Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 8 Recap

What a marvelous wondrous episode of Rich Man, Poor Woman (though after this episode the title might need to be changed to Poor Man, Pretty Woman). I complained that the plot barely moved forward in episode 6, and honestly the same could be said for this episode 8. This episode was a scant two days in RMPW time, and involved Hyuga leaving Next Innovation. That was it. But you know what? What happened was a monumental emotional plot progression in terms of Hyuga learning about Asahina’s role in his ousting, Makoto picking Hyuga above all else (squeeeee), and Hyuga closing one professional door and hopefully opening another. I loved every minute of this episode, which was so suffused with emotional poignancy and intensity that sometimes I had to remind myself to breathe.

I felt that episode 8 really paid off the entire Hyuga-Asahina-Next Innovation business story. I worried it would feel really overwrought for Asahina to turn evil and push Hyuga out, but when it happened, I felt this feeling of catharsis like it was all meant to be. I wanted Hyuga out of there, even if it meant he lost everything, because the NI that existed today no longer fits this Hyuga. It was a creation of Hyuga-Asahina from the days when the former was a socially awkward tech geek and the latter a capable manager. Now Hyuga doesn’t need an Asahina around to manage his professional ideas, and Asahina is also ready to tackle his own challenges rather than piggyback on Hyuga. I hate how it all happened, but I’m looking forward to Hyuga-Makoto forming some even more awesome, like a Next Creation.

Episode 8 recap:

Hyuga quits Next Innovation and the media follows him out of the press conference asking for his reasons. The NI employees bar the media and allow Hyuga to leave the press conference. Makoto watches the press conference on an outdoor screen with tears in her eyes.

Hyuga purposefully walks through the NI offices, not looking at anyone, and barges into Asahina’s office. Asahina sits there with his back to Hyuga, and then raises his hands to clap and congratulate Hyuga for a job well done. Hyuga asks in shock whether Asahina orchestrated all of this?

Asahina pauses for a moment before bursting into maniacal laughter. He’s just remembered that this was indeed all his doing. He found a talented kid who wasn’t suitable for big company life, then nurtured and supported him to use him to make a boatload of money. Asahina confesses that he did plan this from the very beginning, though he’s started to reflect a bit recently. Reflect on what? You being an insecure asshat? Yeah, that must be really tough to deal with.

He’s been coddling that kid too much and that caused Hyuga to corrupt from within. Asahina claims that he was the one who made Hyuga Toru. Dream on, loser! Back to Makoto, her S-tel job offer envelope falls on the ground and she looks between it and the news report on Hyuga’s resignation. She picks up the envelope and walks into the S-tel building.

Hyuga sits with Yamagami who does the math and shows that Hyuga’s shares used as collateral for the loan have been bought up by Asahina and Yamagami, and the rest of Hyuga’s net worth has been used as compensation for the victims that had their personal info leaked. This leaves Hyuga will 1.5 million yen remaining in his bank account (which is equivalent to a little less than $20,000 USD). Yamagami realizes this makes Hyuga pretty much destitute, and he can’t believe this is happening.

Hyuga asks when Asahina started down this path, but Yamagami doesn’t know. He knows that Asahina has been snapping up Hyuga’s shares since the beginning and now he owns 40% of NI stock. Hyuga asks if Asahina was the one who leaked the personal files but Yamagami says there is no proof of that. Yamagami asks Hyuga to sign away his rights to the personal file project but Hyuga refuses.

Hyuga returns to his office and finds that he’s been locked out of his access to the personal file project. His attempts to access the files remotely triggers an automatic deletion of the files. Hyuga sits there trying to process everything and he ends up smashing all the computers on the ground.

Everyone is on pins and needles when Hyuga finally walks out to get a cup of coffee. Hyuga breaks the ice and voices what everyone wants to know – why he suddenly quit? Hyuga claims he wants to start a new company and take the personal file project with him. Asahina arrives and says this is just like Hyuga Toru – NI has grown too big and too bureaucratic, so Hyuga is going to start over again. Hyuga grips his coffee cup so hard he bends the edge but says nothing.

Asahina stands before the NI employees and announces that he’s taking over the task of leading the company now and trusts they will follow him to accomplish great things. Hyuga says nothing and we see a great juxtaposition of Asahina standing before the original NI wall with Hyuga all the way on the other side leaning against the coffee table, the two of them now facing such a huge divide. The camera pulls back and we see Makoto is there to witness this moment, and she looks very sad. She stares at Hyuga as he sips his coffee.

