The Moon that Embraces the Sun Episode 10 Recap

Another solid if not spectacular episode of The Moon that Embraces the Sun. I’ve given up hoping for the return to the cohesive clarity of the earlier episodes or for some much needed secondary character development. I’m still entertained, but I’ve accepted this is about as deep as it’s going to get. As the drama continues to steer its trajectory away from the events of the novel, I’m left knowing things will happen but unsure of how and when. Because she’s gotten so little screen time, it wasn’t until this episode that I finally realized just how magnificent Kim Min Seo‘s performance as Bo Kyung is. She’s animated without being forced, digging deeper into a character written without nuance, pulling out emotions that hit all the right notes and makes me interested in her. That is how great acting can compensate for shoddy writing. Kim Soo Hyun is lucky to have the best written character in the entire show, and his performance equally matches up. Poor Han Ga In is left hanging out to dry, with Wol being either a cipher or a too-good-to-be-true heroine the way Yeon Woo was created. MoonSun feels like a show with alternating bites of spicy and bland, depending on who pops up on the screen at any given moment.

Episode 10 recap:

Hwon tells Wol to help him forget his lonely pain and ease the hurt in his heart. Can she do it? Wol wants to, she wants to block the ill directed at the King. Hwon orders Wol to raise her face to him. Bo Kyung cracks open the door to the King’s inner chambers and briefly glimpses Hwon standing there staring intently at his human amulet with a look that is clearly of a man to a woman. Before she can barge in, Woon slams the door shut. End of that peep show, lady. Bo Kyung leaves under the pretense that she was just worried about the King’s health and wanted to check on him.

Hwon calls Hyung Sun in to summon the royal physician. Not for him, but to treat Wol. Hyung Sun hesitates since the royal physician is allowed only to treat a member of the royal family. Hwon argues that the human amulet is absorbing his ills, so if she is sick, it might harm him. He yells at Hyung Sun to summon the royal physician immediately. Woon walks outside and his subordinate hands over a note Wol had written to the King which the subordinate confiscated from Wol. Bo Kyung sits in her chambers and seethes with rage, knowing that Hwon was clearly interested in his human amulet in very primal ways.

Wol is treated by the royal physician while Hwon reads a book off to the side. He can’t help up but sneak a peek, but when Wol meets his gaze, he nonchalantly turns away. Hyung Sun is aware of this frisson of interest from Hwon to Wol. Later that night, Hwon sleeps while Wol keeps vigil over him as usual. Morning comes and Wol leaves, which is when Hwon immediately wakes up, clearly pretending to be asleep this entire time.

Woon hands over to the King the note from Wol, indicating that she wants to be of service to him as a citizen of this country. Hwon takes that as a rebuke of his acknowledgement of Wol as merely a thing and not an actual person. Hwon smiles a tad at Wol’s effective and to-the-point note. Hyung Sun sneaks a peek, explaining his surprise to find a shaman knows how to write Han characters, and write such poetic words at that. Hwon snarls at Hyung Sun, but then remembers his wonder at reading 13 year old Yeon Woo’s first note to him. Hwon remembers how his reaction to Yeon Woo was that he could never forget her.

Hyung Sun takes the opportunity to remind Hwon that Wol is but a shaman. Hwon understands that his servant is warning him not to be interested in Wol. Hyung Sun dares to remind the King that Wol is not Yeon Woo, no matter how much she looks like her. Hyung Sun reveals that Bo Kyung visited last night, shaking off her pride and coming to see him. Hwon ought to consider how she must feel right now.

Bo Kyung is moping in bed when her servant comes to get her, revealing that the King asked to see her. That immediately rouses Bo Kyung, who dresses up await her husband. Hwon’s visit to Bo Kyung doesn’t go unnoticed, as his mother reports to Queen Yoon that the King appears to be showing interest in his queen. Queen Yoon chalks it up to the magical powers of the human amulet. She orders that a new date for the marriage consummation be selected. Since Hwon is feeling better, getting them to sleep together will also increase their burgeoning feelings for each other.

Hwon sits with Bo Kyung, asking if she has any worries on her mind since she doesn’t look so good. Bo Kyung claims that she is worried about the King so she couldn’t sleep. Hwon knows she went to visit his chambers last time, asking directly what she intended to spy on him about. Did she see or hear anything last night? Whatever she saw or heard, it is with a human amulet. Hwon reminds Bo Kyung that their marriage consummation will occur one month later. Until then, they cannot see each other, because he needs to remain undisturbed. Bo Kyung understands Hwon’s warning to stay away. After Hwon leaves, Bo Kyung is even more suspicious, wondering what exactly Hwon is trying to conceal from her? Is it his heart? A dead woman’s spirit is not enough, he is even placing a lowly shaman in his heart above her. Bo Kyung summons her servant and demands a spy close to the King to report back on the female shaman who spends every night with the King.

