Preview for Episode 7 of Arang and the Magistrate

Arang and the Magistrate is really a pleasure to watch from a fresh creative standpoint. It’s not groundbreaking but really transports the viewer into a world that doesn’t feel like a stale retread of many folk tales and ghost stories of yore, even if a closer look reveals that it does liberally borrow from many other such supernatural tales of mystery and woe. I’m actually fine with this story eschewing romance for all the other cool stuff that’s happening, but it chose to introduce a pretty heady romantic prospect of human Eun Oh with ghostly-something-or-another Arang, so not following through it with six-episodes in makes me feel like something is missing. The written and video preview for episode 7 leaves me all excited to see more headway in the OTP front and plenty of heady mysteries revealed about the nefarious intentions of Lady Seo and her maybe connection with the powerful figures of the supernatural realm such as Moo Young and the two rulers. I love how unapologetically evil she is, and kinda wish Joo Wal was her eager and willing apprentice rather than this guy who reluctantly kills armed with his own childhood sob story. It very challenging to write sympathetic villains and so far Joo Wal is a fail on getting me to feel any shred of emotion for him, hence I would have loved to see him go all out evil. 

Written preview for episode 7:

Do you want to save me? Or kill me?

Eun Oh, who has discovered the hidden talismans, tracks the final one to a tree all the way to the edge of a cliff. He finds the last talisman and sticks his head to peek over the cliff…. On the other hand, the Jade Emperor orders Moo Young to go to the hidden burial site and look for any lingering clues.

Video preview for episode 7:

Eun Oh: What are these talismans?

Lady Seo: What’s meant to come to pass has finally arrived. It’s all because of you!

Joo Wal: I confirmed that she stopped breathing! But I don’t know how she resurrected and then ran away.

Lady Seo: A dead person that resurrected?

The King of Hell: The humans in the human realm cannot track it.

Jade Emperor: Don’t we have that child? The secret final weapon.

Arang: Why are you still chasing after me?

Moo Young: Woo Ryung, could it be you?

Lady Seo: The seal has been broken and they will quickly find it. You guys are finally of use now.

Arang: Magistrate, you can’t lose consciousness!


Preview for Episode 7 of Arang and the Magistrate — 9 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting the previews Koala. Sometimes the weekly wait is just unbearable that watching you deal with your addiction via these tidbits helps me with mine too. 🙂

  2. This looks wonderful. Like you, I am fine without romance but the romance does add a delicious cherry on top of the wonderful sundae.

  3. You guys don’t understand how this show is affecting me.
    I literally slept with the light on last weekend when I was alone in the house. I stayed up watching funny Japanese movies until my eyes closed because of the scary parts of this show.

    I WANT THE ROMANCE back just so I have my nights back.

    • Hihi, can you imagine me, at 2 am, watching episode 6 and my Siberian grey cat walking around the room, with its green eyes :)) spooky!

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