The King 2 Hearts Episode 10 Recap

I’m sorta speechless at the doozy of an ending to episode 10 of The King 2 Hearts. I can’t believe the writers went there, and expect me to be all verklempt at how it’s going to create all this emotional angst. I’m all for emotional angst, and I think Jae Ha and Hang Ah have tons of organic angst to mine without needing to deal with completely obvious plot twists for the sake of being a plot twist. I loved how this episode was Jae Ha-centric as he deals with trying to solve the mystery of Club M and stepping up against his known adversary Bong Goo. Jae Ha continues to be that odd combination of smart but slightly immature, so he’s better equipped to deal with crazy Bong Goo than straight-laced Jae Kang.

It’s no longer a question that Jae Ha and Hang Ah love each other, but right now each feels like their love can’t transcend the greater political divide between them. If they can’t even weather one bad patch caused by Hang Ah being doubted, how can they deal with a lifetime of bumps and bruises? I want them to work through obstacles and tribulations, but not ones that are purposely planted. Unlike a bomb going off out of the blue, shocking and thrilling to behold, I felt like the final plot twist at the end was the writers planting a very obvious landmine and then having neon signs leading up to it. I dislike being led by the nose, but what I love about TK2H remains stellar and I’ll just have to swallow this and move on. Continue reading