Yang Myung goes to the paper seller and tries to find information about Wol. The guy doesn’t know anything other than Wol is a shaman. Yang Myung leaves dejected. On his way out, he passes a group of shamans from the Royal Astrology Office, among them is Jang Shil. She immediately recognizes Yang Myung and chases after him. Yang Myung wonders who is lying to him, the minister who claimed Wol was being punished for practicing the dark arts, or Wol who claimed to be in a safe place now. Jang Shil catches up to Yang Myung, calling him orabeoni and grabbing him for a bear hug.

He pushes her off, noting that she doesn’t look like a gisaeng. Jang Shil says she is a shaman from the Royal Astrology Office, mentioning how Yang Myung saved her years ago. He finally remembers her, and then realizes where she now works is the safest place for shamans in the entire city. Yang Myung asks Jang Shil is there is a shaman named Wol? Jang Shil is about to answer but then remembers Nok Young’s warning for her to never mention Wol again. Jang Shil has no choice but to lie that there is no such shaman named Wol. She quickly runs off before Yang Myung probes any further.

Wol sleeps during the day now since she is awake at night watching over the King. When Wol sleeps, Seol keeps her company. Jang Shil walks into Wol’s quarters all mopey and sad. She looks at the sleeping Wol and apologizes to Yang Myung in her mind. Seol suddenly notices that Wol is having a bad dream, which is actually the incident when Hwon wore a mask and then pulled her away. The dream ends right when Hwon is about to pull off the mask. Wol wakes up and confirms to Seol that she had the same bad dream, and just like all other times before, the dream ended before she could see the masked man’s face. Seol thinks to herself that the masked face is not that important, because Wol is watching over him every night now.

Wol arrives for her nightly vigil, passing Woon and Hyung Sun on her way in. She takes off her robe and finds the King seated at his reading desk. Wol sits down facing Hwon, who breaks the silence by bringing up his surprise at finding out how much Wol was secretly upset at him. Wol tries to explain that she’s not, what she wrote was her sincere feelings. It was not a rebuke of the King. She wrote that as a citizen, she wanted to try her best at serving the King. If the reader of the letter had some preexisting prejudices, then her words would be misconstrued.

Hwon gets riled up still, thinking Wol is calling him prejudiced, and hence not a good ruler. He’s about to state that he is Joseon’s……when he suddenly remember his teenage self telling Yeon Woo that he is Joseon’s…… Hwon stops mid-sentence, and then gets up and announces that he wants to go out for a walk. As he passes the still sitting Wol, he asks why she’s not following as the human amulet to absorb his ills. Hwon marches off and Wol quickly follows.

Hwon and Wol walk through the Palace, following by Woon and all the retainers. Hwon orders everyone to back up a few steps. Everyone starts backing up, including Wol, but Hwon pulls Wol back because as his amulet she has to stick by his side. The walk takes them past the Hidden Moon Chambers, which are forever sealed since Yeon Woo resided there. Wol looks up at the sealed windows and suddenly has flashbacks of her leaving the Palace and Hwon crying out for Yeon Woo. Wol asks if this place has painful memories for his majesty. Was he the person who was crying here?

Hwon grabs Wol and demands to know what she saw? He pulls Wol tightly up against him, using his hand to hold her face, asking if she saw things because of her shaman powers. Everyone averts their eyes at this intimate gesture. Hwon asks if her shaman powers can tell her what he intends to do now? Hwon asks if he ought to embrace a female shaman such as Wol. As he leans closer, and sees everyone lowering their heads even more, he suddenly turns and takes off running with Wol behind him. By the time the retainers react and give chase, Hwon’s got a head start and manages to pull Wol inside a private room with him.

Hwon asks Wol again who she is? Wol gives the same answer, but this time Hwon doesn’t believe it. Wol was someone without a name until the King bestowed one on her, so who else could she be. Hwon grabs Wol, asking tearfully if she doesn’t recognize him? Does she really not know who he is? Wol asks if the King is looking for the memory of someone through her? Is it someone named Yeon Woo? Did Hwon allow her to stay by his side because Wol resembles her? But the truth is that Wol is not Yeon Woo.

Hwon yells at her to be quiet. She has overstepped her bounds now. Just because he allows her to stay, doesn’t mean he has given his heart to her. She is nothing but a shaman who casts away ills. He is about to rebuke her even further but stops, knowing that his heart is already messed up because of her. Hwon orders Wol to keep her distance from him.

