Song Seung Heon Holds Japan Fan Meeting with Jo Hyun Jae as Guest

OMG, these two are friends? Okay, just kidding, I knew they were friends. Jo Hyun Jae took time out of his busy drama filming schedule in China to jet to Japan and be a part of his hyung Song Seung Heon‘s fan meeting. It’s a case of fandoms colliding, and an AU story could be written called “When Han Kang met Park Hae Young.” I’d totally be all over that. I suppose my Heon oppa’s BFF So Ji Sub is busy gearing up for Ghost to attend, though its such a shame because the thought of Ji Sub doing his so-called “rap” routine on stage for the obasans has me in stitches. I’m wondering how oppa took time out of filming Time Slip Dr Jin to….well, slip away to Japan to entertain his Japanese fans. Perhaps he has in fact learned how to time-travel, or find a way to be in two places at once. Show me how, oppa! By the way, these two are way too cute to be pictured together. My heart, be still.

[Credit: all pictures as marked via Baidu Song Seung Heon bar]


Song Seung Heon Holds Japan Fan Meeting with Jo Hyun Jae as Guest — 11 Comments

  1. It’s interesting how the ladies who like kdramas are mostly older obaasans while the music has a younger fan base and mostly female, even the girlgroups. Te guys think that korean girlgroups are too different.

  2. ok this is seriously cute….it would have been nice to see SJS go just so I can see him break from his angst face…which I feel like is all I have seen in him the last, um, 6 years??? that said I would pay to see JHJ perform in this fanmeet or anything for that matter simply cuz he is so adorkable and awkward with audiences and public performances

  3. Hmm.. Didn’t know they were friends.. Well, Im not a big fan of JHS. But there should really be a celebrity BFF list lol So I can squee for no apparent reason than the fact that some of my favorite actors are together off screen.

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