Update on Upcoming K-dramas Golden Time, Horse Doctor, and The Secret Lovers

Summer is right around the corner, but the drama planning chugs along towards the Fall season already. MBC, always known for its epic (long) dramas, is turning back to its behemoth success of the 60+ episode Queen Seon Deok (also known as Queen Snore Deok around here) and the 50+ episode Dong Yi and preparing for another 60 episode sageuk. This one is called Horse Doctor and is about the true story of a Joseon horse vet who becomes the royal physician. The PD will be sageuk veteran Lee Byung Hoon (Dae Jang Geum, Seodongyo, Dong Yi), and the lead will be played by movie star Jo Seung Woo in his first drama appearance in his decades long career. Another upcoming MBC drama The Secret Lovers (a remake of the movie 7th Level Civil Servant) has reportedly landed as its leading man Lee Dong Gun in his first post military service project.

The leading ladies for both dramas are still in discussions, but it looks like Lee Yo Won may be accepting the role in Horse Doctor, while Lee Da Hae is in talks for The Secret Lovers. There was rumors Lee Da Hae was offered the role in Horse Doctor, but I’m actually glad it’s going to be Lee Yo Won, since I know she has the stamina for a 60 episode sageuk having pulled it off with Queen Seon Deok. I also think Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Gun has the potential to be such a winning pairing. I approve! Other casting offers floating around has Lee Sang Woo (Feast of the Gods, Thousand Day Promise) and Kim So Eun joining Horse Doctor.

Since Horse Doctor and The Secret Lovers are Fall dramas, neither will air will for months. The Secret Lovers will air on MBC Wed-Thurs after Arang with Lee Jun Ki and Shin Mina, while Horse Doctor will follow Golden Time with Lee Seon Kyung and Hwang Jung Eum on Mon-Tues. Speaking of Golden Time, the drama is currently filming and released script reading pictures. By the PD who did Pasta and written by the scriptwriter for OB/GYN, it’s a medical drama that I actually think should be pretty solid. I like OB/GYN and the directing for Pasta was excellent. On an unrelated note, yay for King Jae Kang (Lee Sung Min) not being dead and off being a doctor in Golden Time!


Update on Upcoming K-dramas Golden Time, Horse Doctor, and The Secret Lovers — 28 Comments

    • .Yay!!!7 Jo Seung Woo in a drama!!!! Its funny how I claim to love some actors like him and Chen Kun but can’t get myself to watch more than 1 or 2 of their dramas/movies…must remedy that soon…I admit I don’t have the stamina to watch 60 eps sageuks but if the Kim So Eun casting is true, I might check out the first few weeks ….so glad she’s not picked another crappy weekend/daily/ family drama for once….i hope she can turn around her careeer with this…despite loving 49 days I’m not too sure about Lee Yo Won though…she’s very hit or miss for mex

  1. YAY FOR LEE DONG GUN! However LDH…kill me now. I avoid all of her dramas with a 10 foot pole, but I love LDG…ay ya – what should I do?

    I’m happy that LDG is finally coming back to dramas. It was so sad when he left acting to mourn for his brother.

    ::Crosses fingers for a different female lead::

  2. YAY Long Live King Jae Kang!!!

    Oh how I miss my K2H royal family.

    Best royal Hyung/Oppa Ever Goes to Lee Sung Min !!!

  3. I am happy that Lee Yo Won came back with another drama. =) Therefore, I assume she is back after a year break. =) However, eeek two 60 episodes.. I thought it was only 50 episodes. Now, it is a 60 episodes from now on?

  4. thank you for this, but does anyone know anything about the upcoming kbs dramas? i’m really curious, they are late in letting us know…or maybe something about new cable dramas…i’ll really appreciate it…

  5. I have to admit, when I saw post from soompi on twitter, Horse doctor drama, I laughed so hard…
    title, title, title… The only way I’m gonna watch this drama is to my national tv buy it, but even then not sure…not fan of long dramas.
    But cast seems great, hope drama will be too 😉

    • in the drama sweet 18, lee da hae is lee dong gun’s ex. now han ji hye is lee dong gun’s ex. (i know this is unrelated, lol) whatever. i wanna see the couple~! please accept the project, dahae-ssi!

  6. My heart stopped for a while when I saw the name Jo Seung Woo. I love him, ESP in The Classic!! You just made my day, Ms Koala!!

  7. yippie !!
    i really miss Lee Yo Won after 49 Days.
    even Queen Seon Deok is just 3 years ago, i’m waiting for her new costume drama

  8. joo sang woo~~~~!!!! he’s not going to get a “newcomer” award, isn’t he? xP aaaaaaanddd lee da hae and lee dong gun -> the “ex-couple” in sweet 18! lol! omg i want to see that! and and and my baby jun ki – shin min ah! and the voice!! (don’t really care about hwang jung eum tbh :p) please please please writers, pds, everyone working in drama industry, don’t disappoint us. xD

  9. Looking forward to watch Lee Yowon again and Lee Sang Woo ( the expression man).Joo Seung Woo never seen his work..But I love to see Kim So Eun..hopefully she will make an impact in this saguek..my favorite genre..Medical/Saguek..something like Dae Jang Geum..Thanks Ms Koala…

  10. wow!!!! so excited to see Lee Yo Won acting in a kdrama and of course been waiting to see Lee Dong Gun in this project. He was my first Korean crush 🙂

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