As Hwon leaves the room, he announces that he intends to sleep alone tonight and Wol need not come. As Hwon leaves, he quietly orders Woon to make sure Wol gets home safely. Wol returns to her chambers, but she stands outside looking up at the moon.

Nok Young asks why Wol is here instead of keeping vigil over the King? Wol asks Nok Young who she is? Supposedly she got lost from her parents because she was filled with shaman spirit. But is that true? Why does she keep having these memories. If the memories belong to someone else, why does it feel like it’s her own memories? Nok Young looks frightened to hear this, while Seol wipes away a tear.

Seol peeks at Yeom over he wall at his estate. Yeom suddenly senses a presence, which turns out to be Yang Myung, who is rebuked again for climbing the wall to enter. Suddenly another person shows up and freaks both of them out, the person being Woon. He gets yelled at for climbing a wall and being all silent and stealthy. Woon delivers the message that the King wishes Yeom to enter the Palace tomorrow. As Woon is leaving, he suddenly sees a letter written on yellow paper. Yeom explains that it was a birthday letter Yeon Woo wrote to him.

Woon leaves the estate and sees Seol, the two of them getting into a sword fight because Woon thinks someone has sent Seol to spy on Yeom. Seol manages to get away. Yang Myung and Yeom stay and catch up, with Yeom wanting to know about Yang Myung’s new lady love. Yang Myung gets serious and suddenly brings up the night eight years ago when he jokingly asked Yeon Woo to run away with him instead of going into the Palace for selection. Because Yeon Woo was dead set on doing it, Yang Myung did not push any further. Had Yang Myung been braver that night, and seriously asked Yeon Woo to run away with him, then today Yeon Woo might still be alive and by his side.

Seol returns to the room she shares with Wol, who asks where Seol went and why she’s been injured. Seol lies that she got hurt while training. But when Wol presses further, Seol tells the truth, that she went to visit her former owners who treated her not as a thing but as a good friend. Yeom decides to go visit Yeon Woo’s old room. He opens the drawer in the Go box and then flips the lid, where he finally locates Yeon Woo’s farewell letter to Hwon.

Yang Myung is walking home when he’s waylaid by Jang Shil. She immediately apologizes to him. She was wrong, the person he wants to find, she will help him meet her. Jang Shil grabs Yang Myung for a bear hug, crying that he is the man who saved her life, so she would give her life for him. He will be able to see the person he is looking for, so he needn’t be sad. Yeom holds Yeon Woo’s last letter to Hwon and contemplates what to do. Hwon lays in bed, tossing and turning, remembering what Wol said to him about how he was looking for another person’s memory through Wol.

Princess Minhwa is stitching with her mother-in-law, vowing to keep her company until Mom cheers up. Yeom arrives dressed in his court robes, informing his two ladies that he is going to the Palace. Minhwa is annoyed he didn’t tell her early otherwise she would have accompanied him. Minhwa reveals that she’s worried about her husband entering the Palace, and it turns out her worries are for good reason. Yeom enters the Palace and immediately all the court ladies fawn over him.

Hwon happily welcomes his esteemed teacher to the Palace, ordering snacks and wanting some privacy to catch up with his teacher Yeom. The court ministers are bitching about how Yeom dared to enter the Palace. The husband of the Princess is historically not allowed to participate in politics. They discuss that his very existence is a threat, a focal point for other ministers to rally around. Yoon Dae Hyung worries that Yeom may have greater influence than even his father did, wondering why he entered the Palace today.

Yeom delivers Yeon Woo’s letter to Hwon, explaining that he thought long and hard but decided the letter belonged to the person it was addressed to. Hwon confirms that his bride Yeon Woo wrote this final letter to him. Yeom tell Hwon to dispose of the letter as he sees fit, whatever he does, Yeon Woo will be happy from the after life. Yeom bows and asks Hwon to forget Yeon Woo now, because he has a wife in the current Queen. If he doesn’t move on, Yeon Woo will surely be sad. Hwon tearfully reveals that everyone has been asking him to forget Yeon Woo.

Hyung Sun walks Yeom out, asking him to visit more often because the King misses him. Yeom states the sad truth that he’s not supposed to be in the Palace, asking Hyung Sun to keep Hwon company. After he walks away, Hyung Sun sighs that it ought to have been Yeom who keeps the King company.

