The Secret Lovers Cast Chansung from 2PM as the Second Male Lead

Either Choi Kang Hee has been a very good girl and the drama gods are showering affection upon her, or else she’s collecting on some good karma from the past. A week after being confirmed for The Secret Lovers co-starring Joo Won, a decidedly versatile and mature onscreen young actor ten years younger than her, the other male lead for this drama shows up and PWNS Joo Won on the age difference easily. Formerly rumored and now confirmed, the other leg of the love triangle will be played by 2PM‘s Chansung, who I swear I have never laid eyes on until today. Strangely I actually know quite a few 2PM members despite not being a K-pop fangirl, such as Taecyeon who has acted reasonably well in Cinderella Unni and Dream High, Junho who did a single collaboration with Vanness Wu, Wooyoung from his chipmunky turn in Dream High as well, and Nickhun because he’s everywhere. Clearly I have no comment or opinion on Chansung’s casting (such as ability to act or even looks-wise) other than to point out that Joo Won fans have naturally been upset that he’s paired with a co-star 10 years his elder but Chansung is a 90er which makes Choi Kang Hee 13 years older than him. I wonder if 2PM fans are flipping tables right now? He’s set to play another secret agent and boasts considerable skill in taekwondo and kendo. The Secret Lovers will air in January on MBC following Missing You on Wed-Thurs. I swear this drama looks like a casting trainwreck already in terms of leaving viewers with a giant collective “HUH?”. Continue reading

Update on Upcoming K-dramas Golden Time, Horse Doctor, and The Secret Lovers

Summer is right around the corner, but the drama planning chugs along towards the Fall season already. MBC, always known for its epic (long) dramas, is turning back to its behemoth success of the 60+ episode Queen Seon Deok (also … Continue reading