The King 2 Hearts Episode 10 Recap

I’m sorta speechless at the doozy of an ending to episode 10 of The King 2 Hearts. I can’t believe the writers went there, and expect me to be all verklempt at how it’s going to create all this emotional angst. I’m all for emotional angst, and I think Jae Ha and Hang Ah have tons of organic angst to mine without needing to deal with completely obvious plot twists for the sake of being a plot twist. I loved how this episode was Jae Ha-centric as he deals with trying to solve the mystery of Club M and stepping up against his known adversary Bong Goo. Jae Ha continues to be that odd combination of smart but slightly immature, so he’s better equipped to deal with crazy Bong Goo than straight-laced Jae Kang.

It’s no longer a question that Jae Ha and Hang Ah love each other, but right now each feels like their love can’t transcend the greater political divide between them. If they can’t even weather one bad patch caused by Hang Ah being doubted, how can they deal with a lifetime of bumps and bruises? I want them to work through obstacles and tribulations, but not ones that are purposely planted. Unlike a bomb going off out of the blue, shocking and thrilling to behold, I felt like the final plot twist at the end was the writers planting a very obvious landmine and then having neon signs leading up to it. I dislike being led by the nose, but what I love about TK2H remains stellar and I’ll just have to swallow this and move on.

Episode 10 recap:

Jae Ha informs Secretary Eun, with other officials present, that Kim Hang Ah is returning to North Korea. He looks upset still, but doesn’t offer any reasons. Dude, Jae Ha-ya, she’s not a fish you can just throw back in the ocean.

Queen Mother and Jae Shin hear the startling new that Hang Ah is returning to North Korea. Mother is shocked while Jae Shin is furious and wants to go talk to her brother. LOL, I love their incredulous expressions. It totally screams “Oh shit, what did he do NOW?”

Secretary Eun sits down with Hang Ah to discuss this matter. He candidly says that he was against this marriage in the first place, and doesn’t think its possible now for Hang Ah to ever be the Queen. But if Hang Ah has confidence in making it work, he’ll help her. Hang Ah replies that she’s just an ordinary girl (no no honey, you are an extraordinarily awesome woman, don’t sell yourself short) who wants to spend her life with the man she loves.

Right now she finds South Korea frightening to her, and the position of the fiancée to the King equally frightening. She thinks Jae Ha resents her now as well. Secretary Eun confirms that Hang Ah does want to go home as well, and he agrees to contact the North to arrange for her return.

When Hang Ah is leaving the Palace, Jae Shin sends her off outside. Hang Ah tells Jae Shin that when she was in Jeju with Jae Ha, she once told him that if their two hearts are as one, they can overcome anything. But now she doesn’t think that is the case, and her previous misconception was merely her arrogance. Jae Shin tells Hang Ah to come back when North-South relations improve. Hang Ah apologizes to her and leaves.

Jae Ha walks through a portrait gallery with the Prime Minister and other officials. He looks at pictures of Jae Kang, and then pauses to stare at a picture of a smiling Hang Ah. Afterwards, when Jae Ha is in the car going somewhere, he looks out the window and stares at a cloth banner hanging on the side of a building with him and Hang Ah on it.

Jae Ha gets chewed out by his mother. Queen Mother tells him that Hang Ah has left, so does he feel better that his life has returned to normal? Why does he do this? Jae Ha retorts that he’s just following his mother’s advice not to trust people too much. The Queen Mother shares her own marital arguments with Jae Ha, telling him that couples fight and finds ways to hurt each other. But they never say break up, because that’s the final line of defense, the point of no return. So who asked to break up? Was it Hang Ah, because if its her, then mom won’t forgive her either. Jae Ha’s face clearly shows that he was the one who initiated the break up.

His mother tells him that he cannot give up like this. She asks if Jae Ha sent Hang Ah away because she hurt him? Mom calls Jae Ha trash for behaving this way, and Jae Ha’s reaction to the word “trash” makes clear to his mom what happened. How can he send her away just because she called him trash? Everyone around here already knows he’s trash the way he used to live his life. If he does this, then he really is still trash. OUCH, but you go Mommy! In that case, even the most yucky trash is definitely better than Jae Ha at this point. Mom finishes by pointing out that Hang Ah would not be calling Jae Ha names when she spent that very day testifying at a public hearing and saying nice things about Jae Ha. When Jae Ha asks what she said, mom’s shocked he didn’t even watch it all, and tells him to watch it himself.

Hang Ah is told that she needs to leave behind all the South Korean items given to her. Oh no no no. If the guy ends the relationship, the girl gets to keep all the baubles. It’s a cardinal rule of break-up 101. Hang Ah goes to a room to change, and she sits down and slowly takes off all her jewelry, which she leaves on the table. We see her slip out of her shoes as well.

She changes back into her pretty pink hanbok that she wore when she first came to South Korea. How fitting. Hang Ah hands her passport to the custom’s agent, who stamps it to show she’s officially left South Korea. Her dad comes with a coterie of North Korean officials to pick her up. When she sees him, she pulls him aside and then cries on his shoulder. They are simply a perfect pair of father-daughter.

Jae Ha watches Hang Ah’s public hearing, the parts he missed. Hang Ah is asked if she considers herself a North or South Korean at this time. Hang Ah doesn’t answer this question but reveals that she’s always fighting with Jae Ha. When they first met, he told Hang Ah that she wasn’t a woman in his eyes. They fight and make up, and each time she falls deeper for him. Even now, he makes her heartbeat faster. She jokes that this probably means she likes bad boys.

Even though there are times when she gets angry, but none of that is important. Through their bickering, they’ve gotten to know each other, and they can even anticipate what retort the other person is going to come up with. Sometimes its hurts when she considers that she likes him more than he likes her, but ultimately that’s not important. This love is what’s important, and if she can stay by the side of the man she loves, then she’s very happy. If they are asking about her identity, her political alliances, then she has no answer for that. She is simply a woman who has a man in her heart. Jae Ha’s eyes are red after he watches this, and he puts his head in his hand. If you miss her, then don’t let her go you numbskull.

Jae Ha sits in front of the computer and continues trying to crack Jae Kang’s password. He tries a string of food items and gets nowhere. He grows frustrated and starts yelling at his brother, He knows he’s messed up and it’s all his fault. Jae Shin goes to chew out her brother some more. It’s so cute that she has a perch on her wheelchair for her bird. Jae Shin asks isn’t he the King now? Doesn’t he know he has great power? What he needs to do now is find the real culprit. Otherwise Hang Ah will be an old halmoni by the time she comes back. Jae Ha retorts that he’s the King now and he needs to place his royal duties first above all else.

