Da Mo Yao Reportedly Finalizes Cast of Liu Shi Shi, Hu Ge, and Wallace Huo

The drama adaptation of Da Mo Yao, the novel from writer Tong Hua (who wrote Bu Bu Jing Xin) is rumored to have finally confirmed its cast! Oh heck yeah. To the surprise of NO ONE, Tangren picked as the leading lady of its biggest drama production of the year as none other than resident number one gal Liu Shi Shi. Not complaining here. I totally dig her as raised on the plains spirited gal Yu Jin. And since the fans were overwhelmingly clamoring for Tangren’s other big hotshot Hu Ge to play the lead of General Huo Qu Bing, the fans and I are thrilled he’s onboard. Rounding out the cast will be Wallace Huo as Meng Jiu.

Hilariously enough, this would reunite half the cast of Chinese Paladin 3, where Shi Shi didn’t have a love line with either guy. In fact, Shi Shi and Hu Ge have done four dramas together where they have not played an OTP, so I guess the fifth time is the charm. Wallace and Shi Shi’s last drama was Strange Hero Iljimae where they did play the OTP, and by all accounts it was sizzling. The love triangle in Da Mo Yao (大漠谣 literal translation Ballad of the Desert) is pretty epic, so I can’t wait to see what these three cook up.

I’m totally OTP all the way in this novel. Which means I’m already on the ShiGe ship before the drama even starts filming. What can I say? I may be a real life HongShi shipper, but girlfriend has got mad chemistry with Yong Huan‘s BFF Hu Ge as well. Some folks were even fauxcesting ShiGe in CP3 even though they played brother-sister.

A brief synopsis of Da Mo Yao:

Yu Jin was raised within the Xiong Nu, although her foster father is a Han. Under certain circumstances, she was forced to flee to Chang’an, the then capital of Early Han Dynasty,changing her name to Jin Yu along the way. Along her journey, she meets first the calm and kind Meng Jiu, and later the handsome, cold, general Huo Qu Bing. Jin Yu falls for one, but was rejected. Will she untangle her love knot? Who will she choose in the end?

Tong Hua has said that General Huo Qu Bing (who is a real life historical figure) is her favorite male character she ever wrote. This is taking into account all the princes in Bu Bu Jing Xin. Some folks think Huo Qu Bing was pretty much written perfectly – bad boy, arrogant and cold on the surface, completely in love with the heroine. He’s been compared to the sun while Meng Jiu gives off the gentle vibe of the moon. I’m a little sick of moon/sun analogies, but one more won’t kill me. I simply can’t wait for this sure to be epic drama to hit my screen.

Have a fanmade Da Mo Yao trailer with Hu Ge-Liu Shi SHi-Wallace Huo:


Da Mo Yao Reportedly Finalizes Cast of Liu Shi Shi, Hu Ge, and Wallace Huo — 21 Comments

  1. Oooh sounds really interesting, I will definitely be watching out for this one. I tend to like the cold characters, so I can already tell I will be rooting for the General!

  2. i am like behind of my chinese dramas… =P so, this is must watch later on…. and by the way, i do hope they have a moon/sun american drama to complete it..LOL….=D

  3. I’m not sure about Wallace.. Yuzheng is spreading rumors that he got Wallace to play Linghu Cong in his version of Laughing in the Wind..

    And there are rumors of Yizhimei 2..

    • I’m fine replacing Wallace, as long as ShiGe is onboard. But Yuzheng is a slimy toad that needs to die a fiery death. Wallace as LHC is just all sorts of wrong. But then again, everything touched by YZ is all sorts of wrong.

      • I dont think Wallace will be taking this project. About LHC I wont open my mouth this early if I were you, Wallace seemed to play Li GeXiao very well in Strange hero which is very similar to Linh Hu Chong mind you…beside Meng Jiu is another Liu Lian Cheng in Qing Shi Huang Fei, I am sure Wallace wont take it.

      • @ockoala

        hahaha Twinnie, there I was just cursing YZ to DIAHF. I’m sure united we can make it happen. *sigh* these crazyb8tches(LB and YZ) , I bet they r really good pals in RL and will bargain on who’s getting whom on a mahjong game and come up with all these silly sick jokes of their upcoming projects just to give the press a continuous big trip.

        @Tammy tbvh and since I’ve watched Wallace in Ijimae, his character is nth like LHC other than they are drinkers?…now it’ll be silly categorizing all alcoholic hero with a tragic past as similar, no? The essence of LHC’s characterization is no matter how much poop life throws at him, he is aspired to find a way to shake/drink it off and be the cool fanboy of LaoZi/ZhuangZi about it, he is one free spirit who is not boggled by all the never-ending booboos in his life for long. “What ‘hero’ doesn’t have the clusterfck of woes in a wuxia/comic bk?!” *my imagined LHC’s words fr a shrugging LHC downing some RenYingYing’s insects marinating in his homemade Maotai*

        AND Wallace is really not known for chops for nuances is he? He’s serviceable and hottest as ever in Ijimae, but he’s playing an action hero that should have his own figurine in a Marvel comic crossing over a half-assed wuxia. He was only asked to pose and show singular emotions from scene to scene, which suited the style of drama to a tee. Whereas Smiling, Proud Wanderer is one of the most satirical, political, almost philosophical/preachy work fr LC. But then this is all irrelevant discussing a YZ production.

      • Huh? Li Ge Xiao doesn’t strike me as resembling Linghu Chong *confused* Anyway, to be very honest, I can’t help but be entertained by Yu Mama, heheh! He sure won’t make a boring SPW.

      • @Tammy I don’t think Meng Jiu in DMY is anything like Liu Liancheng in QSHF either…

  4. Looks like Hu Ge’s wanting to break out of his mould/typecast. It’s interesting Hu Ge’s now playing the bad-ass characters Yuan Hong used to play, and in Mulan, Yuan Hong’s reprising the “meng” silly moron-type of character like CP1’s Li Xiao Yao.

  5. Oh, so excited!!! And about time Hu Ge and LSS finally got paired romantically. I was one of those shipping ShiGe despite the incest in CP3. They have ridiculous chemistry. (though she had wonderful chemistry with Wallace in Yi Zi Mei so….am torn). In addition to shippiness, the plot sounds awesome.

  6. The only time I saw them together was in LoCH’08, and despite all that “marry my adoptive daughter!” thing, I never saw them as a couple. Well, maybe because neither of them was interested at all. Looking forward to this, though! : ) Sounds pretty exciting and hopefully not as gut-wrenchingly sad as Bu Bu Jing Xin.

  7. Wow, this one looks exciting and promises another feast for the eyes….costumes n cast wise. I hope the script is good and that the ending is happier than Bu Bu Jin Xin. Will defo watch this one! Thank you 😀

  8. First, BBJX and now another Tong Hua-Tangren adaptation! And with great actors Liu Shi Shi and Hu Ge. I’ll be blind by the end of the year from all the crying, but it’s totally worth it. I think Tong Hua is to me like Qiong Yao was to my mom.

  9. If that ends up as the final cast, I’m dead by this overwhelmingness of perfection.


    I’ve been secretly praying for this casting for AGES.

  10. Finally! A drama that I’m anticipating. I love all three of the actors so I’ll definitely be watching. Will there be a fantastical element to this drama?

  11. HuHuoShi would be perfect. But I’m in as long as ShiGe is in 😛

    Btw, as a HongShi shipper as well, I think you made a tiny typo spelling Yuan Hong as Yong Huan.

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