Hyuga finishes packing up his office as he throws things into a box. Makoto tentatively enters and he asks what she wants? Makoto expresses shock for his sudden resignation but Hyuga makes no move to explain. She offers to help but he declines, asking if she went to the pharmaceutical company? She says yes, smiling that the company is first rate and as a student she’s getting a great opportunity. They discussed her job with them, and Hyuga smiles and says it’s all good then.

Most of the NI employees have all jumped ship, discussing how Asahina was always the right person to lead NI and Hyuga was the wrong choice from the beginning since he lacked common sense and manners. Yasuoka and the other two engineers sneak into the conference room and discuss whether they should or follow Hyuga who is taking the personal file project with him.

Hyuga suddenly opens the door and tells them to follow him, giving them a brilliant smile. Makoto walks by and Hyuga grabs her and pulls her into the conference room in a headlock (LOL), claiming she’s also coming (with Makoto all confused since she said no such thing). Yasuoka asks if Makoto wasn’t going to accept the job with the pharmaceutical company but Hyuga silences her and says she’s declined the position and coming with him.

He smiles and says he needs people with talent to come with him on the personal file project. The two engineers are willing to go but Yasuoka will only go if Hyuga can correctly call out his name. Everyone stares intently waiting for Hyuga to say his name, and Hyuga tries hard but calls him Yamaoka. Poor Yasuoka says he’s not coming but then says he was kidding and will be tagging along. They suggest a farewell party for Hyuga and plan to announce their departure alongside him at the same time.

Yamagami sits with Asahina and asks why Asahina isn’t refuting Hyuga’s announcement that he’s taking the personal file project with him? Asahina wants to keep this ace in the hole, plus he doesn’t care what Hyuga says as long as Hyuga leaves without a fuss. Yamagami asks whether the company will fall into disarray once Hyuga leaves, but Asahina says he is capable of leading. Yamagami points out that Asahina was the one who called Hyuga the engine of the company.

Makoto meets with Yoko to order a catered meal for the farewell party for Hyuga. Yoko thinks its not appropriate at at time like this but Makoto reveals that Hyuga is leaving to start a new company and will be taking people along with him. Yoko remembers Asahina telling her to give up on Hyuga. Yoko says to herself that even if Hyuga isn’t at the company, she can still see him. Makoto is envious that Yoko can express her feelings so openly.

Yasuoka and Makoto prepare the slideshow about the history of Next Innovation to show at the farewell party. When Yasuoka asks another employee to come with them, she calls herself a member of the cat faction and will be staying since she doesn’t follow people. Yasuoka tells Makoto that the employees have split into dog and cat factions, the former following Hyuga to leave and the latter staying put.

Hyuga walks out not carrying any of his belongings and leaves. He has to be reminded to return tomorrow afternoon for the farewell party. As Hyuga gets to the building lobby, he hears Asahina asking why he didn’t take his stuff? Hyuga realized he doesn’t need anything. Asahina compliments him on being as clean and thorough as always. As Hyuga swipes out, Asahina asks for his name badge back and Hyuga turns around and tosses it to him before walking away.

Yoko asks her sous chef to help prepare the catered meal for the farewell party, and Nogi’s response makes her laugh since he sounds slightly jealous. Yoko and her restaurant side story continues to be so boring that fungus is starting to grow on it.

Makoto is watching her friend Haruka play ball and witnesses an altercation on the field. Haruka walks over and asks if this will be Makoto’s last time wearing this interview suit? Makoto asks how Haruka will feel if someone she trusted changed their behavior, thinking back to Asahina betraying Hyuga. Haruka points out that it could be due to one person unwittingly hurting the other.

Yasuoka is preparing for the farewell party and turns the speakers up really loud accidentally. Yamagami comes out to yell at him, and Yasuoka sighs that without Hyuga he has nothing to do. Yamagami helps Yasuoka hang up the projector screen and then looks up at Hyuga’s empty office. Makoto goes to see Asahina since this is her last day of internship with the company. Asahina apologizes for the company being in such disarray during her stay. Asahina asks if Makoto is willing to stay and work for NI, asking her to consider a full time offer with the company. Makoto doesn’t answer him.

Hyuga walks into the NI building and needs to go to the building security to get signed in, and Yasuoka has put Hyuga’s name on the visitor’s list. The guard hands him a visitor’s badge and asks how this happened?