Jae Ha goes to a meeting for South Korean sports, which triggers a memory. Jae Ha thinks back to the past when he and Jae Kang watched the South Korea football team play in the World Cup. They are so cute together, and sniffles I miss Jae Kang and the bromance. Jae Kang has faith that their team can still score in the five minutes remaining. Jae Kang cheers on their team with the standard South Korean cheer “Dae Han Min Guk” and then clap three times.

Jae Ha tries out this password, which finally works when Jae Ha does the cheer and claps three times. Jae Ha begins to watch Jae Kang’s video diaries, which are all filmed as if Jae Kang to speaking to his deceased father. The first entry has Jae Kang excited that he’s gotten the North and South together to cooperate for the WOC. Such a momentous achievement and he’s really proud to tell his dad.

Jae Ha watches the video diaries late into the night. In the subsequent video, Jae Kang rails at Jae Ha’s bad attitude in not wanting to do the WOC, followed by hearing that Jae Ha used SNSD to play a prank on a North Korean soldier. The following entry has Jae Kang all proud and excited that Jae Ha completed the WOC 8 hour hour run and has come back. Now all that is left is to get him married. Jae Kang shows pictures of candidates to the camera, but then he grabs Hang Ah’s picture and says she’s his favorite choice. She’s from the special ops team so that must mean she endured a lot of difficulty to get there.

Jae Kang then tells his dad about the objection to the engagement from the public, and having to deal with Club M. Didn’t his dad say that someone without basic concepts of common sense shouldn’t even be considered an opponent. But now this crazy person has caused a bombing. He has no principles, no rules of engagement, and has now threatened Jae Kang. He’s said that he is the real King, and for Jae Kang to worry about his safety. But Jae Kang cannot let this person scare him.

Jae Ha goes to pull up files on Club M and confirms that the entity is in truth trafficking in illegal arms trade. He tells Secretary Eun to arrange a meeting with Bong Goo. Jae Ha looks at a pen and finally remembers the stabbing incident from childhood, and Bong Goo writing “I am KING” on the frosted window pane.

When Bong Goo is told that the King wants to see him, he gets all giddy, asking of Jae Ha finally remembers him? He’s so crazy he laughs that this is making his heart beat faster. He jokes that perhaps he’s in love with Jae Ha? OMG, ewwwwww.

Bong Goo meets with Jae Ha and starts with pleasantries. Jae Ha cuts to the chase, saying that there are rumors that Club M is involved in King Jae Kang’s death. Jae Ha then plays coy, saying that it can’t be, Club M is just a insignificant little company. He continues downplaying Club M’s ability and clout, until he succeeds in ruffling Bong Joo’s feathers.

Bong Goo then tells Jae Ha everything. Okay, he takes stupid villain to whole new levels of stupidity, though it makes sense because his motive is to make Jae Ha remember and fear him. He tells Jae Ha that he orchestrating the carbon monoxide poisoning (“I took care of Anmyungdo” are his exact words). That makes him very powerful, and completely different than a puppet like Jae Ha who needs to join the WOC and have a North-South alliance marriage. Bong Goo’s reason for killing Jae Kang was his refusal to let Bong Goo into South Korea.

Bong Goo derides Jae Ha as a fool, drinking and living pointlessly his entire life. Jae Ha isn’t cowed and tells Bong Goo that he remembers now. Didn’t Bong Goo write something on the window? I am Tom? I am John? Jae Ha corrects himself and confirms that its his Korean name Bong Goo. So did he write his Korean name then? I am Bong Goo? Jae Ha dismisses Bong Goo having written that he was the king, which further pisses him off. Props to Jae Ha mentally playing Bong Goo, but damn if I’m not worried he’s just poking a rabid dog and more danger is ahead.

Jae Ha places a call to Shi Kyung and tells him to go to the front of the Palace. There is a lunatic there that they need to immediately capture or kill. Shi Kyung and Dong Ha go running to apprehend Bong Goo, who is spitting man and raging at Jae Ha still. He leaves on a helicopter. Secretary Eun calls Shi Kyung and says not to do anything.

Jae Ha tells Secretary Eun that Bong Goo has confessed to him that he was responsible for killing the King. Secretary Eun reminds Jae Ha that he is now the King. Secretary Eun tells Jae Ha that Club M is so rich and powerful that it’s not easy to rattle them. Jae Ha asks if he has to stay put and do nothing them? Secretary Eun tells Jae Ha there is a way. The joint WOC team and the North-South marriage alliance is what prompted Club M to act. Which means that the strengthening of ties between the North-South is what upsets Club M.

Right now there is nothing to do about the WOC, and Jae Ha has personally wrecked the changes of a marriage with a Northerner. Secretary Eun apologizes for what he’s about to say, which is that he doesn’t believe Jae Ha has the power to avenge what happened. Jae Ha always just talks but has never taken concrete action. When Jae Ha has the confidence that he can handle the WOC and the North-South marriage alliance, then Secretary Eun will be waiting to assist him.

Shi Kyung hears this and asks his dad afterwards what is Club M, and it caused the death of King Jae Kang? Secretary Eun tells his son to just do his job. Shi Kyung stands up for Jae Ha, saying that his dad shouldn’t dismiss Jae Ha as someone without ability. He simply does things differently than his father, the late King. Shi Kyung lived with Jae Ha before and knows his true nature.

Jae Ha asks Jae Kang if he is really useless and has no ability? Shi Kyung finds Jae Ha, who wonders if he’s here to say the same things as his dad. Shi Kyung says no, he’s here to unconditionally support whatever the King weants to do. Shi Kyung believes in Jae Ha, and tells him not to be shaken by what others say or be too sensitive to what he hears. He knows that Jae Ha choose to live a easy life because he knew the reality that he won’t be the King. Shi Kyung encourages Jae Ha top step out of the shadow of his former life. He knows there is a lot of pressure on Jae Ha, but to Shi Kyung, Jae Ha is already the most capable King in the world.

Secretary Eun sits in his office and writes down his meeting with Daniel Craig. I hope he’s keeping track of all the shit he’s not telling everyone so it all gets revealed even if he bites the dust later on down the road. Bong Goo calls Secretary Eun to tell him to keep helping them since he’s already taken a bribe before. Secretary Eun hangs up on Bong Goo, which pisses him off.

