Media Reports on the Likely New Couple of Ishihara Satomi and Sato Takeru

Be still my shippy heart! I was on a K-drama kick the last few months hence I’ve been only casually keeping up with J-ent what with the Spring doramas more or less meh for me. Which is why I literally shrieked like a banshee last night when I read the exploding gossip making its way through Japanese media (and since then widely picked up by the C-news outlets as well) that Romeo and Juliet have fallen for each other. Sato Takeru and Ishihara Satomi starred in the latest stage production as the titular star-crossed lovers a few months ago in May, and I’ve been a shipper ever since I watched them in the cutest interviews in the promo circuit. A few days ago, the Japanese media has been widely reporting that various sources have confirmed that at the wrap party for Romeo and Juliet back in June, Takeru and Satomi were widely seen snuggling, holding hands, and then making out in front of the cast and crew at the restaurant where the party was held. This is me upon hearing this news ———-> \(≧∇≦)/

Here’s a summary of the Japanese media reports: apparently Satomi wanted her performance as Juliet to be one of her seminal works so she quit drinking while preparing and performing so that her voice would not be affected in any way when she needed to say her lines on stage. So at the wrap party, she got to drink again and reportedly was very happy and tipsy. Initially Takeru and Satomi kept their distance so as to avoid being seen together, but after the party went on they got closer and closer, going from holding hands to finally making out. Apparently Takeru’s female fans were very wary of him starring with Satomi from the get go, and he joked to his fans before that he won’t ever be alone with her. But the cast and crew at the party said that the couple was in their own little world much like a scene straight out of Romeo and Juliet.

This comes on the heels of Satomi writing a cryptic message last month on her diary blog after Romeo and Juliet wrapped production. She wrote “Juliet is missing her lover. He’s tender and has a great sense of humor…..Romeo really charged into my heart. Thank you.” Apparently Takeru’s fans were furious after reading this, claiming that Satomi was totally declaring her interest in Takeru. You can take this embarrassing anecdote to heart as well – the stage production had quite a steamy first night scene between Romeo and Juliet, with Juliet wearing a filmy negligee and Romeo wearing just boxer briefs, and after 25 performances, some audience members and even the crew have told the media that the two stage lovers were apparently getting quite intense up there and needed some covering up to finish the scene without it being too scandalizing.

So what do I think of this gossip? Chances are that Satomi and Takeru did hook up, but whether they are dating for real or if it’ll last only they know. Recently the J-media has noted that Satomi seems to have the lady-in-love glow about her, even before she started filming RMPW. And her performance in RMPW also lends credence to that since she’s really exuding this warmth and fluttery feeling all over. Takeru has a reputation of being quite the co-star slayer, but similarly Satomi has the same image in the industry as Horikita Maki (quite minxy, if you get my drift).

I think it’s wonderful that Japanese stars have more leeway to date each other without the media and their fans going as batshit insane as in Korea, though there is still a fair bit of scandal-mongering going on. There are also reports that Yamada Yu is visiting the set of RMPW often to keep an eye on her hubby (not that she doesn’t trust him), but more to remind Satomi that he’s taken. Ahahaha, even funnier is the news reports are all saying Yu is prettier than Satomi so what does she have to worry about. Anyhoo, let’s end with some more pretty pictures from the lovebirds on the set of Romeo and Juliet.

Thanks to this latest bit of juicy gossip, I’ve now learned that the Taiwanese media calls Satomi the “Japanese Ariel Lin.” I don’t know why but that made me crack up, especially since everyone around here seems to make the same connection as well. It’s the lips, right? I feel so happy that in all likelihood my ship actually sailed here, which continues to validate my belief that many more co-stars have fallen for each other than are ever reported in the news or voluntarily going public. Just as an FYI, Satomi is two years older than Takeru. Way to go, noona-dongsaeng romance FTW!

[Credit J-news @ Livedoor, C-news @ Sohu]


Media Reports on the Likely New Couple of Ishihara Satomi and Sato Takeru — 48 Comments

  1. Wow, Captain…seriously you are some kind of psychic! Giving me chills! But whoa, I shippy these cute two! Hope it’s true….amazing how you get all these information k-ent, j-ent, k&j-dramas…working…you are one amazing koala!

    • mmm, the picture with Takeru wrapping his arm around Satomi…You see alot of of this pose in the K-Ent but very rare in J-Ent.
      Really? Yu is on set checking her hubby out? She has her own ongoing drama, where does she find the time to check up on him. I hope it’s just a honeymoon stage where I need to see you all the time….

