Video Preview for Episode 9 of Big

KBS released some new stills of Mari, who is looking prettier than ever, as well as the video preview for episode 9. The preview gets my blood pressure up, all on account of Mari. She’s not dastardly, per se, but she’s starting to really grate on my nerves. I suppose my patience is wearing thin with her because I see her actively trying to prevent Da Ran and Kyung Jae from getting closer, when really she has no such right. I like Se Young’s direct challenge to Da Ran to fight over Yoon Jae, which to me is bitchy but at least candid about it. Mari just comes off as clingy and deluded, since there is zero indication that Kyung Jae reciprocates her interest in him. Likely its my eagerness for more OTP cuteness that makes me turn into a snarly wolf when I see a third wheel interjecting herself into the mix. Sigh, at least the Kyung Joon background mystery looks like it’ll get revealed soon. I’ve translated the dialogue for the preview as well, so enjoy!

Preview for episode 9:

Mari: Even though your body is married to Gil Teacher, let your heart be married to me.

Choong Shik: Noona, are you really in China? Excuse me, you over there?

Mari: In truth the person married to Gil Teacher is Seo Yoon Jae. I did this so that you won’t get confused about it.

Kyung Jae: I lost something under the bread. When you go inside look carefully for it.

Mari: Teacher, that (ticket), can I go instead?

Kyung Jae: Did someone come see him?

Female voice (nurse?): A very elegant lady, who appears quite wealthy.


Video Preview for Episode 9 of Big — 34 Comments

  1. Can’t wait ’til Monday and I’m crossing my fingers we’ll get to see more OTP contact than is projected in the preview. Mari, Mari, Mari, you can be so annoying, but you’re immature
    so let’s forgive you since you’re not malicious.

    • When Mari asked Daran that she’ll go instead for the ticket that I think KJ gave to DR, she’ definitely malicious on that act. I don’t dislike Mari before but it seems she’s worse than SY now.

  2. thank you Koala unni… AT first, I like Mari as that was cute of her crush on KY. Now, I think she has gone to the dark side of being green eye jealous monster… ugh… I do hope that mean more cuteness from the OTP and more choc abs.. Off to finish watching dr Jin. I am barely on ep 6 and agd…

      • I am not that serious watching it. 🙂 just to see if there is any improvement.. There is none but the songs are lovely…AGd is wonderful. 🙂

      • AGD, working PERFECTLY 😉 Wonderful summer breeze drama. I have never regretted for choosing Perv Mr.s, cast is doing THE GREAT job.

  3. Thanks Koala ~I’ve been saying since day one….that Mari girl be cray-cray.
    All doubts were removed when she threw a chair through a plate glass window to break and enter someone’s home…apparently without a moment’s hesitation.

    …and many people were still posting about how harmless and cute she was.
    Years back, my best gal-pal was dating a guy with an ex-girlfriend like that. We came out of his apartment one night after having dinner (nothing like a wild party…just ..dinner) …and my friend’s car had EVERY single window smashed/broken.

    Insane ex-girlfriend had recognized my friend’s car parked in his lot….and ShaZaam!….nutcase went and completely totalled her car.

    It was not cute and adorably devoted then…..and it’s still not.
    Suzy actress = cute
    Mari character = cray

  4. I really dislike how in dramas the youngest female characters are just so immature. I’m Mari’s age and I have never (Thank goodness), met someone like her, or have I acted in such ways. Gaaaah. Just go away Mari, just go back to LA with Choong Sik.

  5. It is funny that Mari is getting slack for basically speaking the truth about YJ.
    Yes, she is cray-cray, but she is the only one looking out for YJ the KID.
    DR is listening to her own heart, and YJ is listening to his heart, but getting married and pretending that it was to protect YJ was not realistic.
    Mari knows that and what she fears – that they will fall in love – will happen.

      • Plus KJ’s never loved Mari.

        This is not protecting, she just want to have him. She is obsessed with him, this isn’t love.

    • I don’t see “keeping KJ” safe as number one priority on Ma Ri’s list. For example, she was perfectly ready to tell Da Ran’s parents about the body switch.

      And getting married pretty much was to protect KJ. Otherwise, KJ would have had no choice but to listen to YJ’s mother (who he’s living off of and must have some sort of obedience towards) and get married to Se Young or someone else. Though, I do sense that KJ sort of manipulated Da Ran into marrying him, also.

  6. I don’t feel myself very annoyed with Ma Ri. I’m indifferent towards Suzy (never saw Dream High because I disliked her character from the start, and am fond of a couple of Miss A’s songs, but that’s it), but I think Ma Ri still stay relatively harmless. In the end, she will probably give way to KJ’s happiness instead and not let history repeat itself by trying to sabotage another relationship.

    I find myself feeling rather indifferent towards the second leads of this drama. On the surface, they seem annoying, but I think both Se Young and Ma Ri can be likable. Se Young, for instance, isn’t really clinging onto Yoon Jae for nothing (he kept her key and probably gave her mixed signals when he appeared to hesitate about the wedding.) And Ma Ri’s like a little kid desperately clinging onto her older brother. An occasionally annoying little kid, but I don’t see her as being any more vicious than that.

  7. There are psychotic acts in all dramas, tv shows and movies that law abiding folk would not commit because there are boundaries and punishments. I am not understanding if the Hong sisters meant for us to like Mari for KJ or just to add another twist into their convoluted drama but I find myself disliking the character and have not seen any kind of regard for KJ other than she must have him so if you see a caring and loving person in that character, I think you are watching another drama. Characters should be liked or disliked on that characters merit not the actor. A whole lot of people want Daran to end up with YJ but we don’t really know anything about that character, yet. Using a relative unknown (Shin) to portray KJ for one episode and then handing his character to a famous actor tells me that although it is KJ’s story, the Hong sisters want us to not forget YJ. I give up on guessing where this is all leading but very interested in the evolution. What story will they copy?
    I thought this drama had 20 episodes but now has 16. Not enough creativity perhaps?

    • you call hong sisters not enough creativity? really? I think there is reason why they only make it for only 16 episode, and i think its good so that it wont get dragging in the middle. So let just see how they will pull it off for 16 episode.

  8. oooooooookkkkkayyyy… I will be try to remain spoiler free tomorrow until I watch it with subs.. therefore, I am gonna try to restrain my self going to Koala unni blog to read recap, softy dongseng blog and db recaps until I see the episode with subs then come and comment.. wish me luck tomorrow.. =D

    • You can’t do that, no way…have some cookies, and then read all you can find today…
      Come to the dark side of spoilers, we have bonbons 😉

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