Jae Ha drinks with Shi Kyung, and I’m loving every moment of their developing bromance. MOAR please. Jae Ha wonders what to do about Club M. The first thing is to find out as much about their operations as possible. Jae Ha and Shi Kyung set up a code name for this project called “Bong Goo.” Shi Kyung asks Jae Ha to please understand where his dad is coming from. Jae Ha does understand, its not easy assisting the royal family for the past 30 years. Then conversation changes to Hang Ah, with Jae Ha wondering what to do about the situation with her. I dunno, get your ass North and grovel at her feet?

Hang Ah’s dad is picking Hang Ah up, and it turns out that daddy got Hang Ah’s old friend/crush from episode 2 to take her out to cheer her up. Hang Ah doesn’t look cheered up and just gets into the car, telling him to hurry up, she wants to go home now.

She grumbles at her dad doing this, since there are plenty of people who would want her. Does he think she’s an embarrassment now? Her dad quickly apologizes and says this is not what he meant. Her dad reminds Hang Ah that she wasn’t officially engaged, so she didn’t lose a fiancée, she just lost a royal family from South Korea. Hang Ah isn’t feeling well and just wants to go home.

Dong Ha is now in charge of Jae Shin’s security detail as Shi Kyung is now investigating Club M for Jae Ha. Jae Shin needs to be moved from the hospital but outside there are swarms of reporters. She refuses to leave unless the media is sent away. Dong Ha asks Shi Kyung for help getting her out under a disguise.

Shi Kyung and Dong Ha managed to smuggle the Princess out, but along the way two black cars have an accident right in front of them and they are forced to stop. Dong Ha and Shi Kyung get out to check the situation, leaving Jae Shin alone in the car. Suddenly a shadow appears behind her in the rear window, and Jae Shin turns around to see Bong Goo’s skanky assassin staring at her through the window. Jae Shin looks scared.

Hang Ah’s starts to have stomach pains. She takes some pain medication but collapses in the kitchen, but she manages to call her dad. At the hospital, her dad is waiting anxiously for news. The doctors come out and say that Hang Ah is fine, but she’s lost the baby. It’s a very early term pregnancy, with the baby at just one month gestation period.

Jae Ha is giving his mother a massage and watching K-dramas when Secretary Eun comes rushing in to change the channel. It’s an English news report that Kim Hang Ah, the fiancée to the South Korea King Lee Jae Ha, has suffered a miscarriage. Cut to the official North Korean report on the miscarriage, theatrically chastising the King of South Korea for abandoning his woman and not even knowing that a baby has been lost. The North Korean announcer says this is a grave insult to the daughter of the North Kim Hang Ah, and that the King of South Korea is lower than a pig or a dog for his callous treatment of Hang Ah. The Queen Mother is stunned, wondering how this could be since the couple had separate rooms. Jae Ha just stares in silent shock as he processes this news.

Thoughts of Mine:

I hate it when pregnancy plots are used to generate angst. I disliked the evidence planting plot in episode 9 because it was clunkily executed, but it made sense and was part of the narrative as to what Bong Goo was planning in terms of keeping North and South apart. This pregnancy humdinger feels so manufactured. We don’t need a lost baby between Hang Ah and Jae Ha to intensify their feelings for each other or give him an impetus to bring her back. Jae Ha would get there regardless.

I thought them sleeping together in episode 8 felt natural, but once again the execution was all wonky. He’s hurt, he desires her, she loves him, she’s there for him + two consenting thirty year old adults = natural bedsheet tumbling. But now it feels like it was done just to get a baby in Hang Ah so that she can lose it. I feel unnecessarily manipulated. Perhaps this is the K-drama dictate that all episodes must end on some HUGE plot moment. In which case, I miss the sincere narrative fluidity of the earlier episodes, and hope it comes back.

I continue to love TK2H, and the few plot blips I’m noticed haven’t lessened my interest in this drama. I’m fine with Hang Ah and Jae Ha spending most of this episode apart, though less Secretary Eun and Bong Goo would have been much appreciated. I’m glad most of the secrets are out in the open, though Bong Goo’s sheer lunacy in confessing he offed Jae Kang to Jae Ha was really out of left field. It’s a cool plot twist, and I prefer it rather than some sort of mystery solving mission being undertaken. Now Jae Ha, with Shi Kyung’s support, will need to find out all he can about Club M so that he can prepare to take it down.

Hang Ah did turn a tad weepy and morose in this episode, but I can’t blame her since her guy just pushed her far far away from him. Coupled with the stress of being a Northerner in South Korea, she’s clearly emotionally battered. While I miss the warrior Hang Ah from the WOC training days, at least the drama establish early on that she is girly when off duty and innocently desiring love despite being a love moron when it comes to guys. So her reaction now at falling for Jae Ha but believing this relationship has failed does ring true. Emotionally she’s not as strong as she is physically or mentally.

I’m glad the awesome side characters continue to get solid screen time. Hang Ah’s dad is just a great father and I’m glad she has his unwavering love and support. I wanted to high five the Queen Mother for chewing out Jae Ha for his knee jerk reaction to send Hang Ah away just because she said something hurtful that was nevertheless true. Jae Shin also gets props for being a voice of reason to her brother, and for her ability to deal with her paralysis with such inner strength. Finally Shi Kyung is pulled into the center of things, and being Jae Ha’s right hand man in investigating Club M will surely mean more opportunities to interact in the future. While I dislike the pregnancy-miscarriage plot device, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how Jae Ha responds to that in the next episode.


The King 2 Hearts Episode 10 Recap — 121 Comments

    • I watched this raw and so I didn’t understand what was going on except for the ending when they mentioned that she had miscarried, wow! The hurt to both leads (and its consequences) is now deeper and the hurt to both countries as well. How does Jae Ha gets himself out o this one, and how does he fix it?
      I am wondering if he will grovel to prove his love to HA and if he does, how much of it he will do to prove his sincerity, although, to be honest, I think they are both equally guilty in the misunderstanding in episode 9. I think she went too far in calling him trash (although I can understand why) and he went too far in sending her back just because of it. (I wonder if his brother would have approved, I am thinking maybe not).
      I saw that you didn’t recap ep.3 and 4, was that on purpose? I haven’t read your recap of ep. 5 so you might have explained it there…

  1. Thank you!!! I thought you couldn’t bring yourself to recap this episode because of too much angst. Your the best Koala! I don’t know if they will ever be together after the miscarriage angst because usually this is a deal breaker in a relationship. I’m speechless and trying to think how can they be together again after this… It will be hard to insert humor in all of this. I feel like they will be together again in maybe the last 2 episode just like most of the drama. I feel like after this it will be all about doubt and trust and forgiveness issues. I still love K2H but how can they be lovey dicey after this? Do you have any theories? Insight on how this drama will play out? I don’t think I can watch this. Then I read in one of the comments that there is an engagement invitation to the public?! Can this be true? So sad for this weeks episodes…

  2. Thank you!!! I thought you couldn’t bring yourself to recap this episode because of too much angst. Your the best Koala! I don’t know if they will ever be together after the miscarriage angst because usually this is a deal breaker in a relationship. I’m speechless and trying to think how can they be together again after this… It will be hard to insert humor in all of this. I feel like they will be together again in maybe the last 2 episode just like most of the drama. I feel like after this it will be all about doubt and trust and forgiveness issues. I still love K2H but how can they be lovey dicey after this? Do you have any theories? Insight on how this drama will play out? I don’t think I can watch this. Then I read in one of the comments that there is an engagement invitation to the public?! Can this be true? So sad for this weeks episodes…

    • My thoughts are that she will return much sooner than that and together they will kick Bong Goo ass. And Jae Ha will grovel at her feet!

