First Look at A Gentleman’s Dignity with Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul

Dayum, that’s a nice foursome of real men in suits. The upcoming weekend Kim Eun Sook-penned drama A Gentleman’s Dignity has been quietly and nonchalantly filming for the past month but hasn’t yet started gathering pre-premiere traction in terms of viewer interest. I suppose recent K-drama watchers are just so far removed from the heyday of Jang Dong Gun‘s last drama (that would be All About Eve back in 2000 with Chae Rim and Kim So Yeon) that the enormity of his return to television might not be understood. I suppose the only analogy might be if George Clooney decided to make a Marc Cherry drama called Desperate Husbands for ABC. I’m totally checking this out for the four male leads, as the drama revolves around four forty-something men and their love trials and tribulations. Joining Jang Dong Gun is Kim Soo Ro, Kim Min Jong, and Lee Jong Hyuk. And if anyone cares, the leading ladies are Kim Ha Neul and Yoon Se Ah (both of whom have done Kim Eun Sook dramas before, with Yoon Se Ah doing her third go-around as the second female lead in a Kim Eun Sook drama). Bringing all the currently released stills for the drama, which looks mighty dapper in the men’s department. Oh, and I’ve heard that one CN Blue member is also in this drama. AGD premieres Mary 26th on SBS.


First Look at A Gentleman’s Dignity with Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul — 23 Comments

  1. i’m definitely on the stakeout team for these ahjusshis! And JDG!!!!!! it’s been a long, long while…..i’m so looking forward.

  2. These men are just yum!
    but Jang Dong Gun’s hairstyle looks way too familiar for comfort..does anyone else think he resembles Joo Won (SG)??…This foursome and concept really is the bomb so please don’t ruin it for me Kim Eun Sook!!!

  3. I’m excited on this one cos of Jang Dong Gun and Lee Jonghyun of Cnblue. I heard Jonghyun is playing the role of Colin, the young man trying to discover who among the four ahjusshis is his father. Not sure though,this is just what I read this from the Daum Cafe of AGD.

  4. Fans self… 🙂
    That 1st photo is full of all sorts of hotness!! Admittedly, it took me awhile to really like All About Eve but I did end up loving it and am so happy that JDG is back in dramaland. But also looking forward to the rest of the cast. I haven’t really connected with any of Ha Neul’s characters thusfar but I think she’s ok as an actor. Hoping this good to watch!! Fighting!

  5. Are Kim Sooro and Kim Minjong wearing highschool uniforms? cause they definitely don’t look like one. Looks like Kim Sooro is the troublemaker and Kim Minjong is the nerdy-type highschool ajjushi.

    • Probably want to remind Koreans he is not forgotten. His wife BO young is now returning to tv too…look for her in Equator Man

      • his wife is ko so young, not bo young whatever and definitely not acting in Equator Man. He’s an actor, whenever he gets a good offer, he’ll act, regardless movie or drama. Would you turn down a GOOD offer if you get one???

      • and he’s definitely not forgotten…still in Top 3 of various polls in Korea despite being married and a father. Not many actors can do that.

  6. This is starting to look really good! They are so yummy and it is nice to see ajusshi for a change. Wonder which CN Blue member? Two of them were in Heartstrings, so it might be nice if it was one of the others (even though i like Yong Hwa.)

  7. YAP…Oki…Now I’m ready… #I needed 5 min to enjoyyyyy
    Those are real hot 4…H4….
    I’m totally on board with this.
    Can’t wait…

  8. That first picture, I love it! Btw, is that a bus stop? With those men waiting with me, I would wait for the bus everyday with joy and pleasure XD

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