Operation Proposal Ups the Heat and the Stakes with Some Major Kissing

So, uhm, that kiss shown in the preview for episode 11 of Operation Proposal? Yeah…..that turned out to be simultaneously hotter and sweeter than even the previews alluded to. Plus there was even more kissage than the scene they showed. My mind. Is blown. Mostly because K-drama kisses tend towards the anemic, and this one involved teenagers who showed that age is but a number. Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin totally PWNed adult actors twice their age in kissing like they mean it. But there was an undercurrent of uncertainty and a tinge of hesitation, which completely jibes with the characters ages and emotional confusion in this drama. Love it, and am here to share it. Good things simply must be shared.

OP episode 11 kisses:

And now that we’re done watching two gorgeous kids make out, let’s have a laugh at how awkward it must be to actually do a kiss scene in public with all the crew and cameras rolling. I applaud their dedication to their craft, and adore how they crack up afterwards. So. Cute.


Operation Proposal Ups the Heat and the Stakes with Some Major Kissing — 36 Comments

  1. Gosh, youngsters today! That sure made me blush. Although the girl in the second clip was a little unprepared for the kiss. The guy sure came on strongly.

    • Watched the first 3 episodes of the japanese version after watching the first 6 from the korean version. Verdict: the janasese version is crap! U should watch the korean remake, it’s waay better!

  2. I feel slightly pervy for watching these clips.. I was literally squealing haha and I haven’t even watched a single episode of OP!! PDs need to hire YSH to teach some A-listers on how to kiss like a man. And props to PEB for her part as well, no round eyed statue still for this girl!

    Whoever gets YSH in real life is one lucky girl, sighh

    • Lol I felt pervy for watching the youngster making out. It look too delicious. Darn YSH how did get so experienced in the art of kissing? lol. he is on par with some of my fave kissers….LMH…YEH … yes a she… Hehe

    • LOL I agree. I’ve seen pictures and clips of her “kissing” Daniel Choi (in The Musical) and Ji Jin-hee (in Take Care of Us, Captain), and she was terrible in it. She wasn’t terrible in BoF with Lee Min-ho though, I wonder why. I mean, I like this woman, but she needs to improve her acting skills if she wants to retain her fans.

      But I don’t think she’ll play a role in her new film; she’ll work as a director in it.

      • I agree! I thought all 3 of them were terrible (in BOF, PCAP & Musical). I’m guessing that they will be bad in AB as well. I’m thinking that they should leave them out all together, since they seem so awkward.

    • I agree 100%! I can’t stand her in her kissing scenes. Sometimes I wonder if she has this stipulation in her contract that she won’t do any open-mouthed, passionate kissing and just tight-lipped ones. Hehe. I just finished watching Take Care of Us, Captain. Her kissing scene with the main lead was such a disappointment. Her partner was so into it but she just stood there like a robot. (Or maybe she was made to act that way ’cause she was caught offguard.) That adorable little girl, Fluffy, acts better than she does. Sorry…

  3. SO, so cute and hot at the same time… Nice job!
    The BTS pic cracks me up: What comes to my mind: “I think we can drop the formal speech.”

  4. Very pretty girl + RAGING teen hormones = deep kissing (for those who remember being 19 and kissing someone you wanted to kiss) I also kept remembering the errmmm…natural reactions that happen in your body when those hormones are raging as a teen and how embarrassing that can be for a young man.
    Beyond adorable. Thanks for the super cute BTS pics!

    • Yes, I remembered my 19!!!!!!!!! waw! I could kiss my boyfriend for hours like this! What a real teenager kiss! The adults don’t kiss like this, they are more “serious”.

  5. Usually I hate spoiling things with the heat of a thousand burning suns, but I chose to click on this all by myself.
    What makes this kiss soooooooo sweet is the element of “Finally, finally, finally.”
    This kiss tells us everything about the years BH has held back, and how he let go of the regrets for doing so, and the relief they both feel about admitting the truth between them, finally.
    I love this show.

    • amen!

      Also, just a side note, but aren’t we getting “away” with these kisses because this is cable? Somehow, I don’t see the big 3 allowing unbridled un-brided passion in the young ……. at least not in our faces.

      • Yes, same with Flower Boy Raymyon Shop.
        Me, Too, Flower wasn’t cable, though. Don’t know how they got away with that.

  6. I love the second kiss more and I thank Koala for featuring this!!!!! ^^ watched the Jap version (though I watched the Jap version have endearing moments,loved the SP) I still think the korean is way better. Anyway, spoiler alert, this is the episode I look forward the most but ended up like the one I hate the most. Just like “Lie to Me” episode 8, cola kiss? yeah. But anyway! Wish you could add more behind the scenes pic for us to squeal at. Hmmm.. who wouldn’t fall for a guy who would kiss you like that? Another OTP I really wish would come true to real life.

  7. Ah, the advantages of cable! Not that I’m advocating that Korean television become as promiscuous as American TV has seemingly become, but you know, actually moving your lips when you kiss would be a nice step up from the awkward pressage that currently dominates.

    And way to go, YSH! So manly. I like that. ^_^

    • Me! Or rather i think they are just too comfortable with each because they have been together in too many projcts since they were kids. But i wonder if what ive heardif YSH really requested/recommended PEB to the role. It means he really want to work with her.

  8. that’s true. It is revealed during a fan meeting. More precisely it is the team of YSH that recommended PEB to the drama production team. So seems not only YSH but also his manager is happy to work again with PEB.

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