      • What’s even rarer than the arms around her picture are the ones where they are staring at each other during the press conference like they are in their own little world. You and I know that is like a never. Mostly J co-stars look down when the other is talking and act very polite and reserved.

        The media has been suspecting there is something going on even during the pre-production phase, so for them to be so obvious at the wrap party leads me to think they may want to go public. Or else they were just too drunk to be discreet. Either way, happiness for my shippy dreams.

      • yeah, I noticed that also. I also reminded me of JKS and MGY’s press conference.

      • If u read more on shun after his marriage, press been saying that he went to couple of goukon, meetg girls and get busted by yu. Dont know how much is the truth thou.

    • Koala, about Satomi and Ariel look-alike. I gotta say, Oh my God!! I watched episode 4 last night and you know the scene at the office when Oguri tells her to leave(after helping him with fine-toning is new software)? The look-back move she was making as she approaches the door was so Ariel and that was my thought at that very moment. They have some acting body response/movement mannerism. This is amazing!!

  2. Yayyyy good for them!! <33 I find it amusing that female fans get aggravated if there's a likelihood of their oppa falling for his co-star!! geeeesh!

    Noona-dongsaeng romance ftw!! Now if only HJW-LSG get together….it'll make me obnoxiously happy!! Seems unlikely but one can always hope, eh?!

    • Eh, if he’s anything like most male Japanese stars, he’ll end up with a girl in her 20s when he’s in his 40s. Japanese men seem to have little inhibition in pursuing very young girls and youth is highly prized over there… kind of makes me sick, really.

      • Fair enough. From my experience, it just seems to be more ‘accepted’ in modern Japanese and even Chinese culture (as opposed to Korean culture, where such behavior usually occurs behind closed doors), but I acknowledge that anecdote does not = evidence.

      • umm, okay. Since I don’t know too much about Japanese actors I’ll refrain to make any conclusive comment on their personal lives.

        Presently I’m just glad for these two since finding love or anything close to it is a wonderful thing. <33

  3. OMG I was waiting for someone to comment that Satomi reminds people of Ariel Lin.

    Even in RMPW I swear I keep seeing Ariel cuz of the way Satomi’s smile starts from one corner of her mouth, just like Ariel!!

    Even her facial expressions remind me of Ariel’s. Not to mention they both have pretty eyes and lush lips.

  4. People with normal jobs fall in love working together.
    Can you imagine doing love scenes over and over in a theatre production and remaining neutral to your co-worker, or co-kisser?

    Good for them!

  5. Sugoi neeeee!!!! KOALA!!!!!! This is great news! This rarely happens in J-ent, much less a couple that I ship!


    Sorry I just murdered my caps-lock! We were just talking about this yesterday! OMO!!! They are so perfect for each other. Go Ishihara-san! And I wonder what Sato’s BFF Miura will think about this. Hahaha.

    I remember at the R and J presscon someone asked if its possible that they will fall in love in real life and Takeru said its totally possible but he’s afraid Ishihara might shut him out! And Ishihara looked at him all flustered. I had a feeling they were soooo into each other already but knowing their professionalism and the fact that the had a foreign director they probably were trying to downplay it. Oh, and Takeru was so cute when he talked about how they had to kiss when they barely just started the production and he said he was so nervous and Ishihara said “You did good!” or something like that. 😉

    Ahhhhh…haven’t been this happy since Yu Aoi and Okada revealed that they were dating after Tiger and Dragon. And that’s such a long time ago!

    Thanks again, Koala! You’re the best! *Off to roll around like a crazy himono onna*

    • Ha! Takeru is borrowing a page from his BFF’s playbook, that’s what. I may HATELOATHERAGE on Koizara, but hot damn Gakki and Haruma were nnnnngggggg sooooooo cute together. They were one of the original flavor secret co-star hook ups, ne? What with the rumors that they were living together. They can double date now! If only Gakki was rumored to be still with Haruma…… See, I can usually spot the co-stars that are secretly into each other in pics, as opposed as totally not into each other. For example, in interview pictures of KimuTaku with most of his female co-stars, you can tell they barely tolerate each other.

      I wished so badly it was Gakki in Kimi ni Todoke with Haruma, since the story doesn’t make me want to spork my eyes out, as opposed to Koizara (still having retch inducing nightmares about it).

