Ruby Lin and Jiro Wang do the Noona-Dongsaeng Romance in Upcoming Drama Go Go Go

Sooooo, I think I see another mea culpa coming. I confess to seriously disliking Ruby Lin since her Princess Returning Pearl debut over a decade ago. She’s a stiff actress who always gave me the impression she was more concerned about looking perfectly pretty onscreen than acting out whatever the scene required. Even if she was dirty, she was strategically dirty so she was still pretty. This dislike has now gone on so long I’ve accepted it’s never going to change. And then she sneaks up on me and does a number on my perception. I may think Ruby sucks ass as an actress, but she’s a kick ass producer, and her first self-produced drama Qin Shi Huang Fei was a big hit.

On the heels of that, she’s eschewing her bread and butter period drama fare and decided to get on the noona-dongsaeng romance bandwagon. The result is the upcoming Drama Go Go Go (姐姐立正向前走 which is literally translated as Older Sister Stand Up Straight and Walk Forward), a story about a mousy drama scriptwriter and her romance with the drama’s leading man. Roped in to play the young idol-actor-within-the-drama is Jiro Wang, while hot newbie Lin Geng Xin does a turn as Ruby’s platonic dongsaeng with a crush on her. For some reason I really like the long trailer and now I’m suddenly excited for a Ruby Lin drama. Who woulda thunk it? Check on the pretty stills and trailer below. The drama is slated to premiere late Summer and doesn’t look to be dubbed either. Hallelujah, it’s like China is on a roll here.

This is the first ever drama where I feel like Ruby isn’t trying too hard – to act, to be pretty, to cry on a dime. She doesn’t feel like a mannequin as lead Wang Min Min, and instead feels really down-to-earth and real. But let’s not forget she’s ridiculously pretty. If anyone ever looked like a real life shoujo manga heroine, Ruby would be it.

The synopsis of the drama revolves around Ruby’s screenwriter character Wang Min Min, a nebbishy thirty-year old who loves a great book but doesn’t have much of a social life. She crushes on the lead singer of the no longer popular duo HE, an idol by the name of Eason played by Jiro Wang. She recommends him as the lead for the upcoming drama she is writing, and he and his manager is eager to take it to increase his waning popularity. Except Eason is quite possibly a terrible actor, and pretty soon is in danger of getting written off the drama when the lead actress threatens to quit. To ensure he doesn’t get written off, he starts trying to seduce Min Min, hoping that by dating the screenwriter he can stay on the drama. Of course he really falls in love with her, and of course once she finds out she’ll be heartbroken.

Lin Geng Xin, who I have now confirmed without a doubt looks way better in modern garb than period clothes, plays the son of Ruby’s writing mentor. He grew up with Ruby around, and sees her as an older sister he needs to protect because she’s clueless and innocent. I dunno, but I’m already shipping him with Ruby, they are adorable together. Though if I had to pick an altern-ship, I would pick Lin Geng Xin with Jiro, because their characters have an awesomely hilarious (and intense) kiss scene in the drama. It’s totally called for in the script, which makes it even more titillatingly funny.

Peter Ho has a cameo role here as the A-list actor brought in to pinch hit on the drama, as the producers insist on killing on Eason’s character after a few episodes.This leads to Eason trying to sidle up to the leading lady, who initially loathes him, but he gradually wins her over. At the expense of his relationship with Ruby’s character, of course. The cast attended last month’s Shanghai Film Festival to promote the drama, and I must say the cast is looking swell. Check out the long trailer below and see if it strikes your fancy like it did mine.

Long trailer for Drama Go Go Go:


Ruby Lin and Jiro Wang do the Noona-Dongsaeng Romance in Upcoming Drama Go Go Go — 30 Comments

  1. Schemes of a Beauty? Is that a typo or a mistake? Her first self-produced drama is Qing Shi Huang Fei. Schemes of a Beauty is produced by Yuzheng.

  2. Jiro’s hair in this is a total no no for me lol And the synopsis kinda gave me a bit of a “MARS” (his character in ToGetHer) feel at first. But after watching the trailer, it seems that Eason is gonna be different from Mars.

    Also, is it too soon to say that Jiro and Ruby look ridiculously good together? I’ve come across a photoshoot they did not long ago, and I like their dynamic (you can check it here, if you want Hope their chemistry is just as good in the drama. Can’t wait to watch this one 🙂

  3. When I saw Ruby Lin in Princess Returning Pearl,I thought she was just a pretty face there,wasn’t impressive and the one that caught my attention in it was Vicki Zhao.
    The cast here is a good-looking bunch. Hoping to see it soon.

  4. Yeah, I’m already liking Lin Geng Xin with Ruby more than Ruby with Jiro from the trailer and the pics. 14th Prince <3

    Is Ruby producing this one too?

