Chun Jung Myung Goes Slightly Retro for Lofficial Hommes Magazine

Where’ve you been, PIE? I’ve been missing your cuteness on my screen since I ran away screaming from Man of Honor after enduring for almost its entire run. I won’t blame you, but I do sense a trend now. You do one fabulous drama and follow up with one craptastic one. In that case, I’m due a good drama next, right? Until then, you continue to stay cute and hang out with Jaime Oliver and do talk shows with your noona Go Hyung Jung and whatever else it is that floats your boat. I’ll be right here waiting. By the way, love the dapper and sleek new look, though it wouldn’t hurt to flash that million dollar smile of yours once in awhile, okay?

[Credit: L’official Hommes magazine]


Chun Jung Myung Goes Slightly Retro for Lofficial Hommes Magazine — 11 Comments

  1. I love his figure. Something about the proportion is very attractive. I think it’s the long legs or the way he walks. What’s up, Fox will forever be my fav’ Korean drama.

  2. He’s a cutie as always, but rolled up pants paired with chunky soled shoes are my least favorite fashion trend for Spring 2012. Gives everyone duck feet.

  3. He’s cute, but the last two pics are the pits…the cropped tux jacket and balloon hip pants (yukk) but the last one…it would take a lot of nerve to wear that one…definitely cause a lot of traffic accidents.

  4. i love the 2nd to the last pic. his HANDS!! <3

    hmm though i love him. i never finished (skipped scenes at least, only watched his scenes LMAO) nor enjoyed MOH. uhh except 1st and last ep where he played baseball. lol and He forever looks good with Moon Geun Young – BEST drama couple!!

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