Makoto waits by the elevator for Hyuga to arrive as the employees are enjoying the meal but still gossiping about why he quit the company (fired or he has other plans). Hyuga arrives and is ushered inside by Yasuoka before Makoto can speak with him.

The lights dim and the slide show begins on the history of Next Innovation, and it’s a really wonderfully poignant walk down memory lane. It shows young Hyuga and Asahina starting out and then adding Tono and more employees and growing even bigger. Hyuga watches this all and its clear he’s really affected by it.

Yoko offers him a juice while he drinks to compose himself. When the video gets to Asahina, the employees wonder why Asahina isn’t here? Yoko and Makoto watch the video of Asahina and Hyuga, with Makoto believing the two men are bound together by very strong bonds. Yoko loses her smile and walks away, knowing about Asahina’s betrayal.

The slide show ends and Hyuga is asked to go up and make a speech. Hyuga walks up to the front and starts by saying that eight years ago, he was someone who was covered in barbs and didn’t know any social graces. He didn’t know how to interact with people or remember their names, and then he chuckles that he still doesn’t know people’s names. He grew the company bigger and bigger not knowing how big it could get, and now he’s leaving.

To be honest, he never expected this. But since it happened, he expects the future will be even more exciting. The personal file project may be daunting, but it will be vastly rewarding. He couldn’t have gotten to this point by himself. He needed Yamagami to always nag him, and then Hyuga’s voice breaks before he says that he received the support and help from a lot of people.

He looks at the picture of himself with Asahina and composes himself before saying that it was because he had Asahina. He feels confident in handing off NI to Asahina. Hyuga ends his speech and goes to sit down. Yasuoka grabs the microphone and calls up the three engineers up to make an announcement.

Before the three of them could announce that they are following Hyuga to work on the personal file project, the television turns on and Asahina holds a news conference announcing that NI is partnering with JI Technology on the personal file project. Asahina announces that Hyuga has given up all his NI shares and no longer has any rights to the personal file project.

Everyone realizes that Hyuga is completely destitute and has no money of his own to work on the personal file project. Asahina arrives with flowers and thanks Hyuga for helping him get Board approval for the personal file project and to garner the partnership with JI Tech. Asahina thanks Hyuga for all he’s done and hands him a bouquet of flowers. GRAWR I WANT TO STAB ASAHINA WITH A SPORK RIGHT NOW.

Hyuga stands up and walks out, pausing to wait for the three employees to follow him. The two engineers apologize and back out. Hyuga calls out Yasuoka’s name and the poor guy cries and says he can’t go with Hyuga anymore. Asahina asks if Hyuga is trying to take employees, which is so not Hyuga’s style. Hyuga is arrogant and a loner, so has Hyuga turned into a loser without Asahina?

Hyuga smashes the flowers and screams that NI is HIS company. He created everything, built up everything, every little detail from the design of the office to the furniture was selected by him so everyone could best do their jobs. He asks if they are proud to be working at NI? If so, its all because of what he put in, so why does he have to leave? He was the one who made this company!

Makoto watches all of this with tears streaming down her face. Hyuga stops yelling and Asahina tells him to stop embarrassing himself now and just leave before Asahina has someone drag him out. Hyuga turns and sees Makoto crying and he takes a deep breath. He grabs a computer and throws it on the NI wall, leaving a nick on the words. He tells Asahina not to come ask him for the fee to pay for repairs, he can’t afford it.

Hyuga walks away and Asahina apologizes to the rest of the employees for Hyuga ruining the mood. Asahina tells Yoko to bring some more alcohol and Yoko gives her brother a huge-ass satisfying slap on the face. Okay, Yoko, that slap has redeemed you for whatever shit you annoyed me with in the first 7 episodes. Yoko says she’ll get the alcohol because that’s the job she was hired to do.

Hyuga gets into the elevator and turns around to slump against the wall. Makoto races to the elevator bank and stops Hyuga’s elevator door from closing. Hyuga says, with his head down, that the person he doesn’t want the most to see him like this is her. He forcibly closes the elevator door on Makoto.

She presses the button to summon another elevator and then races towards the stairwell rather than wait. Asahina arrives and points out that it’s a 25 floor run down. Makoto asks why Asahina destroyed something so precious? Wasn’t he the one who treasured Hyuga the most? Asahina smiles, saying he would get angry if anyone else said this, but Makoto is just so sincere.