  3. My head is in the mess and my heart in the throat.So many questions. Let’s begin…
    I love writer isn’t drag with Who killed the king.., but what was with Mayer (I killed your brother), was he provoked or he just bragged? What he’ll do with JS?
    I love the way KHA left, if you need to leave, leave with pride…What will she do now? She won’t just seat at home, and cry all night.., is she gonna investigate Club M, and have her revenge, will she meet JH after all, will she go back as nothing huge happen?
    And her father, so sweet man.., will he allowed his daughter to mourn, or he’ll snap her out, is he gonna meet JH and stand for his daughter?
    What North gonna do, will this tear up everything what JK had done?
    Finally, will JH try to meet KHA, will he think she know about baby and didn’t tell him, his brother wanted baby girl, but JH baby is dead?
    P.S. Eun, is he trying to keep Royal family alive, by turning head on other side, while money is invested, donated? Or he’s having secret agenda, and just using Mayer?

  4. HA looked so fragile when she was leaving. I feel like JH right away regretted sending HA back home. aww, even his mum n sister called him trash. What the heck?!! Leave ma boi alone!! And, that JH’s toast attempt gone fail was funny. It was heartening that SK has JH’s back…..yayyy, for bromance!! How funny that one the person JH is jealous of, RE: HA, he inquires about HA from him!! heh

    Am I the only who thought JH looked slightly manic after BG confessed to killing his bro?!! That entire sequence b/w JH and BG was awesome!! yeah, we really didn’t need the pregnancy since I felt JH feels soo strongly towards HA that he’d be hauling his ass to NK so this machination feels like an extraneous factor that’ll push him to pursue her. ughhh!! Nonetheless, I liked the pacing of this episode. I quite enjoy that the BG score adds to the tension! I am not stressed about their rel’p….it’ll happen next week. My only request is that the writers make their reunion frickin’ boomtastic!! PLEASE.DON’T.DISAPPOINT!! Ohh, and the groveling….

    • Am wondering if we’ll have Seung-gi sing for the OST? The makers should reap the benefits….imma lose it if (when?) the King will serenade his fiancee!! *fans self* I thought it was swoon-worthy when he visited her chambers with breakfast in Ep 9, albeit donuts, so this’ll definitely raise the romance dial.

  5. Have been waiting for this all day and just read it. I actually wasn’t expecting that miscarriage but now that you mention it, I should have expected it! *sigh*

    Thanks for the wonderful recaps :D:D

  6. I agree with you that there was no need for the pregnancy (and maybe sex), feels so redundant in the end. I was expecting baby to be used as a link to bring OTP back together, and if a miscarriage happens it would be directly due to Bong Gu to up the revenge factor. Well if it isn’t that way I would rather the miscarriage happens now (in dramaland) than being dragged out for nothing.

    Loving the one to one dialogues between all parties for this episode, though this wouldn’t be popular with people looking for fast moving plots.

  7. i knew this week is going to be harsh like Alaska’s winter, but heartbreak is still raining over me. Ice cream plus chocolate plus sweat pants are not going have any effect on the waiting til next Wednesday, but i run through them anyway.

  8. thanks so much for the recap- that was fast! i totally agree with everything you said- kinda hate/love the pregnancy thing but can’t wait to see jae ha’s reaction next week.

  9. During the recording, Ha Ji Won was asked to choose her favorite actor amongst the many she had worked with throughout her career. Ha Ji Won chose Lee Seung Gi, with whom she is currently shooting ‘The King 2 Hearts‘, gathering much interest from the viewers and those around her.

    In addition, Ha Ji Won admitted that the refrigerator kiss scene that she filmed with Lee Seung Gi as the most memorable kiss scene, drawing envy from the other female guests on the program.×1290.jpg

  10. I guess I’m going to get into a habit of coming from left field and try to justify this drama…but here are my “two cents.” [Love for a drama does strange things, justifiably or not. ;)]

    The miscarriage was absolutely manufactured, but I think that the fact that the entire public knowing about the fact that they had slept together at some point forces Jae Ha to act upon his rift with Hang Ah. Otherwise, I think that Jae Ha will simply throw the problem under the rug (awful, I know) like he did when Jae Shin confronted him about Hang Ah leaving. I just hope that doesn’t mean that Jae Ha needs external stress to recognize that he needs to PROMPTLY deal with his problem with Hang Ah.

    • That’s awful, on top of all her emotional pain a miscarriage might break her. I hope he doesn’t ignore the issue, it would close her off from him and make it harder to get her back. Plotwise, this week’s episodes were good tests for Jae Ha and although his emotions led him to make some huge mistakes, he rises to the challenge of the king’s burdens and Bong Gu.

      I hope the writers are not affected by the ratings turn, as all three broadcasting dramas at the time slot are very similar in ratings and I would hate for this to lower the quality of the drama by generating more weird plot turns.

      • I’m opting this: I hope the writers are not affected by the ratings turn, as all three broadcasting dramas at the time slot are very similar in ratings and I would hate for this to lower the quality of the drama by generating more weird plot turns.

        Really, sometimes the pressure of rating force the writer to make instant story and well…until now… I think I never like that half baked story, better sticked with initial script. First thought usually the right one, doesn’t it? Well, my experience in exam told me so 😀

      • Actually the miscarriage may affect the ratings – and not in a good way. Women don’t like this stuff, it’s painful! why did they choose this path? I hate it! (I did not have any miscarriage, but I have friends with this problem :(( )

        The evil plot gets better from the closeness to the king, I can watch it now (in the first 9 eps I kept ff those scenes, did I loose anything? ).
        John Mayer is the same villain from TWDR, but he was better written in that drama.
        In fact, K2H has some similitude with TWDR for the political plot – a crazy man who wants to be the king, even if he has no “legal right”, a young king with (self) respect problems, a loyal bodyguard. Aigoo, how I miss king Sejong. Please make JH as smart as “his ancestor”.

