use are;, and Hope this helps.

      • thanks for info… was actually looking for Ep. 23… wasn’t until late last night when i realized it was Chinese New Year and a new episode probably wasn’t shown at all…. hayyyyy…. i’m already missing OG and it hasn’t even ended yet!

  2. Happy Lunar New Year Auntie K and all my playmates!!!

    May the year of the Dragon bring us all joy, happiness, wealthy and more awesome Kdramas!!!


  3. There must be a story behind that puffy wedding gown.

    I love that there is a wedding ending.

    Will miss this drama heaps 🙁

  4. Oh that’s the best spoiler 🙂 Thank you.
    Oh and that is one horrible wedding dress. Whoa what happened there? The tiers and ruffles and the hair >__<

    I loved Qi Xi's BFF going to miss him as well. Can't wait for ep 24 then.
    Happy Lunar New Year everyone.

  5. Ahh so happy they better get married but not in that hideous dress!Sigh I am so happy and sad office girls ends on sunday. As long as my couple wins I am happy.

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