Asahina says that if Makoto goes now, she’ll suffer. The elevator door opens and Makoto races towards it. Asahina grabs her hand and asks her not to go. Makoto says she won’t work for him, smiling to say that she likes Hyuga. She thanks him for all he did for her in the past. The door closes, leading Asahina slumped against the door, asking himself “so both of them are gone?”

Makoto rushes down to the parking garage and finds Hyuga on his bike ready to leave. She runs towards him and darts in front of his bike. She tells him that she wants to go with him. She doesn’t care about what he said that she needs to put herself first. Even if it’s a mistake, she doesn’t care and won’t ever come to regret it.

Makoto says she’s ended all her alternatives – she’s turned down both the pharmaceutical company and Asahina’s job offer. And then she laughs so awkwardly to lessen the heavy mood of the moment. Hyuga pauses before telling her to get on.

As Hyuga and Makoko pull out of the building, he stops the bike to allow some kids to cross the street. Hyuga turns to look up at the building and Makoto notices. She gets off the bike and tells him that she wants to take a picture to commemorate today – it’s not a day of endings but a day of beginnings.

Makoto drags a reluctant Hyuga off his bike. He takes off his helmet and then takes her helmet off. They stand in front of the building and Makoto uses her cell phone to take a selca. She smiles at how nice the picture turned out.

They walk back to the bike and Hyuga turns to look at the building again, staring calmly as he says “this building was once my everything.” Makoto replies “I know.” Hyuga smirks and puts on his helmet before putting on Makoto’s helmet.

He gets on his bike and pulls her arms tightly around his waist, and then they’re off. Makoto smiles as the wind whips through her helmet, and even Hyuga’s eyes under the helmet appear to have his sparkle back.

Thoughts of Mine:

Excuse me while I scrape my jaw off the flower. Wowsers, that was indeed forty-some minutes of breakneck entertainment that rocketed my emotions from depression to elation like a rubber band being played. Bravo to the writer for really taking Hyuga through all the stages of dealing with the unthinkable betrayal of Asahina that resulted in him having nothing and needing to start over again. He went from shell-shocked to disbelieving to wry to stoic to teary and finally to all-out fury. Oguri Shun pretty much nailed every tiny emotional twist and turn in this episode, and really I can watch him just angst all day long. And clearly so can Makoto.

Who else clapped like a trained seal during the final sequence of this episode? When Makoto chased after Hyuga, announced she was following him (and his dreams) and then two of them paused for a picture break before riding off into the sunset – yeah, that was sheer perfection. What might come across as maudlin on paper was instead heartfelt and activated all my smile buttons when I watched it. Makoto might like Hyuga, but she’s not following him because of just that. She’s following him because he inspires her, both personally in her own life, as well as inspires her on a grander scale with his visionary perceptive ability. I like that she didn’t choose him because of pure emotional connection, but because she wants to start her career with him. I dig that and totally support her.

Asahina was all sorts of icky and repulsive in this episode, but I’m thrilled that it’s now clear to everyone just what a loathsome toad he is. Yoko’s slap was awesome and sooooooo well-deserved. I wish we could all line up and play a game of Slap-An-Asahina (which might include Yoko somewhere down the line if she ever pull any tricks the way her brother has done). I don’t fault Yasuoka and the other two engineers for electing to stay with NI, and really I want to see Hyuga with only Makoto by his side as he forges another path in life. Will it be the personal file project? I don’t necessarily think it needs to be. Why not let NI-JI Tech have it and find himself another grand undertaking to tackle. I also hope the story turns back to Hyuga finding his mother and not let that plot point slide. For now, RMPW has returned to my good graces totally and completely.


Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 8 Recap — 32 Comments

  1. Super Wow! What an episode! Thank you Ms.Koala for taking me on the RMPW adventure train! The highs, the lows, the quick turns, had me screaming with delight one moment and hanging on for dear life a second later, what a ride. Whew! Cannot wait til next week!

