First Look at Lee Byung Hun and Han Hyo Joo in Sageuk Movie I am the Joseon King

I never thought I’d see Lee Byung Hun in a sageuk. In his twenty year acting career, he hasn’t done either a drama or movie period role, while most of his peers have at least tried one or two out for size. I think he’s a fantastic actor so it’s not for lack of ability to channel the gravitas necessary for a period role. Perhaps he hasn’t found the right role or script, and now he has in the upcoming I Am the Joseon King co-starring Han Hyo Joo. It’s a Korean re-telling of the Prince and the Pauper fairytale, with Lee Byung Hun playing both the role of the King and his commoner doppleganger. The first stills for the movie easily convince me Lee Byung Hun is going to bring it, though Han Hyo Joo seems to have just wandered over from the set of Dong Yi, still with the same expression she carried around as that character. 


First Look at Lee Byung Hun and Han Hyo Joo in Sageuk Movie I am the Joseon King — 16 Comments

  1. I am so excited for this movie since I have a bias towards Han Hyo-joo. She may not be the best actress, but she has that charm which makes me really like her…

    • yeah…i kinda agree with you on that….he does looks villainy 🙁

      I luv LBH….he is my one and only Korean male crush of all times *dreamy* lolz

  2. The age gap just worries me, if there is no chemistry it will just be awkward.
    Han Jyo Hoo is very very cute but what’s with the pairing with her and much older men, get her to act with someone her own age.
    I think a stronger actress like Son Ye Jin would have been a better choice, and I’ve always wanted LBH and her to work together.

  3. Wow… Did he lose weight… However, he look awesome… I can not wait to see him in Gi Joe 2 this summer… =D I hope he come back to drama land to do a saejuk. Happy Easter Koala Unni!!! =D

  4. Hehe… I want to see him in a sageuk drama too. But I know that he’s a big movie star so movies it is – glad to see him in a sageuk finally. HHJ – she is really hit or miss for me. I don’t think she’s a really strong actress either, but I think she can bring it… she has a really cute smile so it always draws me to her. I thought she had cute chemistry with JJH so I think she can have good chemistry with LBH too.

  5. LOL at your comment about HJJ’s Dong Yi spill over. So true. She does have that one dimension facial expression in every drama that I’ve seen her in.

  6. Holy crackers! I would have bet almost anything that the Bad was one of those actors who looks best in modern clothes (see Uhm Tae Woong, as an example) but nope. That is one nice looking photo right there.

  7. LBH is a great actor – there is no denying it but somehow I just cannot like
    HHJ … I’m sorry to all the fans but … Na … Not her … I’ve got the trauma since Spring Waltz … Though I did watch BL – I really like the story line but she always have same expression on screen – just like Goh Hye Sun .. Donno …
    I wanna see Yoon Eun Yeah pleaseeee & Song Hye Gyo …I reckoned they will be breathless in saeguk !!!

  8. honestly, I wanna watch this movie because of Han Hyo Joo.
    I think her acting is so natural and honest, she potray all roles that she had play nicely, not excessive like others.
    For me, honest acting from the actors or actresses will lead you to enjoy the movie or drama.
    I’m optimist that she’ll prove her strong character in this movie!!! ^^
    thank you Koala eonni for sharing this..

  9. But seriously, what do u guys expect from a sageuk? U cannot blame the actress or actor for not bringing out the varied expressions found in modern dramas..
    And for goodness’ sake, pls don’t criticize HHJ unless u can act better than her..

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