Hwon sits with the letter for a good long while before he picks it up to read. The letter is Yeon Woo saying that she wrote this letter with the final remaining ounce of energy she possessed. She doesn’t know if he’ll get it but she still wants to write it. Meeting Hwon one final time before she passed was of great comfort to her. She asks Hwon to make her a memory now. Her father is coming soon with medicine, and then she will never be able to see him again. He must forget her, and be healthy for her sake. He must become a great King for the people.

Hwon cries, chocking back sobs that Yeon Woo’s final wish was for him to be healthy. She used her final bit of energy to write this letter. She must have been in such pain and agony. Hyung Sun cries with his King. Hwon notices that even with no strength, Yeon Woo’s letters are still so beautifully written. Hwon orders that Yeon Woo’s past correspondence be brought to him now. He cannot remember her writing anymore, so he wants to read it all again.

Bo Kyung gets her report from her spy, who says that the King went for a walk with the human amulet, and after the walk forbid her from accompanying him back to his chambers. She also reveals that Yeom visited today, and the King asked for a box with the character rain (Woo) carved on it.

Hwon opens the box and takes out the letters he exchanged with Yeon Woo years ago. Woon sits across from him as Hwon reads. Hwon suddenly pulls out Wol’s letter to him and puts the two letters side-by-side. He orders Woon to bring Wol immediately.

Wol is walking to the King’s chambers when suddenly she is pulled aside. It is Yang Myung, who pushes Wol against the wall and asks if she knows him?

Hwon stares intently at the two letters with identical handwriting, clearly making the connection between Yeon Woo and Wol.

Thoughts of Mine:

Okay, that was an AWESOME episode ender. In fact, the entire second half of this episode was just pure awesome courtesy of Hwon, who kept reaching deeper and deeper into his hidden reservoir of sadness over the loss of his beloved Yeon Woo. He finally sold it for me on why he can’t let her go. Not only did he genuinely love her for who she was inside, her death was just so sudden and wrenching that the traumatic loss clearly isn’t something he has properly grieved. Moreover, after losing Yeon Woo, everyone else went down the crapper. Yang Myung took off, Yeom couldn’t be his teacher anymore and later on couldn’t even come to the Palace, and he was forced to marry scheming Bo Kyung and gain slimy Yoon Dae Hyung as a father-in-law. By trying to suppress his memories of Yeon Woo, so much so that he can’t remember her handwriting anymore, he ended up being unable to let go of her.

Just like Lee Min Ho before him, Jung Il Woo is really selling Yang Myung’s pining for Yeon Woo. It doesn’t make much sense logically, but then the affairs of the heart don’t and rarely make sense. He loves her, and her death is also something he hasn’t gotten over. Sounds like he feels some guilt for not talking her out of going to the Crown Princess selection, though we all know he wouldn’t have been able to change her mind regardless. I like how the drama is slowly (and finally) weaving all the characters together again. Seeing Yeom, Yang Myung, and Woon gather together, albeit briefly, was like taking a walk down memory lane. Seol and Woon finally cross paths and swords, plus Yang Myung and Jang Shil reunite and then promptly sent the drama into overdrive. I love how Jang Shil decided to go with her heart and tell Yang Myung about Wol, seeing how much he wanted to find her. But what I loved the most was Hwon figuring out on his own the connection between Yeon Woo and Wol.

I knew his realization would involve writing, since the love affair between Hwon and Yeon Woo blossomed during the period when they wrote to each other. I hope he doesn’t take one step forward and two steps back and try to rationalize away the identical handwriting. I’m glad the drama decided to let both Hwon and Yang Myung confirm Wol’s identity at the same time, because I think this story can and ought to have a viable love triangle. I want to see Yang Myung fight for Wol, because he loves her and because he wants to keep her safe. Whether as Wol or as Yeon Woo, she will never be safe in the Palace with Hwon because of those conspiring against the King. After what happened to Yeon Woo, it’s clear this time Yang Myung won’t let her be placed in such a dangerous situation again.

I was really shaking my head when watching the Hwon-Bo Kyung scene today, when he warned her to stay away. There was so much chemistry between Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Min Seo it made me sad the same frisson of energy couldn’t be transferred over to the OTP interactions. I can live with second lead shipping, but shipping the hero with the resident witch is clearly NOT a viable or sane proposition. At this point I don’t need Han Ga In to magically become a good actress, all I ask for her to wake up a little. She’s so low-energy onscreen that she sucks the charisma out of a scene. Though with Kim Soo Hyun emitting fireballs of acting passion, it does even out when they are together. Funnily enough, their acting reminds me of him being the brightly burning sun and her being the cold soft moonlight. An apt observation if ever there was one for this drama.