  2. I posted the first part of the following in today’s Open Thread at Dramabeans, but I knew I would not get many comments because I posted later in the day. I really want to hear what people think about this. I agree with the one commenter who talked abut the years of Asahina’s bitterness. I am also relieved that Hyuga is leaving because I agree with Koala that Hyuga needs to leave, but I am not sure he would have done that on his own. So my new question (in addition to my posting below) is whether or not people think that the reason Asahina is so nasty is because he feels like Hyuga probably should not be there either–that he understands at some level that Hyuga is bigger than even what they have built and that just pisses him off royally. [Sidenote:You will be happy to know Ms. Koala that many people are talking about this drama over there because of you:
    “Asahina is a great villain, but I am not sure that I am understanding him. I “get” that he really wants to get rid of Hyuga and is jealous and bitter that he has to have basically been the “grown up” in the organization to help build the company. I even “get” that he looked for someone like Hyuga so he could do this, knowing that he needed a spark that he did not have. I could get the bitterness of his type, brilliant enough to recognize that he does not have the brilliance that he needs to be great. However, I don’t get the nastiness level. Hyuga is gone or going, so does he have to rub it in? Does he have to show up at the going away party to make sure no one else leaves? Does he have to make him turn in his id card? Even his own sister slaps him in the face, and I don’t think its just because she is in love Hyuga.

    • Asahina is just being a petty brat in addition to the scumbag that he is. All the years of put downs from Hyuga….he’s getting him back for it all. I guess 8 or so years of knowing that he’s #2 (even his sister told him so), to being put down, finally being backed by Tono & Yamaguchi (altho Y doesn’t know the extent of A’s betrayal), and wanting to head NI is just enough incentive for Asahina to humiliate Hyuga for little things.

      Yoko realized (like Makoto) that despite the fact that Hyuga is abrasive he isn’t necessarily a jerk. Whereas her brother planned the betrayal…socially he may be the good guy but he really isn’t. He betrays Hyuga and publicly snatches the PF project & humiliates him in front of his former employees. That slap couldn’t have come at a better time.

    • I think Asahina was cold and calculating when he started the company. He had a long-term goal and was willing to gamble everything to get it. I think he saw some of Hyuga’s potential, but not all. Over the years, he realized how much potential Hyuga really has and became increasingly jealous of his gifts, and realized that, unlike Hyuga, he really had nothing to offer. So, he came to hate Hyuga, and his pettiness came out in a big way. He probably felt that it was getting some kind of “just revenge.”

      Plus, there’s the whole I’m-keeping-what’s-mine intimidation scheme. Hyuga can’t take any employees away, because they’re possessions of Asahina’s, and he wants to make sure they stay that way. People are definitely afraid of him now.

  3. I am SO glad you posted this recap after I watched this episode. All of us went through the gamut of emotions that Hyuga went through in this episode. I felt like someone had kicked me to the curb during the farewell party scene. OMGoshhh!! Hyuga’s pained unshed tears and then finally breaking down w/ the unfairness of it all…how he had put his heart, soul, basically everything into building NI-and to top it that a-hole Asahina rubbing it in…ARGHHHHHH!! I wanted to beat the $hit outta him. I can’t stand his filthy, slimy, backstabbing ways. Yoko’s slap made me feel much better…..didn’t how much until Makoto sayonara’d him off!

    How could I go from getting all teary-eyed to fist pumping w/in a few minutes?! That ending was PERFECT!! I pretty much lost it when Hyuga wrapped Makoto’s arms around his waist. SQUEEEIng so hard!! And, Oguri Shun is the very definition of perfection! <333

    Thank you Ms. Koala for this recap. Much appreciated!

  4. Asahina was a turkey from the word go. I don’t think he started scheming from the moment he met Hyuga, but probably as soon as Hyuga started shining and he was in the shadows. Even then, Hyuga knew that Asahina was capable of pretending kindness but plotting.

    Earlier in the show, Hyuga fired a couple of people – Asahina made like a nice guy and promised to help one of them, but then ignored him, and it was Hyuga who helped him out. Then there was the programmer who Hyuga invested in, even though Asahina demanded to know why he was setting up a competitor.

    So at least his bout of evil wasn’t sudden but was building. Hyuga may only have $20,000 – but he also has his brains. Asahina may have the company, but I doubt he has any vision of where it could go, he just wants to sell out.

  5. What a great recap of a great episode!
    Thanks for doing this despite being slammed coming back from fun times.

    LOL and agree at Yoko and her restaurant side story continues to be so boring that fungus is starting to grow on it.

    I think you are right that while Makoto says she’s going with him on the spur of the moment, and with her feelings, that isn’t exactly true. Obviously, H has inspired her for the last two months, and challenged her professionally. Going with him won’t be bad for whatever career path that leads to. She has also more than hinted that the pharm job she won by doing hellish research was just going to be more hell. She wasn’t going to be inspired at S-tel, but drudgery-ed out.

