Update on Upcoming K-dramas Golden Time, Horse Doctor, and The Secret Lovers

Summer is right around the corner, but the drama planning chugs along towards the Fall season already. MBC, always known for its epic (long) dramas, is turning back to its behemoth success of the 60+ episode Queen Seon Deok (also known as Queen Snore Deok around here) and the 50+ episode Dong Yi and preparing for another 60 episode sageuk. This one is called Horse Doctor and is about the true story of a Joseon horse vet who becomes the royal physician. The PD will be sageuk veteran Lee Byung Hoon (Dae Jang Geum, Seodongyo, Dong Yi), and the lead will be played by movie star Jo Seung Woo in his first drama appearance in his decades long career. Another upcoming MBC drama The Secret Lovers (a remake of the movie 7th Level Civil Servant) has reportedly landed as its leading man Lee Dong Gun in his first post military service project. Continue reading