Latest Batch of Cute Shin Pictures from Ceci Magazine and His Website

Yeah, that’s my baby boy there. Shin made the pages of July’s Ceci Magazine prolly on account of his going from cute new idol to boy-who-competes-with-Gong-Yoo in screen presence. Let me say that while Gong Yoo is reaching new acting heights in Big, especially as he comes back from the one year time skip as new and improved Kyung Joon, the original flavor Kyung Joon nevertheless remains quite a viable possibility for me. At this point, I’m fine with Da Ran to end up with either Kyung Jae or Kyung Joon. But I’m just sad my Shin doesn’t have more screen time, though he does look mighty pouty while in a supposed coma. While I don’t think his acting chops are anything to write home about (he coasts on his natural charm and smirk), but I have hopes he’ll continue to take great supporting roles and build up his experience. With enough experience, I have hopes he can walk in his doppleganger Song Joong Ki‘s footsteps. Until then, I continue to sigh over his adorableness.


Latest Batch of Cute Shin Pictures from Ceci Magazine and His Website — 13 Comments

  1. Aww, cute pics! Must admit I like the more natural-looking pictures better (especially those where he appears to be in a supermarket). Best of luck!

  2. Oh man, there’s just something about him. I just fell for him so quickly. Thank you so much for keeping us updated on him. Your crush is working in our favor~ ㅋㅋㅋ

  3. He is sooo cute. I just wanna hug him and minimize him so he can stay in my purse like an accessory ^.^

    Loving BIG so far and can’t to see what the Hing Sisters have in store for us.

  4. On the sausage supermarket pic, he really, really looked like Kawaguchi Haruna! Right down to the big eyes and pouty lips! Hahaha! *squishes Shin*

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