    There were two “Huh? Hmmm?” moments for me:
    1. Haruka guesses that Ass-hat did that to Hyuga because “it could be due to one person unwittingly hurting the other.”
    I wonder if along with a continuous feeling of inadequacy and jealousy between them was also ONE pivotal moment where A got hurt.
    2.Ass-hat looks sad as M followed H out “asking himself ‘so both of them are gone?’” So some of the good feelings were real, right? A didn’t hate H the whole time. How could he?
    We saw such passion between them in the scene in As office where H wants to crush A, but holds back. Followed by that forehead to forehead embrace while A cruelly insults H.
    Wow! I can’t say that it was sexual really, but it was sensual.
    And, no, Ass-hat, you did not make H. I agree that by handling the finances, you afforded H a safe work environment where he could create brilliantly. But H was the driving force behind the company’s success and growth. That’s like saying Mozart’s agent created him. (I know Mozart didn’t have an agent…)

    Let’s go with the romance now, and kissing LOTS of kissing. I’ll even take a taste as long as Shun and Satomi keep looking at each other like they do. Both are so expressive, it makes me melt.

    I really can’t wait until this Monday, but I am glad it’s only three days away!!!!

    • Asahina penchant for standing near, sitting near, and touching Hyuga when he is rubbing in his betrayal creeps me out and fills me with rage. It’s a very specific and personal reaction for me, because when I am angry it drives me over the edge when someone touches me. No matter their intentions, I always feel the physical contact as being condescending and an assertion of dominance. I do think that there is some attempts at dominance in Asahina’s physical contact with Hyuga when he is exalting in his cunning.

      What really troubles me is that Hyuga has so few human connections and the two people he has had the most connection with, his mother and Asahina, have deeply betrayed him. In that situation I can understand if he were to have deep and abiding trust issues.

      • @Yumi—Love both your points—especially about the touching thing. It IS a huge attempt to assert dominance, and a major manipulation tactic. And it’s just so creepy.

        @Jomo—The sensual but not sexual thing—so true and an awesome description. I also loved the Mozart’s agent thing.

    • @jomo funny you mentioned Mozart. I was precisely thinking of Mozart being Hyuga and Salieri being Asahina in the play Amadeus. The genius and the mediocre – with the latter being so bitter over the brilliance he felt was inexplicably bestowed upon the former that he instigated his demise.

      I peronally think that the trigger in Ass-hat’s attitude towards Hyuga was when Makoto came into their lives. Asahina was initially intrigued, impressed and eventually came to like Makoto. But she does not see anyone apart from Hyuga, and can’t talk about anything or anyone else but Hyuga, despite his cold and oftentimes rude treatment of her. His growing insecurity grew progressively worse when everyone around him expressed the same sentiments – Yamagami, Sakaguchi, even his own sister! asserting that he is ONLY second to Hyuga.

      I think he did this to prove to Makoto more than anyone else that he is better, brighter and can be bigger than Hyuga. I think he sacrificed Hyuga as a cost to win Makoto. That is why for me, more than the Yoko-slap, Makoto’s declaration that she likes Hyuga and the elevator closing dramatically after that, and his bitter, losing statement in the end “both of you are gone…?” – was infinitely more satisfying. *fist pump!

      So for now, Hyuga’s brilliance is dimmed… but the reality is that you can only cover the splendour of a diamond by covering it with mud. You would hope that others would no longer be blinded when you covered its sheen. But those who know the real thing, will always recognize the gem, know its value and believe in its innate brilliance!

  6. This episode is just SU.PERB! Totally awesome! As you said, ms koala, this episode is bringing us through all that emotional jet-coaster and Oguri Shun is just doing it soooooo perfectly. The eyes! oh! How his eyes talked in this drama!!!! The small flickering of his eyes, the unsure ness, the held up inside emotion, the rage, the new hope and the relieve! Gosh! So great!
    And Satomi played Makoto so well too! I really, really love her acting while they were going to take photos in front of the building. Her “I know” KYAAAHHH!!! So perfect!

    Will be looking forward for the next episode! 3 more to go~!

    • OH! And on the scene when Asahina gave flower to Hyuga. GOOOSSSHHH!!!! That flower felt like giving / putting a flower in front of a grave / tomb. I mean, (forgive my choice of words) but, It is like giving a flower to a dead man. That Asahina is so so cruel!