      I’m sososososo bitter I wasn’t in Tokyo during the run to watch them make out on stage in R&J. When the actress playing the nursemaid needed to cover them up to avoid the scandal, I’m sure the audience got an eyeful and their ticket’s worth.

      • If news come out tomorrow that Haruma and Gakki are also going out, I will devote myself to Koalaism! If so, can you tell me the winning lotto number for this week?

      • It was only due to Haruma that I completed KnT. He was just SOOOOOO cute!! If these two go public it’ll be just too adorable! aaahhhhhh…

      • Oh yeah…HaruGakki! As much as it pains me to admit this because I love Ryo and Gakki together, Haruma and Gakki are probably more suited for each other looks and personality-wise. Can you imagine all 4 of them together? That’s too much beauty in one room!!!

        And OMO, they needed to be covered during their make-out scene? Waaaahhh…I need a copy of that DVD now! 😉

  6. Yeah, I’m with you on this one.. I totally love this news.. I’m glad that they are a couple.. at least for the time being.. She’s sweet and he’s a good guy himself so I hope these two last..

    I also was waiting on the news about whether Yamada yu was gonna keep tabs on her husband.. He’s such a good looking guy, I would be worried too.. HAHAH. :)He should be checking up on her too, she’s also currently in a tv drama with a male costar as well..


    Although I sense the bromance heartbreak between Takeru and Miura Haruma!

    OMG noona-dongsaeng totally FTW! Best news today Koala!! 😀

    • Yeah, breaking the boys up is bad. But since Haruma and Gakki went first, it’s about time Takeru found himself a girlfriend. It’s weird that while Takeru is older, I always got the vibe that Haruma was the hyung around town.

      Sadly that means no more snuggling in bed.

      And no more hanging on the arm.

      And no more saving the earth together on Even Bloodier Tuesday.

      But they can keep doing more projects together!

      Yamapi owned the bromance bandwagon for awhile, what with him and Ryo, and then Jin, not to mention Toma, and maybe Kame wanting in on the action. But these two? Adorable understated perfection of a bromance.

      • Seriously, you’re killing me. I’m getting off work in 5 minutes and have to wait till I get home to watch this….Can someone drive for me, or should I just watch it while stuck in traffic? No, no I dare not do such a thing. Later!

      • Koala, you kill me. SO MUCH AWESOME AND FUNNY IN THIS REPLY <3

        At work so can't watch the YT below (or giggle like a fool at the mo haha) but OMG wayyyy too cute. Though I had no idea there's rumors of Miura/Gakki – really? Are they still on, if it is indeed true? Woah cute cute cuteness overload.

  8. Awwww, Takeru and Miura’s bromance is so adorable.
    Last dating rumor I remember regarding Satomi was that she was dating a older photographer or something.
    Yu needs to keep an eye on Shun, I mean the dude was busted walking into a love hotel with another woman and caught trying to get on dates with certain actresses. (sigh)
    I really wish SP would allow Maki to go for more adult like roles, I know they want to have Meisa and the sexy one and Maki as the cutesy one but Maki is sexy and can portray darker even screwed up characters. And I wish she’d get a boyfriend.

  9. Ms. Koala, have you watched Q10 by any chance? I started watching the drama out of curiosity and without any expectation. Boy, did the drama surprise me with its youthful and sincere storytelling.

    And yes, I will sink with this ship!

  10. btw Koala, with this rumor/news – were there any photos? In my mind I’m like, “pictures or it didn’t happen!” but everything sounds so legit haha.

    • agree… i don’t know why people compare Ishihara Satomi with Yamada yu everybody have their own beauty and uniqueness

      There are also reports that Yamada Yu is visiting the set of RMPW often to keep an eye on her hubby (not that she doesn’t trust him), but more to remind Satomi that he’s taken.

      personally, i think every relationship must start with trustworthy between them, and it’s not working by showing that this man has been taken, wake up we not a child anymore

  11. So has any HQ photos, HQ videos or receipts surfaced since the last boozed-filled gathering witness report? It’s amazing in a gadget crazy country like Japan there was none liked to the source reference. Anyway, it’s been a couple of months and are there any new updates?

  12. This makes me incredibly happy ;;;;U;;;; even if it was for that brief moment, the fact that they got along so well just. Augh. Be still my beating heart <3

  13. I’m not interest in real life.We love for RMPW drama.they act very well.So we love them so much and wait for they two together new drama.We support forever they two.


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