The Moon that Embraces the Sun Episode 10 Recap — 47 Comments

  1. “Funnily enough, their acting reminds me of him being the brightly burning sun and her being the cold soft moonlight. An apt observation if ever there was one for this drama.”

    You nailed it, koala. He is sizzling, burning everything he comes in contact with. She is just there, distant and seemingly unaffected. Can we ask her hubby Mr. Hottie Vampire Prosecutor to wake her up a little? And I’m not even asking for anything Oscar-worthy, just a frisson of energy would be nice. You know, something as small as a flicker in the eye or a change in breathing maybe as our hot King pulls you in and looks at you like that.

    • Heh, let’s be gutter-minded and assume Mr. Hottie McVampirey Hubby of hers is sapping all her energy back home. I feel better thinking she’s showing up at work completely worn out. At least it’s an excuse I can buy into for her low-blood pressure acting.

      • Bwahahaha! You are too funny, koala! But I must admit, I had thought of that too, just to make me feel better. I refuse to believe that Hottie Vampire Hubs is not as sizzling in real life as his onscreen persona, therefore he needs someone to match all that passion right? So yeah, maybe we need him to hang out at Moon/Sun set instead. You know, be her personal cheerleader and sending some *wink, wink* her way. 😀

      • dont jump the gun on WOL’S character! please let her character evolve into herself before her death…..
        put yourself in her place of mind. you would be more mindful of how confused your looks would be too.
        follow the events not the sexual chemistry angst…most have come to kdrama for instant gratification.

        lets see where the writers n directors plan for character….she willlll deliver in her own taled acting.

  2. “There was so much chemistry between Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Min Seo it made me sad the same frisson of energy couldn’t be transferred over to the OTP interactions.” – my thoughts exactly …

  3. him being the brightly burning sun and her being the cold soft moonlight — love it 😀

    I just had a thought: If Yang Myung does take Wol away from the palace and hide her away, isn’t anyone else reminded of what happened in the past with Prince Uiseong and Ari? Didn’t evil Grandma and evil Yoon use that relationship as an excuse to tell the previous King that his brother was using a shaman to conspire against him so that’s why they had to be executed? Gulp. I have a bad feeling about this.

    • OMG, u are so right in a way. the evil grandma might make this an excuse to hurt either Yeon Woo or Yang Myung (well, mostly Yang Myung). But I totally loved Yang Myung for shutting Grandma up in the previous ep 😀 but still, Grandma totally LOVES Wol bcz of her supposedly ‘powers’. but who knows what will happen. again, I’m hysterically craving for more and knowing the fact that I have to wait another week completely and utterly driving me NUTS -_-“

  4. HGI low energy? You must be kidding! I thought the performance was just right for her current condition…. she didn’t even know who she was?

    • what do you expect out of a person who has no memory after an aweful death….
      would you be sexually hungery n active as you were before death?
      Gimme a break …HGI is protraying her character with such great acting-Confused and knows no memory of after her death.
      how hard is that to figure?

  5. I think Han Ga In could do anything but ockoala would still complain about her! :-((

    As for the story of this drama… I don’t expect anything special from this drama cause we’re now half-through with it. But I still enjoy this drama cause I’m a romantic type of person! As long as Lee Hwon and Yeon Woo get together I’m happy. Of course the writter(s) could have done something really good… like taking the story from the novel as a setting and then build some meat around it. But they didn’t… so get over it.

    • Yes…
      She has an unreal expectation of what living humans’ without memory sexual chemistry is.
      Wol is NOT Yeon Woo’s same self AFTER DEATH n alive now. Coma living is a cobfused state to be in….leave alone trying to be sexually attractive….with a hot blooded sexually starving king for 6-7 years…..
      HGI is acting her character so well, at this point and time of her ressurection.

      • I just want to feel that there is this attraction between Hwon and Wol even though she does not think those memories are her own yet. Hwon did not know Wol was Yeonwoo in previous ep but he felt like she was like her in some ways and he felt attracted/pulled towards her and that can be seen by Kim Soohyun’s acting. A magnetic attraction but Wol does not seem to have that kind of chemistry, she is static while Hwon is showing us how torn he feels by his obsession with Wol. I know she doesn’t know who she is yet but still shouldn’t there be an unconscious at work and make her heart skip a beat when the king gives her such a longing glance, pulls her into his arms, pleads with her to tell him the truth? She has had several flashbacks of her previous memories and she must be feeling something but I don’t get that from her expressions and her eyes are big but can they not show us her emotions like JIW’s eyes? Look at KMS’s eyes, you can see her anger at being the one nearest to Hwon as his queen but not getting his love/ affection. Her fear of never getting Hwon’s love and her jealously at women who fawn over Hwon and expeirencing rivalary with Wol/YW. Note from the above, I don’t feel HGI’s presence as much as I do the other characters (both male and female). Where is the passion that made their childhood love (YW/Hwon’s) leave such a deep mark in their hearts that they were like soulmates and completed each other? Sorry for my long ranting.