  11. Dear Koala, thank you so much for the great recap!

    What I love about this drama is its (very) nonconventional but truthful way of characterization. All the characters do something unexpected but then when you have time to digest, totally reasonable and plausible. Like Hang Ah’s losing heart and spat with Jae Ha, like Jae Ha’s losing temper and chickening out. This is reality. So no easy solutions and free lunches.

    Even the most fanciful character of them all – Bong Gu, his revealing of the crime is both surprising but totally in character. I mean this guy just screams LOOK AT ME! And I was so affected by the fact that Jae Ha really cannot do anything else other than to gnaw BG (alas only verbally) and deprive him of his satisfaction.

    And I love, love Eun Senior’s way of handling himself. You can disagree with what he does to Hang Ah or how he feels about Jae Ha. But again I have to give it that this guy has reasons to do all those. Jae Ha is a wastrel and Hang Ah is unproven and a political burden to the royal family. Can anyone argue with that?

    Since I have so much respect for the writers, I am going to reserve judgement on that seemingly meaningless pregnancy and miscarriage. I honestly hope it is not just a plot cliche. But even if it is, I am far too gone in caring the fate of our couple, nay, in the fate of every character, to turn back.

    • Ooh…we can run the “searching for father” character analysis on BG…It so fits! He just wants attention that he never really got from his father, who had initially abandoned him.

      • Yeah, its weird, killing people for the sake of attention, but the idea of compensating for the loss of a true “parent” is not uncommon, especially in the world of literature. I just thought that the BG fit the bill. If we look back to the first couple of episodes, we know that the relationship that BG had with his father was strained, and according to the character descriptions, his father had abandoned his mother and him. If that is not evidence enough for the fact that BG was lacking his father in his life, I don’t know what is. A lot of literature focuses on the importance of that relationship between father and child, and how the loss of such a figure causes a character to act in a certain manner. I wouldn’t equate BG with Hamlet, but for this purpose, we can draw some parallels between the narratives of the two works of literature (Yes, I’m calling a kdrama “literature.”). Both have lost their father figure, and both, in the aftermath of losing that father went crazy, deliberately or not. Both Hamlet and BG were unable to mature and both are trying to seek attention in slightly different ways. I cant say for certain that indeed BG is seeking attention because of his father, but I feel like there is a lot that can be compared between BG and the probable causation for BG’s actions and other scenarios found in literature. Hamlet failed to grow up until the end, and payed with his life. t BG will end up in the same fate if he doesn’t learn; but what K-drama villain ever does? 😉

  12. For once, I was so glad to have accidentally read the spoiler about Hang-ah getting pregnant then losing the baby. When I first saw this spoiler two weeks ago (at that time it was still some rumour floating around), my first thought was “에이~ 말도 안 돼!” then I was hoping this plot does not take place. But when they added a bed scene in ep 8 (which I thought was a redundant scene because the focus was/should be on Jae-ha’s sorrow), I was thinking that the pregnant-miscarriage rumour might be true. So by the time the drama pulled this stunt on us yesterday, I was mentally well-prepared. Argh, but I’m still hating the fact that it really happened because now guilt seems to be the reason why Jae-ha is/would be going to N.Korea to bring Hang-ah back to S.Korea.

    • Forgot to say: Thank you Koala for the fast recap! Have always been reading your blog posts but first time posting here! ^^

  13. Oh man, I already saw this coming when the writers were being coy about the bed scene but I didn’t actually think they would go there. Dang. This drama will give me a whiplash and then some.

    From a storytelling perspective, I actually thought that the miscarriage was a great plot device because it teaches Jae Ha the lesson of consequences. He’s always taken the easy way out, he’s never placed himself in Hang Ah’s shoes but instead lashes out to protect himself, he’s never the one who thinks twice about how his actions may or may not affect other people. Like what Jae Kang told him before when he shot Hang Ah, Jae Ha has always been rash and impulsive. Now he has to learn the hard way. With the rest of his country taking the blow with him. Its gotta hurt their national pride knowing that their King has not only impregnated his fiancee whom they questioned for trial but also turned away at the time of her greatest need.

    But then again, from a personal perspective, I also hate this turn of events because it puts Hang Ah in a very vulnerable position. If this happened in real life, this would have been a deal-breaker for me. Especially with the rest of the world knowing that she was pregnant AND lost the baby before she even knew about it. That’s got to be one of the worst things that could happen to a woman and I hate that the writers had to go this route. My head tells me why they had to do this but my heart…argh. My poor heart.

    This drama…I am way too emotionally invested. Will need some ice cream. Or maybe a punching bag. 😉

    Thanks, Koala for the super speedy recap!

    • @yeisha, I like your interpretation of the miscarriage very much.

      Jae Ha so far has led a charmed life. He was sheltered from much of the difficulties and setbacks we ordinary people have to cope with and learn lessons from. Starting from the WOC training, he’s been given a chance to see the real world. But still, even the most traumatic event in that, his shooting Hang Ah, did not result in any irreversible consequence. But this, a loss of life, a precious life created by him and his beloved, must have really hit home.

      For those who worry about Hang Ah, I feel she has enough strength to deal with the fact itself. But I believe what it implies – her love, her commitment to Jae Ha, her future life as a wife and a mother – is the stuff she will be grappling with.

      • I agree too… and if miscarriage did not occur, I think it would really take a long time before JaeHa would bring HangAh back… with his thinking, he would definitely choose to deal with Club M and Bonggu first, then strenghten the North-South relationship before finally bring HangAh back and HangAh would have become a granny as JaeShin said…

    • OMG I’m so abso-freakin-lutely agree with you.. I’ve always get the vibe that Jae Ha doesn’t love Hang Ah as much she loves him.. and I got it with the sex after JH’s tear jerking session in Hang Ah’s arm.. she loves him, he desires her, they’re both adult and the place plus circumstances are just on a perfect timing? this is as natural as possible..
      Too bad their love foundation is not iron clad yet..due to the time of togetherness they hardly even have.. I hope the pregnancy and miscarriage will eventually lead Jae Ha to be a man.. well, I know that even without this pregnancy plot he will still gonna get her back eventually… but miscarriage will bring his transformation into another notch..

  14. Sorry, some more to say, about the father and son pair…

    Since I am a big fan of Jane Austin, soon as I heard Shi Kyung’s accusation of his father, a line from Pride and Prejudice came into mind: My good opinion once lost is lost forever. Living with such a father must have done wonders to your self confidence!