      • (forgive me for another posts)

        OH!! And another one! The Elevator scene between Asahina and Makoto, well… that makes me feel like what Asahina wants from Makoto is like (forgive my analogy again) wanting a dog. One who will follow him and do as he beckon. Since there’s the scene in…. was it eps 6 or 7, when Makoto was squatting in front of the NI wall when Hyuga was in his office room brooding, and then Asahina came and sat on the sofa, and commented “You make me want to have a dog.”
        (and thus also the use of cat faction and dog faction)

  7. Well done, Koala! Absolutely loved this episode as well. RMPW has become my most fave drama at the moment! Was really happy to see today it getting some love on other drama sites, too. Mondays can’t arrive soon enough for me. Hyuga + Makoto = PERFECTION

  8. Just when I thought I couldn’t drama-love Oguri any more….ep 8 falls out of the sky and has me squeeing and fangirling for 2 days! This whole ep was BRILLIANT. I don’t have enough good words for how the two leads are nailing the full spectrum of emotions the characters go through literally in the span of a few minutes.

    Just by watching Huyga’s eyes during the farewell party we could tell exactly what he was feeling and so could Makato who, at the time, could only support him silently from across the room & cry for the pain of heart he is experiencing.

    I don’t even have the words to say how fantastic the last 10 minutes of this ep were. The elevator scene, jumping in front of his bike, the “starting over” photo….and riding off into the sunset. It was completely, perfectly WONDERFUL when Hyuga’s not only *allowed* Makato to accompany him, but he *WELCOMED* her when he moved her arms from his shoulders to around his waist. I found myself rewatching that scene just as I would rewatch a beautiful kiss/confession scene. Isn’t that funny? *goes off to watch it again*

    That simple action was sublime! It spoke volumes for Huyga to invite her to hold on to him tighter and when his hand held hers for a moment before they rode off…..SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!! No words were needed to convey not just the affection, but the emotional support our hero desperately needs right now.

    Can’t wait for ep 9! Watching a Monday drama is the only thing that makes me wish the weekend went by faster –especially since I have to wait ’til Wed/Thurs for subs! LOL

  9. I haven’t watched this epi yet but LOVED the recap and this line?

    “Yoko and her restaurant side story continues to be so boring that fungus is starting to grow on it.”


    I hate Asshat with the fire of a thousand suns. I really wish we had gotten a tad bit more concrete evidence of what pushed Asshat over the edge. Or, if he has indeed been planning this for ages, it would’ve been nice to see in flashback an example of Hyuga’s behavior that sparked Asshat’s malice. I love Hyuga as a character, but he can be incredibly cruel and it would be interesting to see how that played out in his relationship with Asshat, historically. I think then the betrayal would hold more weight.

    Also? I think that following Hyuga is 110% the smartest business decision Makoto could EVER make. Of course emotionally he is a crippled little puppy and could hurt her in the future, but he’s a freaking genius and with her hard work and generous people skills, the two will be absolutely unstoppable. I get why Hyuga was wary of having her follow him in the last episode (she is SO genuine and SO naive in a lot of ways, and he probably doesn’t trust himself to not break her heart and, ultimately, her). But…from her perspective? Everything the man touches turns to gold.

  10. Thanks for providing a space to discuss this drama.

    I’d be amazed if this line “Haruka points out that it could be due to one person unwittingly hurting the other.” doesn’t play into the explanation for Asahina’s behavior. Nothing will make it forgivable, but there might be some explanation.

  11. Oh, so emotional! I wanted to kill that Ass..ahina. Taking everything from Hyuga… and in such evil way… purposely hurting H. as much as possible… BUT one thing A. didn’t manage – to take Makoto away. New beginning is here, this time with a loving and supporting partner with no side thoughts! Go Hyuga, go!

    Honestly, this is my current crush drama. Yes, I like Arang and it’s mystical world, I find Miss Rose cute and I’m curious about the Korean version of Hana Kimi… but RMPW is the only drama when I count down the days to the next episode. Thank you for your recaps and sharing the love for this drama.