      • nice rant 🙂

        I’d like to add that the reason why HGI is not doing any goods for me is that… everytime i get into the mood and tension in a scene… she was the one who cooled down that mood and tension by giving kind of lifeless stares..

        Like when KSH was stealing glances at her while she had the acupuncture.. we get a stare from HGI. When KSH pulled her TIGHT against his body holding her face in his hand… she just does a stare and when KSH whispers with much softness and sadness in his voice whether she really doens’t remember him.. we get that stare from her again…

        No offence, this is just how i feel about it.. but there should be more in acting than just that isn’t there?

  6. Many thanks for the recap!

    Sigh… although this is still my real time crack, i am watching for KSH mostly… just like Yeisha visually described it… HGI is doing just too much of her o_0… which pulls me right out of the tension that KSH builts. I feel like his efforts are really going to waste >:(

    So far, only the adult Hwon, Bo Kyung, princess MinHwa (although I find her character quite annoying), and Jansil (pretty random, but still) have been doing well to extraordinary well as successors of their child equivalents. JIW is getting closer to young Yang Myung but i still prefer the younger version…

    sigh, where is this heading? I find that i like reading the recaps and summaries of the book more than watching the drama cuz i can visualize the scenes myself with the right faces xD (of course with exception of what KSH has showed us… esp. in ep 10!!! …. i mean… @_@ kyaaaaaaaaAAaaaaaa!!!)..

    sticking around… but i guess i’ll just have to block HGI’s face when she’s pulling her (too) wide-eyed thing again xP

    • LOL HGI and her wide eyes…. Didncha know its her main look for all the major emotions she is trying to convey? sadness, fear, shock…. I think she might do that in romantic scenes too…. I am hoping that she will wake up at least when her character’s memories come back. So far, she has been completely overshadowed by Kim Yoo Jung (13 y/o YW)…

      • hehe no i’ve never encountered her before… and yeah she’s utilizing that look for almost every emotion she has to convey around KSH… it’s hard to find a screencap of those scenes without those eyes xD

        she killed it big time when KSH pulled her closer that intimately and esp. when he asked her whether she really doesn’t recognize him with such softness and sadness in his voice… I started to tear up, then saw her o_0 and was like -________-” and then ‘TT-TT … darn it she ruined it again’ ishhhhhhh

      • ah…i saw ep 10 with subs and the disparity between KSH and HGI’s acting is even more obvious knowing what was being said in the scene. seriously…when a hot-blooded man grabs you close to him like that and whispers “what do you think i will do now?” (rawr), you don’t just stand there with a blank O_O expression. it’s totally ruining the moment.

        i wonder what must be going through KSH’s mind while they are acting these scenes. or even the writers and PD. i know this may sound harsh but someone should talk to her and tell her that there are other ways to use your eyes (and facial muscles) to convey your feelings. or how about a quick acting workshop?

        the other alternative would be to have the writers switch gears and focus the story on the brothers, which could mean Yang Myung going against Hwon and all the heartbreak that will ensue. i don’t know, i’m grasping at straws here. (sigh)

      • hehe yeah i was wondering that too… mostly how it is for KSH to act your butt out and get such mellow reactions from your co-star…

        hahah and indeed how frustrating it must be for PD.. i guess at he certain point he’ll be like ‘*roles eyes* okay, let’s just go with this… sigh’. Ugh, again such a waste!

        hmmm the brothers going against each other will certainly create fireworks… hahah but that would be soooooooo sad… anywho… i guess it should head that way one way or another… i’m not complaining, but i can’t imagine the story to stay this thin…???

      • she is not in her normal state of mind yet.
        Let the vharacter evolve to what her living state is after her death please.
        Do not rush the sexual acting yet,

  7. KSH really nailed it for me in this episode… I felt like he and young Hwon were one in the same. I love his intensity. I’ve liked him since his small stint on WISFC but I didn’t really connect in DH. But here, I’m loving him… perfect for the role – and I agree with Ms Koala – he definitely the best written character.

    Finally, I am fully connected with YM and JIW’s performance. I was going back and forth with liking it and not and whether he hadn’t detached from his other characters yada yada… but I really felt his longing, his love, his sincere sadness over YW – and his strong desire to find her and protect her again.