    And I used to feel nothing much for Shi Kyung. Yes, he’s adorably keen and earnest. But I wanted to see more coloring of him, given the glimpse of his show off with Jae Ha in ep. 1. In this episode his piercing assessment of both his father and himself just adds the layers I craved. Way to go, Shi Kyung. Now I think you deserve the princess.

    • @AnnMichelle, I’m with you. I thought he was adorable before but now I love and respect him. Which is why I also fear for his life. I hope he’s not going to be a sacrificial lamb down the road. That will be too heartbreaking.

      • I truly don’t think he would be a sacrificial lamb but a protector of JaeHa and JaeShin…

      • OMG yes I read it too somewhere.. no please.. I can’t afford losing Shi Kyung.. JH really needs him in the future…..please please screen writer….

  15. I actually think the miscarriage wasn’t needed but it does have some rhyme and reason to it… Im sad that the sleeping scene was just a set up for this thogh :/
    Because of this miscarriage Hang Ah will be even more depressed and not want to see Jae Ha. And then North Korea would have a bigger issue with the South.
    I’m wondering how Hang Ha will act with the miscarriage though… Now Jae Ha will try to get her back (like he originally was) but this gives him the opportunity to get her first THEN get Club M back later.

      • yup… I question the same too…. I wept when I saw HA cried on her dad’s shoulder.. that was hitting her so bad… and to know that you’re miscarriage without even realize that you’re pregnant??? I have no words to describe how she might be feel about it….. so damn terrifying me….

  16. and what that baby must mean to jae ha. tho it wasn’t shown that they had sex after the first time, but it mustn’t have been their sole encounter, lol. but the baby must have been the result of that night when jae ha really faced the loss of his brother and hang ah was there for him. it was pure love and comfort, and the two of them connecting at a deeper, more emotional level than mere hormones. ah, the angst.

    • But I think it might really be their sole encounter for the Secretary would have locked JaeHa up if not…haha~ And also why neither of them knew about the pregnancy…

    • I guess this really gonna bring JH hitting rock bottom….. good.. good for him.. he needs to be beaten up to be awaken.. Jae Kang choose Hang Ah because he knew Hang Ah will be able to help him bring back Jae Ha’s senses..

  17. Wow, fast recap… there must be some big time love for this drama. Even the subs are already done. Thank you so much!

    While I was impatiently waiting for the episode, I was stalking some TK2H forums and saw the rumor of a miscarriage and really hoped they were wrong…. alas they were not. I don’t love it, I don’t think it was needed… whatever. The fun has be sucked out of this drama. Why does this always happen?

    Is anyone else surprised by how quickly the news made it to the public? I thought that was a little crazy, that it made even the foreign news. But I guess NK wanted to use it as part of their propaganda?

    On another note, when I heard the casting, I really didn’t think I would like the drama or the couple. Kind of like Me Too, Flower, I thought LSG would look way too young and boyish and not match HJW, but boy is he proving me wrong. He’s definitely looking more manly, dare I say even sexy and I’m impressed with both actors in making the OTP believable.

  18. all the white guys in this drama are eeeeevil threats to peace (be they UN officials or Club M employees) – the car crash during the chase was probably also orchestrated by Bong Gu’s minions, because there’s a white guy involved. 😀
    After all the crap Asians have gotten in Hollywood productions that seems perfectly okay, but I can’t get over the fact that Bong Gu’s right hand sounds like he’s a Kiwi. What’s a New Zealander doing working for such a creep?

    • Actually I’ve been trying to think how JaeHa can possibly bring Club M down if Club M is so powerful, rich and influential and this idea came out:
      Do you think he can somehow join force with Bong Gu’s right hand man to bring down Bong Gu?

  19. While I know that Jae Ha is internally tortured for letting Hang Ah leave, but I keep asking “Idiot, why would you hurt the woman you love the woman who practically there for you when you hurt so bad loosing your brother?” but I cant denied the love for TK2H, I just keep saying, “Be careful, my huynbin oppa in the army. He could assassinate you >.< for torture Ji Won noona
    Shi Kyung-ssi fighting! He is another fav character beside our pass away king jae Kang

  20. Thank you for your recap~ ^^

    seriously, I do wish HA would play harder toward JH. She got hurt T-W-I-C-E. I’m gonna so piss off if HA would forgive him so easily in only one episode. I demand JH sincere repentance and utmost efforts to get HA’s forgiveness and bring her back to his side. One more thing, you silly JH, people sometimes give you a second chance, but they rarely trust you to give a third chance. So, please learn from your mistake, and don’t repeat it again.

    • One more thing, you silly JH, people sometimes give you a second chance, but they rarely trust you to give a third chance. So, please learn from your mistake, and don’t repeat it again.

      AMEN for that!!

      • It’s not as if HA were docile and didn’t do anything! She got back at him at the WOC training, and at Jeju where she didn’t turn up for the dinner date – she also sent a rather dismissive note. And this was when he didn’t do anything to her hurt at Jeju. I personally think that when she lashed out at him because she was disappointed that he didn’t hear her confession and didn’t see her the night before was quite uncalled for. JH’s retaliation was typical. Where she is concerned, he always acts before he thinks, not that I support him askigher to leave, but he was really hurt by her uncalled foe remarks, especially after he had stood up for her – when Bong Gu did not give her the proper respect, he grilled him; he refused to let her go thru the public hearing and the way he yelled at the ministers and finally went to see the PM, were all ways in which he supported and showed his love for her. (Don’t forget that he also didn’t for a moment believe that she had a hand in his brother’s murder.) unfortunately, HA didn’t know all this. So I think that they both were in the wrong – HA by throwing his words by at him about being trash was just as mean as JH telling her she was not a woman. BUT, she said it to him unprovoked. He had not done anything mean to her recently.
        So pls they both need to apologise and reconcile.

  21. LOL! You are so right. Their expressions were priceless when they found out that Hang Ah was going back to NK.

    Ah Lee Jae Ha, you are true piece of trash, but all trash can be recycled. Once recycled, they are put to very good use.

    Koala, did you notice how the royal familia lives at Goo Jun Pyo’s house? It just dawned on me during the scene where Mr. Creeper was landing. Also, the palace that Hang Ah stayed at I think is the same one that the lovely Prince and Princess from Goong lived. LOL!

  22. koala thanks for the super fast recap. totally and much much much appreciated.

    wonder how JH would bring HA back? it has to be soon and with the highest priority. they could not just sit down and not go after BG who is wrecking havoc in their lives. i think JH will find means to crush him, like you could hurt me but not my family. maybe he could use this project and ask HA to help him out. just, drama please…… more OTP time please and some action ala mr. and mrs. smith.

