Drama Adaptation of Tong Hua’s Best Time with Janine Chang and Wallace Chung to Air Next Week

This drama has been done filming since last year and I dang forgot it hasn’t aired until now. I rather like letting upcoming dramas slip since I’m not anxiously waiting for it. The modern Tong Hua novel Secrets Hidden in Time (被時光掩埋的秘密 which I unabashedly shortened to SHiT) has been remade into the C-drama titled Best Time (最美的时光) starring Janine Chang, Wallace Chung, Jia Nai Liang, and Han Xi Ting. Toss in Ying Er in a pivotal cameo role and this thing has got adult melo crack written all over it. I’ve written my novel review here (warning spoilers galore) and would have written off the drama but for the fact that all signs point to the ending being changed to one less likely to make me want to poke my eyes out. The title change is a good hint, since the secret hidden in time was male lead Lu Li Cheng (Wallace) and his love for female lead Su Man (Janine), whereas a best time title gives me hope that Su Man is at least enjoying herself having a hot namja devotedly in love with her. Best Love airs next week and it’s the promise of a different than book ending plus Wallace looking smoking hot in suits that has me penciling time in to watch this sucker. Even if the ending changes, the story is still frustrating as all heck, especially with the makjang turn it takes mid-way through. I still remember the whiplash when reading it. But I said before in other Best Love posts that this narrative works better in a drama so I’m keeping my mind open that this might actually be entertaining without resorting to nonsensical plot tangents since its based on a Tong Hua written novel. At this point I’ve read all her novels and am still trying to wrap my mind around why her writing varies so much in scope and style. I finished her latest Chinese mythological romance epics Once Promised (曾许诺) parts 1 and 2 and its just released sequel Lost You Forever (長相思) and have so many thoughts but can’t actually generate a coherent post about it. It’s frustrating and absolutely unforgettable wrapped into one. Let’s see how Best Time does translated onscreen, with the promise of two more Tong Hua novels-turned-dramas airing next year in Da Mo Yao (The Sun Moon Legend) and Yun Zhong Ge. Continue reading

Drama Adaptation of Tong Hua Novel Best Time with Wallace Chung and Janine Chang to Premiere in Early January

Despite starting filming after the drama adaptation of Da Mo Yao (Ballad of the Desert), the other Tong Hua novel Secrets Hidden in Time will hit the small screen next month in early January 2013 as the drama Best Time … Continue reading

Fans to Vote for Ending to Drama Adaptation of Secrets Hidden in Time

Hurray for fervent prayers being answered! The cast of Best Time (the drama title for the adaptation of Tong Hua’s modern novel Secrets Hidden in Time has been changed to 最美的时光) held an open media day recently and tons of goodies … Continue reading