Yu Zheng Reveals Possible Leads for his Drama Adaptation of Yun Zhong Ge

Look carefully. This might actually be the two leads for the OTP of the drama-adaptation of Yun Zhong Ge. I am honestly fine with this, LOL. Probably because the alternatives could be lot, A LOT, worse, considering the usual suspects Yu Zheng casts in his dramas. I tend to take Yumama’s casting leaks with a tiny bit more believability than Ladyboss, mostly because he doesn’t bandy about big names to lure interest when it’s patently clear those actors would never be in said drama. Since YZG is his to cast as he wishes, I’m pretty sure he’s not lying when he just confirmed on his weibo that Chen Xiao will be Ling gege. And since he had already announced that Yun Ge will be either Zheng Shuang or Zhao Li Ying, my personal preference between those two would be for the latter. And I think the latter has the advantage, since she’s currently filming Yumama’s Nu Xiang playing an OTP with Chen Xiao. If their chemistry is good, I bet Yumama will recycle them two for YZG. Unless Yumama is planning to cast Hans Zhang as Meng Jue, then I don’t see Zheng Shuang as a good fit for Yun Ge.

Above are Yumama’s weibo posts discussing the casting of YZG. It’s clear Yumama’s going younger in age with his cast, which is fine since the characters are in their late teens to early twenties. Who do you want to see between the two leading lady candidates?

Zhao Li Ying

Chen Xiao

Zheng Shuang

I think Chen Xiao is ready to play Liu Fu Ling, if the picture above is any indication. Acting-wise I’m not so certain, but looks wise he’s a good fit. Another reason why I think Yumama is definitely casting him as Ling gege is because he’s about play Lin Ping Zhi in Smiling Proud Wanderer, and I figure he’s paying his dues to Yumama and will be thus rewarded with a kickass character like Ling gege afterwards.

And last, but not least, the final name being seriously rumored for the other male lead is Du Chun as Meng Jue. I’m not sure how that would work since he’s almost ten years older than the other three potential leads, but acting-wise he’s not bad. Though he’s not how I envision the dashing and gorgeous Meng Jue. Tong Hua recommended him based on his aura. She has admitted that of ALL her males leads in ALL her novels, the two most handsome men are Da Gong Zhi and Meng Jue, but there is no actor who could be that handsome. So for her male leads, she goes for aura and attitude over looks.

YZG the drama doesn’t start filming until the Fall, so I don’t expect a final casting confirmation until this Summer, at the earliest.


Yu Zheng Reveals Possible Leads for his Drama Adaptation of Yun Zhong Ge — 19 Comments

    • Haha, my casting will NEVER EVER happen, so in the reality of things, it could be a lot worse. That’s why my casting is a happy dream casting. πŸ˜€

  1. I’m happy! I’m happy! They’re all fresh faces to me, but they’ll do. I like that he’s using younger faces. So I’m totally killing all thoughts of reading Yun Zhong Ge for now. I immediately went in to reading Yun Zhong Ge after finishing Da Mo Yao because I miss 9Y. lol Since I can’t understand mandarin, I just do the audbooks, but that version I found out after a few chaps that it was completely terribly condensed unlike the DMY audbook. I was thinking about waiting till you Ms Koala finish more chapters so I can marathon it. But now, I’m not going to read it even, I don’t want to dread myself through watching it if it turns out to be very unlike the book or anything. I’ll go and read it after watching it, that way I might not need to pull my hair while watching it. lol

    Right now I’m listening to Tong Hua’s “Promise Me a Forever” and almost done with that within 3 days, it’s sooooooo wonderful. I actually like it more than BBJX or DMY.

    • Once Promised is intense. And passionate. But doesn’t hold up on re-read at all. It’s like a passing thunderstorm. I like it for the OTP and for how she takes the Shang Hai Jing and plays around with it.

      • I like how you describe it as a passing thunderstorm. It feels like that to me too. I’m not one to reread anything. To me, each reread or rewatch the previous experience is replaced with the new experience and the overall experience diminishes.

        There’s no more Tong Hua book for me to read. lol Secrets Hidden by Time and The Time Never Back are both modern so not really my category. Have you read ζ’¦δΈ‰η”Ÿ’s ζ˜₯秋倧撦 or εε››ιƒŽ’s 三千鸦杀? Would you recommend either or what do you think is good?

      • I got it here: http://www.520tingshu.com/book/book1341.html

        But I won’t recommend. If you read chinese just read the book or if you don’t just read Koala’s translations. I’ve downloaded all of the Yun Zhong Ge audio books and they are all the same 2 radio readers. I think it’s because it’s a radio program so they condensed the chapters. It starts by following the book word by word with chapter 1-2, but starting on part 5 it just jumps so far I can’t even find where they went to. I think they jumped from chapter 2 to chapter 7 at least and there was alot of important parts between chapter 2 to chapter 7 if you read Koala’s translations. I don’t trust any audbooks that aren’t found on this site: http://www.cxt8.com/ I’ve come to the conclusion that if you find an audbook not here it’s likely that there’s something wrong with it.

  2. It’s night and day between Roy Qiu and Chen Xiao *sigh*. And I actually have a completely different image of Meng Jue (Yuan Hong, sigh again). I think your dream casting now ruins the drama adaptation for me. I love the look of Roy Qiu at the beginning of your Chapter 8 recap. Yeah, Ms. Koala, definitely ‘ruins’ it for me πŸ™ These 2 boys will forever be my Ling gege and Meng Jue. I am not even greedy to wish for HXM as Liu Bing Yi.

  3. I have zero interest in the drama adaptation. None of the possible actors is remotely close to how I imagine the guys. Even though the actors in Da Mo Yao drama (Hu Ge & Eddie Peng) aren’t like how I imagined too, at least I like the them, but in this adaptation, I don’t like any of the possible actors. I will probably not watch it when it airs because I don’t want preserve my images of Ling Ge Ge and Meng Jue.

  4. im so excited. lOl πŸ˜€

    to be honest. when i was reading da mo yao i’ve imagined zhang han as HBQ and Zheng Shuang as Jin Yu (maybe because they are pretty young characters in the book) but in the drama they are older. Im pretty torned about the age casting in the drama adaption of da mo yao.

    But dang this casting is pretty good. Chen Xiao HOTT!!

  5. I like the fresh faces…except for the potential Meng Jue…according to the book…isn’t Meng Jue younger then Ling GeGe???…but the potential Meng Jue looks a lot older then Liu Fu Ling

  6. I think Chen Xiao and either girls fit the look of Ling gege and Yun Ge. I’m not too sure about Du Chun as MengJue though. I actually love him since watching “Rent a girlfriend home for new year” but I do think that he looks much older than the other casts, so I’d rather he not take the character. C-netizens are pretty vicious about the looks business and they may tear him apart, no matter how good he acts, since you know everyone knows MengJue as this super handsome guy. But I love how Tong Hua recommended him….LOL

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