  23. Thank you for the recap!
    I am almost too tired to type.

    Loved when the Godfather came out of JH, he got on the phone and ordered JM dead DEAD DEAD!
    Let’s hope that does happen.

  24. We viewers would appreciate if there will be more love scenes for the King Jae Ha & Han Ah. Thank you so much OCKOALA for providing us updates of this drama, we love it so much! Keep it up.

  25. Haven’t watched the episode yet but really?? A miscarriage?? Writer-nim needs to do better than that…. I can’t suspend THAT much belief that the foreign news were reporting the miscarriage before Jae Ha (and rest of royal family) found out privately. Shouldn’t they have been notified first?? That just totally doesn’t make sense here.

    I guess having your fam + entire country pissed at you would motivate you into action. I expect groveling, stat!

    Thanks so much for your continued efforts to recap this drama at lightning speed, Koala!

    • I think NK leaked this news to the press to hurt the royal family’s pride and shame Jae Ha, therefore shame South Korea by default. Its just so unfortunate that they had to do it at the expense of Hang Ah’s privacy. Whatever happened to patient confidentiality? I am pissed that they can treat a miscarriage so callously and announce it to the world like that. But then again, it doesn’t surprise me. As they say, all is fair in love and war.

    • When I was going through the “trying to have babies” thing, I had a miscarriage, too.
      It actually is a very good sign since it proves both are fertile. Obviously repeated ones are not good…

      • well.. I was pregnant with my 2nd baby 3 months after miscarriage my 1st baby… and than 6 months after my 2nd baby born, I’m already expecting my 3rd baby…. aaah stress… thanks God they’re all healthy…

  26. If she cant babies henceforth then its really end of the road cos Jae Ha needs to produce royalings to perpetuate the royal line. I doubt the story will sadistically drag us all down that
    sordid road .

    • miscarriage is as normal as possible thing can ever happened to an expecting woman.. 2 from 10 pregnant women suffer miscarriage.. ..eggs will always be in produce and you’ll ready to go again..

  27. KOALA!!! KOALA!!! Have you heard the news? JAE HA IS PROPOSING TO HANG AH NEXT WEEK! I’m going to be daydreaming about how this is going to go down all week. AAAHHH!

  28. Now that I have had time and sleep to think about it, I really like what the unshown sex + miscarriage does to the story.

    HA has declared how much she loves the King, how things don’t always go smoothly between them, and despite that she is going to try to make this marriage work.
    These words and images came out before the news broke of her being sent home and before her miscarriage.
    So, I am thinking, Kim Q Public says, “Ah, poor Soldier-girl really did love the scoundrel!”
    and everyone’s sympathy is with her.
    HA herself? Feeling bruised, alone, shocked, abandoned. (I would also like to have a talk with her about prevention, but that’s not for this discussion now.)
    If the King does not go after her RIGHT NOW, he will lose her forever.

    JH, meanwhile, once again earns his King Trash title. Seriously?
    Let’s review his actions towards this girl as far as the world sees him.
    1. Publicly declare you love her.
    2. Publicly announce you will engage her.
    3. Bring her into enemy territory, asking her to renounce her NKship.
    3. Sleep with her.
    4. Accuse her of murder.
    5. Kick her out.
    Would LOVE to see what the polls say about him now. Would love to know how they would feel if they also knew he shot her!
    Not sure he has the ahjummas on his side, or the dads…

    So JH – what will you do to clean this up?
    How do you convince your family you are not trash?
    How do you turn the tide of public opinion?
    What is in the center of your chest? Is it made of flesh or bastard grade tin?
    Is anyone else as happy as I am that Sunny Soldier SK is eclipsing Daddy of Darkness in the role of royal advisor? I LOVE HIM!

    • What Jae Ha did per your list:
      3. She holds dual-citizenship (or visa) for now. Change of nationality is not Jae Ha’s doing but legal rules. Hang Ah’s own father said to her once married she would be a S.K.
      4. They slept together (quite happily I would imagine). One cannot complete the act.
      5. He never accused her of murder. In fact he refused to let her testify again. He went out of his way to clarify her such as threatening the prime minister. Watch ep. 9 if you haven’t done that. Or were you spreading rumors here?
      And I have to add one:
      6. He told Hang Ah this marriage would be very difficult given all the political implications. He foresaw the problems and he was right.

      • Oh, I read your post again and found out that you meant ‘publicly’.
        Again, HE never accused HER of murder. S.K. implied N.K. could be involved in the murder. Publicly, Hang Ah went back because N.K. summoned her (to show their displeasure at S.K.). When that sleazy prime minister wanted to issue a counter extradition order, Jae Ha flatly refused. The world knows she’s pregnant and miscarried. So it means the two were not just talking about love but acting on it – more evidence of their commitment. In the minds of dads and moms, that’s reason enough to get married right now! hahaha. Clever plot device indeed.

      • I think you understood what I was trying to say, NOT that he IS trash, but his outward actions haven’t shown him YET to be a man the PUBLIC would stand behind.
        WE know he is conflicted, confused and trying to figure everything out as he has to deal with his hyung’s death.
        I am very sympathetic to him – I need him and his advisors to figure out how PUBLICLY and especially to NK – he is going to be the HERO here.
        Bad news is it is very much an uphill climb from here.
        Good news is when he does it, we will fall even MORE in love with him.

    • @jomo,
      You know what, the more I think about it, the more I feel this should be the way the drama should go. Air some public response (ajimas etc.) saying that now Jae Ha really NEEDS to marry Hang Ah. So at least the obstacle from the outside (general opinion wise) about the union is removed. Jae Ha works on better himself and gets Hang Ah to forgive him. The two works together to bring down the bad guy. The show then can focus more on the good versus the evil, instead of the S versus the N. Who knows, this theme might bring more viewers to this great drama too!
      You are a genius!

      • If the writers can show JH and HA working together with the WOC team to bring down Club M, then yes, the show would not be so much about NK and SK conflicts, but about how if they work together rather than fight each other, they can bring down evil and corruption. (It’s pretty idealistic, eh?) But it’s better than focussing on N-S conflict. Viewers would probably tune in more.

