Ariel Lin Rumored to Join Feng Shao Feng in Period C-drama King of Lan Ling

It’s been a not-so-secret done deal for days now that Feng Shao Feng has been cast in the upcoming period C-drama Lan Ling Wang (蘭陵王 or the King of Lan Ling), which may be his swan song to dramas now that he’s hit it big and transitioning to the big screen. He’s not exactly who comes to mind when I think of the King of Lan Ling, one of the four most handsome men in ancient Chinese history. A masterful warrior, he led his army into battle and vanquished his foes while wearing a fearsome mask to hide his beauty. Every time I hear this legend I chortle. Anyways, my interest has now been dialed up to a bajillion thanks to the fact that rumors are trickling out that Ariel Lin will be the leading lady. Ariel? Back in a period C-drama? OMG, where do I sign up!

Apparently the second leading male is Daniel Chan, so it’s clearly the attack of the pretty boy battle going on in this drama. Heh. The King of Lan Ling’s name is Gao Chang Gong and he was a famed general and prince during the Northern Qi period. His legend painted him as a generous and loyal person, who treated his soldiers with care and respect. Hhhmmm, a handsome and kind warrior loverboy, I can totally get on board with that. The production will be holding a news conference on March 28th, which will confirm the final cast.

I desperately need a new C-drama to spazz about now that Da Mo Yao makes me want to poke my eyes out. I don’t think much is needed from Feng Shao Feng except look hot and pose prettily, which he can clearly do after I watched him be one of the few non-crappy things in the movie White Vengeance. And Ariel is just LOVE in a period C-drama. Now that she’s matured even more in her craft and image, I can’t wait to see what she brings to the table in a period setting. I. WANT. Please let this be true.


Ariel Lin Rumored to Join Feng Shao Feng in Period C-drama King of Lan Ling — 20 Comments

  1. Oh very good news indeed! I love Ariel Lin and King of Lan Ling is an awesome character. I hope this will be a great drama! I need something to distract me from the DMY mess.

  2. ariel in a period drama! *spazzes and dances giddily around room* cannot, cannot wait. i loved loved loved her in those TR productions of yesteryear with HuGe.

    between DMY and YZG’s Han dynasty and BBJX’s Qing dynasty…. koala-unnie, my high school chinese history teacher is going to love you. between your introduction to these wonderful pieces of chinese literature and your infectious enthusiasm, you’ve gotten me interested in certain slices of chinese history and literature, enough to actively go read up on those periods and background info of those novels- things i slept through during high school. she’s weeping bitter tears as i speak. my class was every teacher’s nightmare…
    while we’re on this topic, could you or any kind soul here please namedrop some other contemporary Chinese writers of TH’s generation?

  3. I have been keeping an eye on the trail of rumours about Ariel Lin joining this drama. This would most likely be her last TV drama before she leaves for the UK in autumn for her post-grad studies. I’m not that keen on Feng Shao Feng tho, although would be interesting to see the chemistry between Ariel and Feng Shao Feng. I surmised that the drama would be more male-centric, judging from Koala’s description above.

    But yahoo, Ariel to appear in a period drama after her last one way back in 2008. Can’t wait to see her more matured presence in the drama, just like how she delighted her audience with her mature transition in her last modern drama, In time with you..

  4. Dear Drama Gods, please let this be true! My heart broke when Ariel announced she wouldn’t be doing anymore dramas.

  5. I find FSF so ridiculously hot that I have no problem imagining him having to veil his face lest he blind his enemies with his beauty 😛 Yang Mi always came across as Mainland Ariel to me and I loved their pairing, so I think if Ariel does take this role, they will suit well together. Tbh, I will watch it whoever they cast though.

    Re: DMY. You are so right! I wasn’t wedded to the idea of Hu Ge as HQB or anything but the stills all look so cheap and ill-made and none of the main three look in any way appealing. I think I’ll be skipping that one, unless the reviews are real raves.

    • I am so with you on that one! FSF is HOT. I am so ready to see him with hair (he will have hair in this, right? Please?). I never finished JPLH but he was one of the highlights.

      If Ariel is in this I will definitely watch! It’s like getting an unexpected gift after having to accept that she was giving up dramas. I love her so.

  6. This would be awesome. I love Ariel in C-drama (Fairy and Legend of the Condor Heroes). I think she makes the characters relatable without coming off as a vase or trying too hard. I wish it was with Hu Ge or Wallace though. Please this be true.

  7. I thought I had to say goodbye to Ariel after her ITWY, but all cheers if this is true. When I heard about FSF’s drama some time ago I wasn’t gonna take it seriously because I don’t see him to be the type handsome enough to be such a big distraction in battlefield that he needs to wear a mask. lol But, if Ariel is in this I would watch it. FSF is alright looking. =) I really liked him enough in Gong to watch him inside Royal Harem which turned out to be a big disappointment (the drama).

  8. i really really hope someday Ariel and Joe Ching will have a drama or a movie. i miss them so muchhh!!! And im really hoping there will be ISWAK 3!!!! plsssssss

  9. I LOVE Ariel and she’s really the reason why I am super excited for this drama and also FSF is alright too. I quite like him, not love though. Can’t wait to see their chemistry.

    However, I am not sure if FSF is suitable for the role. He’s handsome but not hot. Like one of the post above, it is hard to imagine he needs to hide his beauty. lol…but then I guess it is difficult to find a super handsome guy who is well known and young. Hu Ge in his earlier days would definitely be suitable for this role imo. Anyhow, perhaps with the right hair and costume, FSF can pull this off (hopefully).

  10. i;m really happy that ariel lin is coming back on small screen. with the many fans of iswak
    i am also looking forward to their season 3, it is said that ariel lin did not accept to do it but lets all pray that it will pursue but there are rumors that joe cheng will go army hope they will finish it first before going army..
    hope for good health ariel lin i am one of your million fans love youu

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