Meet the Sageuk Ladies of Time Slip Dr. Jin

I know 99% of the people checking out Time Slip Dr. Jin is there for one of the three main male leads Song Seung Heon, Lee Bum Soo, and Jaejoong. But Iā€™d be remiss not to mention the ladies Park Min Young and Lee So Yeon, both of whom have done sageuks before and actually are decent in them. I think Lee So Yeon is drop-dead gorgeous here, and Park Min Young appears to have been airlifted from Sungkyunkwan Scandal and dropped into Dr. Jin. I can honestly say that this drama will rise and fall on the script moreso than the acting, though if the cast brings it, it can patch over a less than airtight script. Suffice to say, Iā€™d be time traveling with my oppa soon, so I better prepare myself.


Meet the Sageuk Ladies of Time Slip Dr. Jin — 27 Comments

  1. well, at least PMY look pretty… As for Lee So Yeon, she look beautiful. However, she was pure as Heebin in Dong Yi… I am still maybe of watching this drama even though it has McHandTowel, McAssassin, and McLBS….

  2. Lee So Yeon is so incredibly beautiful…makes me wonder how breathtaking KSY would have looked, had she accepted the part…..also I hope that is not the official poster…looks very photoshopped…also this is completely unrelated but has anyone caught the teaser for Bridal Mask?…looks great even more exciting than what I had hoped to see for this drama

  3. I actually like Lee So Yeon. I thought she would finally break out of her second lead status because she finally got into a lead role last year but she’s taking another evil second lead again! why!You really need to break away from that. Her acting is not great but she’s likeable. I hope she will be able to break into the light soon, she has been acting for so long.

    Jaejoong is look so funny in that picture. Look like he’s posing for the runway…Pretty boy is always pretty in everything he does.

    • Hi Alyssia, I agree with what you said about Lee So Yeon taking another second lead role. I believe she’s better playing the main character. BUT I don’t agree when you said that she’s not great in acting. OMG! I’ve never been AMAZED wiht K-drama actresses before until I watched her acting. Lee So Yeon ALWAYS do her role so PERFECTLY that makes her bloom whatever role she’s got. Evil, good, or second lead — the audience can’t ignore her because of her acting prowess.

      By the way, thanks you like her too. ^__^ Cheers for that!

    • It’s part of the Joseon garb. >.< It shows your status because you can afford to put accessories in your hair. As for LSY, she's a gisaeng… she has to prettify herself.

  4. I really am looking forward to watching Lee So Yeon. She’s the only reason I will watch this .
    She’s soooo pretty…KSY would have been awesome, but I am glad they cast LSY.

  5. So who exactly would be the equivalent of Saki? I mean, I hope she’s here because Saki rocked, and her relationship with Jin was one of my favorite things about the drama.

  6. OK, first of all, I am jealous and bitter because PMY has acted with an unfair amount of hotties, in no order: Yoochun, YAI, Lee Min HOT, PIE, Lee Jang Woo, TOP, SJK, sexy ahjussi Kim Sang Joong, ** tears ** JIW, Kim Bum, Jung Kyung Ho, Choi Jin Hyuk… cheezus! And now, THT and JJ…….fuming…

    Is it OK for me to say that I am sick of seeing her?

    • most korean actors are hot. If you’re an actress playing the lead or second lead, chances are you’d get to interact with an unfair amount of hot leading males on screen. =P

      at least she won’t be out-acted by SSH and JJ. I wonder how the guys’ sageuk-speak is like.

      • We shall see…How do you say “Chincha!” in sageuk?
        It is THT’s most repeated phrase in everything he has been in.

        OMG I am giggling at this wonderful thing we will see…

    • It is completely ok…coz am equally sick of her! I dont even like her and lets not talk abt her so called acting! I mean its as if Korea has run out of good actresses.

  7. LSY – I loved to hate her Heebin character in Dong Yi. She looks a lot better here than she did as Queen in DY. Looking forward to that. šŸ™‚

    PMY – please surprise me! šŸ™‚ I like her ok and think she’s really cute. But she hasn’t particularly wow’d me yet.

    • korean actresses are almost always cute but only two of them WOW’d me in when it comes to over all acting — Lee So Yeon and Kim Tae Hee. LSY made Jang Hee Bin the person you’ll love though you’re supposed to hate her (I agree). And now, KTH is going to play the same character. Can’t wait to see if she can as much or greater than LSY. Love them both!

  8. I think PMY is alright. Her acting is actually pretty good so I don’t know why people are complaining (maybe because she is pretty). But I don’t like JJ as a male lead in this drama. I have nothing against him. I just think he is too “pretty” to be a swordsman. They need to cast an actor who looks manlier than him. That’s why I don’t think I’ll be able to watch this drama even though the storyline and the rest of the actors are pretty good. He kinda ruin this drama for me.

  9. whether you like PMY or not, drama producers like her that’s why she’s getting all the good roles and hottest co-stars… actually her acting is good considering she’s been around only for couple of years. She gained my respect in Man Of Honor. I’m sure she can give justice to her roles in Dr. Jin.

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