    • Forgot to add that I think it’s hilarious that Jiro’s character name is Eason. Eason (Chan) will get such a kick out of it. Haha.

      • I think it’s hilarious that the duo that Jiro’s character will be in is called HE. You know, as opposed to S.H.E. (Selina, Hebe, and Ella)

  5. Aaaaaah~ Lin Geng Xin must never do a period drama where he shaves his head. That man totally looks so dashing with hair. I have this weird tendency to watch Jiro Wang dramas. Watched nearly everything he was in. Tho I find the guy hot, something about him or the characters he plays always annoy me at some point.

  6. I feel like I grew with Ruby so I have sat through numerous early drama with her in them – but I quit watching her after the 90s. I tried watching that one modern one with Wallace & her back in the early 2000s, and the dubbing just killed it for me, plus the acting. I did watch her self produced one and thought it was ok along with a more recent period one. I thought she was a lot more tolerable in period pieces than modern ones.

    Jiro – I have been totally indifferent to him in all of his dramas. But I actually think he looks the best here. 🙂 Something about his acting always kinda seems off to me. So I am actually interested in seeing this pairing shocking enough. I wouldn’t have ever put the 2 of them together. How cute!! She does look young for her age, I will say.

    Thanks Capt K for posting this. I admit to skipping a lot (nearly) all modern Cdramas due to the dubbing, esp for TW actors in which I’m already familiar with their voices. I understand why they do dubbing but still makes it much harder for me to like it. In period pieces, it’s easier to tolerate.

  7. I never liked Ruby much ever since her HZGG days but I must admit she takes care of herself well, she looks the same after like what…15 years after her debut? She does tend to try too hard and look too pretty at times so I was never a great fan though I do think I prefer her more in period pieces.On the other hand, I concur that Lin Geng Xin look so much better with hair. LOL.

    I feel sorry for Jiro because I did like his turn in ISWAK. But every project he signed on later suck so bad I never did finished any of them. Hope this drama does well to give him a moral boost.

    • I didn’t like Jiro in Iswak but I like him very much in Absolute Boyfriend. His looks changed so much that I almost didn’t recognize him in that drama, he’s more handsome there. I will definitely watch this just because of Jiro.

  8. I never liked Ruby’s acting much, but I do like her as a person. From what I’ve seen and read, and real life she’s actually quite boyish and loud; apparently she’s completely different from her characters.
    Now Jiro and Ruby… Never in a million, kajillion years would I have thought the two of them would be in a drama together. But whoah. They don’t look too bad together.

  9. can somebody plz tell me who is the actor in the last part of trailer, he is the one who caught my attention. handsome!

  10. Not a fan of Jiro, but I guess this character suits him well. I am soooo digging Lin Geng Xin in modern wear! Will watch it for him, though he’s bound to suffer the second/third lead fate again…

  11. hey, never had any desire to watch Ruby’s drama…however, like you Koala, this one actually peaked my interest. =)

  12. I’m actually excited to see this one, since its Jiro and Peter and Ruby all together in a drama.. gosh has it been a while since i’ve seen her on screen.. 🙂

  13. Wow, I have to say I’m just glad Jiro is actually doing a properly produced drama for once. Like you, I have all the respect for Ruby’s producing chops. As a huge fan of Jiro, I’m hoping that once his contract with HIM is up in October, he’ll leave.

    This, of course, means that Fahrenheit will be history. But I’m okay with that so long as Jiro gets the good parts now. You know he has it in his contract he gets a solo album (a contract signed five years ago?) Since it’s months before contracts needs fulfilling. HIM is finally giving him his solo in August. I’m just pissed about the treatment he gets, so I’m looking forward to this drama.

    Also, love all the big names in here. I’m shipping Jiro/Lin Gen Xin already. They’re slap slap kiss, my fav. and I got a canon kiss out of them already!!

    • Huge fan of Jiro, cannot wait for this drama to come on air, a properly produced, properly acted drama with actually good producers and directors and actors. is that too hard to ask? No, and I’m really happy for Jiro to finally get out of that contract, and do more movies! yay! it’s about damn time!!

  14. I would say I am rather indifferent towards Ruby. I always thought she is so pretty, one of the most beautiful Chinese/Taiwanese actress, but well I never thought she can act, her big eyes usually say nothing they are somehow dull….I don’t know. But I think her off screen personality is quite likable, very unlike they way she is in her dramas, so I am okay with her dramas, as long as the story is good.
    As for Jiro, I am actually a fan of him so I think there is room for improvement but I think his acting skills are okay, that s for all his idol dramas he has done so far. Anyway, this chracter reminds me of MARS and since I as big fan of ToGetHer, actually my favorite Jiro drama (I don’t get why it had so low ratings), I really anticipate this.
    Besides with Lin Geng Xin as the cherry on the top, I really look forward to this. And it is so true, he should only do modern dramas, he looks much more handsome.

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