    • hi , I agree with you for Public he did all that and more but it more worse for north korea now that they take it as pride and They believe that the king humiliated them so I think is gone to be hard more for jae ha and more harder to hang ah especially that they gone to use her as weapon to curse the king and south korea (they already start it with made it in news even before hang ah wake up ) >poor hang ah like it was not enough use her as a scapegoat in the south and now the same thing in the north ,and it will be more hard if she defended jae ah >and with jae shin proplem now it will be hard for jae ha to go to north Immediately(it will take some time ) and that will hurt hang ah more …………………………oh i think soooooooo much even to write 3 ep’s but what i can do this drama took my mind.

  29. Stop scolding JaeHa!

    When I heard HangAh call JaeHa “trash”, my heart hurts and it still hurts even now when I remember the scene… I can’t imagine how much worse it must have been for JaeHa…
    Even though it is HangAh’s first love but I think it is also JaeHa’s first true love. Deep love that he could not deny himself of, knowing the full well the complications and obstacles that he would have to face, especially now that he is King. From this point he is so different from HangAh who wants to marry JaeHa solely because of love. And also because of this that made strong HangAh weak, weepy and unsure when problems arise.
    It was truly misfortunate and also due to interventions of the secretary that misunderstandings occured and the couple did not meet each other to give each other some much need support. From the start, JaeHa knew and did not doubt HangAh’s innocence but he did not realise that HangAh is not special force official in the South and needs his verbal affirmations and physical support.
    And because JaeHa trusted HangAh wholely that he was crushed by HangAh’s “trash”. It is different as what JaeHa’s mother said about her bickering with JaeHa’s dad. It weighs tons…and hurts thoroughly…
    Well… if he had heard HangAh’s words during the public interrogation, he might not have been that hurt and then would not have send HangAh away but he did not as he rushed over to pressure the official to be more lenied in the questioning which he did out of love!
    After he watched the public interrogation, he regreted alright but its true that the only thing he could do then was to solve his brother case. He can chase after HangAh and what and where do you want him to do with her after that, secret lover as he had thought before so that the same problems don’t arise again?

    Miscarriage issue? JaeHa and even HangAh herself have not idea about the pregnancy. It was just a month plus old, HangAh herself thought its just late period…
    But it actually helps JaeHa to be able to take shortcuts and go after HangAh without having to deal with Club M and the North-Soutrh relationship, and get her back without at least the South people objecting.

    So don’t scold JaeHa anymore, okay?

      • it takes two hands to clap as it takes two to tango, i blame everybody’s hormones and looking for to the havoc that they evoke……very… very… much

      • I meant Hang-ah was pregnant then(unknowingly), preggies tend to have imbalance emotions. She was already in a difficult situation (without her man to comfort her) + crazy hormones = explosion!

      • That’s because Hang Ah did not know what Jae Ha had been doing behind the scene. Jae Ha never got a chance to say it to her before his temper flared (because of the trash accusation).

        All couples quarrel. And they say the worst things to each other. But the circumstances surrounding our couple are extremely difficult. They just need to work it out.

    • Sorry for lashing out~

      But after much thoughts and rewatching of the episodes, I conclude:

      It is all Secretary Eun’s fault!

    • I agree with u. When JH confessed that he is trash, it was a difficult thing to do. Remember, men have bigger egos. When he admitted it to HA, he expected her to deny it (which she did at first) and encourage him, not to use it against him. So I think he was very, very hurt. Even though he played with her feelings the WOC training, at the very worse, he just said the to him, she is not a woman – meaning that he is not interested in her, but he never tore down her character. Even later when he wanted to make her fall in love with him, only to tell her later that he didn’t love her (at her death bed), do u realise that this would mean that he would have to continue to ‘pretend’ to love her for a long, long time and that he cannot be with another woman (how else can he convince her otherwise?) Indirectly, he is showing her love. If not, why bother?

      He stood up for her when suspicion had fallen on NK. He had not once thought that she was involved and he even refused to let her go through the public hearing, saying that the first official hearing was traumatic enough for him. Furthermore, he went thru all that ‘negotiations’ with the Prime minister FOR HER. It’s such a pity that she didn’t know it.

      So I agree with Jia Min, ease up on JH!

  30. OMG! just finished watching this episode.. thanks for the recaps though koala.. and I just have to say, Seung Gi and Ji Won are awesome actors.. I’ve never been this crazy with Kdrama couple since Lie to me.. When I watched LTM, I would stay up until the wee hours of the night waiting for recaps. But K2hearts is giving me sleepless nights, I kept thinking or imagining what might happen next or rather what should happen next. Argh!! VERY ADDICTING!!!!!! This is the best Kdrama of all time!!! :DDDD

    • I just finished the subbed episode too. I thought this episode was quite well done. The interactions between each character are simply so well written! So many good scenes, but favourite is the one between loony Bong and JH. I though LSG was excellent in that scene. The expression in his eyes switches so effortlessly from condescending to horrified to mocking and then manic when he’s ordering SK and DH to kill the loony.

      When HA cried on her dad’s shoulders, I felt my heart break a thousand pieces… also love SK’s declaration of confidence in JH…

      When I first read about the miscarriage, it does fell quite manufactured. But having watched the episode, I thought it’s quite all right since the way it is presented, I came away feeling the miscarriage is an unfortunate event that both did not expect, especially when they don’t even know that they are expecting. In a way, I thought the miscarriage is a way to hasten the reunion of the OTP and to force JH to be upfront with how he really feels about HA. I rather have the OTP reunite sooner then to have the yes-no angst stretching for episodes!

      • I m so with u on this. I just finished watching the subbed version n i must say JH is so hot in this ep…what with his sleeves rolled up n sitting on the library floor with pen rolling in his hand n deep in the books, then laying on the floor trying to break the code. Love it best when trying to bond with SK n asking what he should do where HA is concerned. Love That SK is now his confidante n right hand man. If i get the preview for next ep right, JH is heading to NK to try to get HA to forgive him n bring her back to SK n from spoilers seen so far, propose to her as he can’t stand being away from her. But as drama goes, there’s the looming looney attack on him n hang ah will be there together with the rest of the WOC team to fight n defeat the baddies. I think it will be like the mock attack they had during training, to add excitement to the drama. …just my thoughts………

  31. It’s coz I can’t get this drama out of my head. I can’t stop thinking about it. About why they did what they did and what’s gonna happen next. I just love this drama. Ahhhh….still four days to go and ive watched everything already …what to do now?

  32. Just a side note, for the code breaking, one of phrases JaeHa tried is “Tonkatsu”~
    All Seung Gi’s fans and StrongHeart viewers should be familiar be this particular word~

  33. this ep 10 makes speechless and breathless .. can’t wait for next ep lol .. so tired to wait next ep .. goshhhh.. pls pls ..dotn knwo wat will happen next ..can’t predict .. goshh this drama make me crazy n addictive

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