  12. i have to say every time i see Oguri Shun drama i fall in love with him no not with him with the person he play ,he make me love another person every time and forget it the same person and it really hard to find actor like him maybe a good actor who make you love his role but an actor who make you really forget him and not think about what he play on the past even if you stiil on love with that role it really rare things. and i have know not a lot who can do it. but back to my sweet Huyga i really can uderstand him and sure he going to hurt Makoto as you said ,and he know that well that why he didn’t accept her before even when he know that she someone special to him from the start , its hard to him to accept the trust and love even if he was longing to them cause its hard after all this years ,and him knowing that very well doesn’t mean he can aviode hurting her /but i trust Makoto i trust her guts,her stubborn and i knew she can handle that scared ,tired ,broken and stubborn child and i am soo looking for its.
    for Asahina i got that strange feelling that he doing all that for Huyga but on the hard way ,i dont know why but i get this feelling when i see him talk with Huyga its like a father give a hard leason for his spoiled child and i may be wrong i don’t konw, but i dont see a really hate or revange in his talk even with all the terrible words he say or maybe i just hoping this cause this 2 friendship is really great from the start ,something i really wants to not lose faith in it.

  13. Thankyouu for keep recapping the drama!! I watched ep 7 and 8 in marathon after that horrible episode :s And i have to say it was all worth it to go through all this process and have a perfect ending in this episode. Hyuga and Makoto are truly a wonderful OTP. I was a fan of Oguri Shun and on the way of becoming Ishihara Satomi fan.

    I usually becoming a person who liked second lead, but i just can’t understand Asahina at all. What’s on his mind, his plan, his goal. His act made Hyuga becoming the good guy, when i thought at first he was the good guy. Maybe he just want to be recognized and because hyuga took all the attention, he get rid of him in a really unpleasant way. In the end i just feels sorry for him.

    Really looking forward and hype up for the next episode!! Cause it’s all gonna be makoto-hyuga XD

    • I am totally with you on the wtf ness of Asahina.

      He is prolly bluffing when he says he has planned this from the git-go. I call BS on that. I think he DID see H as a revenue monster and wanted to exploit him, but not as someone he had planned on making and breaking.
      First of all, how could he possibly have seen their future success that clearly? Secondly, you can’t have that much passionate hate for someone you hardly know.
      I think over the years he developed this envy driven slow boiling destructive love hate thing for Hyuga.
      Are we supposed to believe that ALL that emotion completely eclipsed his logical business brain? There is no way he thinks he can go forward with NI, matching their previous growth rate without at least ONE brilliant programmer. I almost hope he has a trump card of Hyuga’s biggest rival hidden up his sleeve, but by now at least we would have heard of him/her.
      I guess A could hire back that other good but unproductive guy from the earlier eps.
      With the constant renewal and dismissal of employees who just can’t cut it at NI, it’s pretty clear that H was the top dog for what he does.

      For now, they are safe. A has the PF project locked down, most of the programming done, a team of good but not great guys who can finish up. What is next? Where is the next big thing going to come from for them? Who is going to be able to recognize and hire outstanding programmers? Who is going to keep them on their toes?

      I am sure there is a Shakespearean character – Othello? – who destroys himself because of jealousy, but I am sure they also didn’t paint him as a brilliant tactician and businessman. The two don’t mix for me.

  14. I’m a newbie here but a fan to Oguri Shun & Satomi. Really excited to see them matched in this RMPW and from the very start they both were so unique and watching them is really entertaining on its won. I am so delighted to read all the comments posted here.

    Gee whiz!! amazing! I know many felt so much against Asahina but that role was acted so well that we could feel his envy towards Hyuga. Different views aired here and yes, is there any mischief behind his cruel action? Is it just a facade to mask his true intention? We shall see.

    I heard it’s only to 11 episodes. Today’s is Monday and yet another 2 long weeks to wait for the ending 🙂 happy watching to the addicts of RMPW !!

  15. Wow, A looked like he wanted to totally cripple H by getting M to stay by his side. I’m glad she finally saw things clearly betw the two.

    Well, it looks like one small step for the two of them. H did all of the field work on the PF, which A does not seem to care about. I expect a major fail coming his way re this project.

    Thanks OcKoala!

  16. Thank you for the recap Ms. Koala. The most amazing emotional rollercoaster! Very intense. I wanted to comment on Asahina. What a complex character. Jomo your insights on Asahina are very interesting. I can’t help think that his self destructive streak of seeking greatness for himself and not thinking past what will happen with NI when the real innovator Hyuga is gone echoes real life business decisions. This story makes me think of Steve Jobs life. He was pretty much backstabbed and kicked out of Apple computers like Hyuga only to come back like a phoenix to rescue and resurrect the company years later. I see this story as a celebration of inovators everywhere and the difficulties and challenges they face from Asahinas (Greed symbol) to envy, resentment, being misunderstood, etc. Asahina’s character brings all that to life. Enjoying every moment of this, can’t wait for next episode!

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