Operation Proposal Releases First Official Stills Plus Another Trailer

I can’t believe how excited I am for a drama about getting a second chance at a first love with a cast of youngsters which is based off a drama I didn’t like all that much the first time around. I guess it’s the Yoo Seung Ho love overwhelming my senses. Co-starring Park Eun Bin as the titular first love who is the target of Yoo Seung Ho’s Operation Proposal, the second trailer has been released courtesy of Dramafever, where this drama will be available for watching when it starts airing in one week.

After viewing the second preview, I’m even more certain that this adaptation will deviate from the J-dorama feel and careen towards the K-drama tendency to dump massive amounts of pining, longing, and repressed angst into the show. On one hand, that makes it different enough not to feel like a retread. On the other hand, it might sap the cute fantasy what-if ambiance of the original, rendering it full of too much pain and thereby more depressing than it needs to be. I’m keeping my hopes up because I already adore the OTP, but good golly you better not screw this one up, Korea.

Second preview for Operation Proposal (credit for video and subs to Dramafever):


Operation Proposal Releases First Official Stills Plus Another Trailer — 14 Comments

  1. omgoshhh… i need this drama nowwww… somehow i’m getting ‘the classic’ vibe from those school days bits..which is a good thing considering how much i loved those early scenes from that movie.. plus the fantasy element adds abit of the unknown, enough to intrigue yet not deviate too much from a very hackneyed plotline..
    my favourite parts of the original pro-dai were the bits about the friendships so i hope the korean version manages to keep that vibe. that scene with them high school friends throwing paper planes from the balcony into the school yard with one of the soundtracks playing in the bg will remain one of those ‘magic’ moments for me….

  2. I’m sorry. I was unable to read this as my senses have been OVERWHELMED BY YSH….
    Dramafever, because of all the disappearing downloads, will be my favorite place of all time soon. I used to avoid it like crazy, with its spinny things and “DUAL STREAM DETECTED” shut downs. I hope they buy more computer and streaming power.

  3. i’m soooooo excited about this drama. i didn’t watch the j-dorama version though.

    thank you koala unni for the trailer! THANK YOU also for feeding us (readers) awesome recaps, trailers and everything else under the sun. may you be blessed in the new chapter of your career life.

    happy first day!

  4. So, I’m gonna share one of the cutest videos with you. Here, Sung Ho is choosing his ideal girl and it’s soo adorable that with each choice he keeps slinking further down in his seat and one can barely even hear his answer.


    After watching this, I’m excited for OP as I’ve never seen YSH act.

  5. I know that now you have a full time job and won’t be able to update as much. But I just wanted to tell you about a drama that is kind of similar to Bu Bu Jing Xin, and I think you would highly enjoy watching it! It is called “Qing Shi Huang Fei” or “The Glamorous Imperial Concubine”! It is a really nice drama to watch! Just wanted to tell you and everyone else here about it!!

  6. is that go kyung pyo in the picture? he was awesome in saturday night live korea. one more reason to look forward to this drama!

  7. Hm, Tsuru doesn’t seem small enough. He was at least 10 cm smaller than Eri in the original, so I guess they’re going to change that, too. That was one of the cuter stories in the original, though ^^

  8. i have watched the Japanese version and it is super good….this is one of the reasons i am excited about this drama….i know Koreans are really good at remakes so this makes me much more excited

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