    As for HGI – I still think she’s super pretty, really a perfect look for the part… I don’t know if it’s limited acting or weariness from cold etc… but I just didn’t feel anything from her when the King pretty much pulled her as close as she could be to him. Not confusion, not even a spark of anything. But this could all change as she figures out who she really is… I hope she steps it up a bit. I still like her a lot, just want her to up her game a bit as the boys are overrunning her. 🙂

    I do really hope that our Hwon is smart enough to figure out the whole memory loss thing. Clearly something happened to bring her back to life so it’s not far fetched to figure out memory loss. Same with YM… he has of all of them seems like a great investigator… and can put the pieces together.

  8. LoL!love ur analisis when u say left HGI to dry…the story is too good to be played by her..i’m so desperate to wish for her to be replaced..

  9. What is a great episode ending! I can’t wait till next week.

    I wonder how did Hwon and Yang Myung figure out wol is Yeon Woo in the novel? Can anyone that read the novel enlightened me.

  10. Remember when hwon visited yeon woo as she was saying he said that it didnt matter if she couldnt recognize/remember him as long as he does

  11. I think Han Ga In’s “dry” acting is just fine since her character in the story is still confused of her identity. I think it is only apt that she seems so reserved and “bland”, unlike the burning Kim Soo Hyun. Well, that’s just in my opinion. 🙂 10 or more episodes to go!!!! Let’s wait and see how her acting evolves as the story moves along. 🙂 CAN’T WAIT FOR EPISODE 11!!!!

    BTW, this drama really started my year right! The sad and heartwarming scenes of Kim Soo Hyun really tugs my heart and waters my eyes. When he’s happy, he lets out a really hearty laugh which makes me laugh as well. When he’s angry, I really feel his acting reaching through me beyond the screen. FIGHTING! 🙂

    • Ya, I understand what u mean about KSH’s acting reaching u thru the screens as I feel the same way! What a fantastic young actor he is. As for HGI, I don’t know about u guys but I feel that her voice makes her sound older than the character should be. Isn’t Yeonwoo/wol supposed to be like 20 years old in the show, I.e. 13 + 6 or 7 years since she lost her memory/identity? HGI’s voice somehow lacks “youth”, sweetness and at times, spunk (like her personality during childhood) and when she speaks in that monotone voice of hers, it feels like she is “older” than KSH. Oh well, I still love the storyline and can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction when they find out about Yeonwoo being alive. Especially Bokyung or theQueen mum who may just get a heart attack :-)!

  12. I have decided that Han Ga In’s lack of energy is due to her character’s loss of memory rather than her actiing ability. Therefore, I’m hoping when she gains her memory back, that her character’s previous spunkiness will return. That’s the hope, anyways.

  13. Thank you for the recap! Here’s my two cents on the criticism being laid on HGI’s acting: I believe HGI is doing a fine job portraying the role of Wol/human talisman along side the king, and that is of someone less than human, an inanimate object. Using Wol’s own words, she sees herself as someone lower than a slave, (useless) “pebbles on the side of the road,” and per her spiritual mother’s admonition that while she’s in the presence of the king, she is not to feel, see, hear or speak. Hmm, I must say I love the intellectual sparks that come forth between the king and Wol in the scenes where Wol defends herself for touching the king and where Wol explains the true meaning behind her letter of apology. This is where Yeon Woo’s character comes shining through. So much for not speaking and touching.

    Contrast her acting in the scene with Yang Myung (YM) in the paper store in particular where Wol displayed such warmth and care towards YM or when she confessed her confusion/despair as to her identity to Nok Yung because she can’t make sense of the memories and feelings that are returning to her (ep 10?). Just to name a few.

    I have seen HGI’s performance in other dramas/movies and shared the same concerns *prior* to Moon/Sun’s broadcast. Fortunately in Moon/Sun, HGI’s portrayal of Wol has not disappointed me. Keep up the greast work Moon/Sun cast and crew.

  14. Let me step back in here and clarify my critique of Han Ga In’s acting.

    1. No, it’s disingenuous and childish to allege that she can do anything and I will still find fault. Clearly I am not the only one having issues with her acting, and I did say that she was much better in scenes not involving Hwon, such as when she was with Seol, and to a lesser extent, Yang Myung. Try not to get so worked up as to be unable to differentiate my opinions in various contexts.

    2. I know she’s lost her memory. That does NOT mean her acting actually is good at conveying that. It is not. Acting vacant does not equal a person without a memory. Don’t tell me Wol spent her days wandering around lost, confused and scared during the intervening years. She seemed just fine living her life, a bit sad and lonely. but not totally deer-in-headlights every moment.

    Once she ran into Hwon and started getting her memory back, she’s supposed to be confused, scared, degraded. I understand what’s she’s supposed to be portraying, my critique is that she is NOT conveying even that properly. She has at most three different expressions that she rotates, and she doesn’t actually react to her co-stars. Sometimes it’s like she’s in her own scene and then it’s CGI’d in.

    3. I’ve given her 5 episodes to get into character. So far she hasn’t met the challenge. Her sageuk line readings have the proper cadence, but she’s lacking the emotional connection with her lines.

    4. If after she gets her memory back and she suddenly unleashes some seriously awesome acting, I’ll be the first to happily applaud that.

    5. I’ve seen ALL her dramas, and she’s mostly been dreadful to boring in them. With the exception of Bad Guy. I loved her in BG, and thought it was a breakthrough for her. Her acting was raw and real. She broke out of her doll like dispassionate tendencies and really nailed her character. And she had good to sizzling chemistry with her two male co-stars. I know what’s she’s capable of, and she’s taken a step back in MoonSun. I don’t know why.

    I know she’s capable of doing more than she is in MoonSun. Watch this and then compare it to her placid acting. It’s a different character, but she did play confused, scared, and degraded amazingly well in BG. As an FYI, this is a GW-JI MV from BG, which means it’s scenes of her with male lead Kim Nam Gil. Between her two co-stars, Han Ga In actually had even better chemistry with her other co-star Kim Jae Wook. So this is just the tip of the iceburg in terms of the rocking performance she delivered in that drama.

  15. Hi ockoala,

    Thank you so much for the recap. You may not hear often enough how grateful fellow English speakers/readers are to find recaps with engaging/educated comments…it’s a gift given to strangers…and deeply appreciated. 🙂

    then……4. If after she gets her memory back and she suddenly unleashes some seriously awesome acting, I’ll be the first to happily applaud that.

    oh gurl….I already went-off on 2 other forums about … the THIS…..◎_◎

    Don’t know if you’ve ever seen the Ben Stiller comedy *Zoolander*….but HGI has her own version of BlueSteel.

    I won’t go on~ (because I’ve already done so) but I would like to add one other comment: Song Jae Rim (adult Woon) *technically* is more of a model (at this point in his career) than an actor. His character is virtually wordless…beyond:
    Hwon: “Woon-ah…”
    Woon: “Highness, tell me your orders”

    YET….he conveys sadness, resolve, concern, duty, sparks of intellect…and MORE. His character is fully engaging even when he just gives a side-eye ~ ಠ_ಠ

    …so I’m not buying for one damned minute that memory-loss turns a person into a bug-eyed zombie. I want to ENJOY this drama…at this point I’ll accept if she just looks down a lot. …or better yet…steps up to the plate and makes Hwon swoon ~ (prays for it)

    • Ditto on what you said on Woon. He’s conveying emotions better than HGI does. It’s difficult to tell what the heck she’s thinking in Moon Sun. I feel like she doesn’t have good grasp on her character and for some reason she’s not being able to fully immerse herself in the character. Either that, or she doesn’t have the ability to act this type of character.

  16. Thanks for the recap!
    “Morning comes and Wol leaves, which is when Hwon immediately wakes up, clearly pretending to be asleep this entire time.”
    …And thus, eight hours of possible happy fun times disappear like Wol’s flowing white robe throught the closing door…
    What a waste of darkness and the beautiful male form that is KSH in royal pjs.

  17. why people doesn´t get upset to the princess minhwa she was the motive for the separation between the king and wol, and she knows everything that queen dowager as done to the wol when she as litle, and she has done anyting because she is a cold hearted bitch and selfish because of that hapiness to marry brother of wol she let the wol be sick and expelled from the palace and die after that and she keeps play inocent to her mother in law and is husband when she was the motive of faking dead of the wol. I hope in the end she would die and her husband will stay with that girl that was always with wol the body guard one she loves brother of wol too much and I thing that her brother once loved her but that princess bicth appear to disgrace everything. I hate so much that bitch

  18. ep12 the loft he won was the consort .bo kyung he won ;you would be happy to get what you want do for love ;
    a.hmeaman’d like .when everyone else would want this
    yang myun;i do not love me so if you want to come with me you can run away .out at any time .i do not know what i hate is the daughter if you want to escape.i will run awy with you
    bo kyung; not what to do .sire.hmeaman is a woman of god
    suddenly he pulled bo kyung in to the embrace .and said that .if you do not have possession of my heart .i would like ….well …for a wife like you i will not undress you for once..komapsumnida

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