Written Preview for Episode 10 of Rich Man, Poor Woman

Much as I loathe to be the etiquette police, I’ll probably end up doing it every few months anyways despite always hoping I didn’t have to. I’ve seen my preview translations and other Rich Man, Poor Woman stuff being lifted wholesale and reposted elsewhere without ever asking me. That’s a big no-no in bloggyland, and I would hate to lock my posts from copying to everyone. No need to take those past posts down, but kindly cut it out from now on, m’kay? So back to RMPW, which feels like its flown by in how quickly this story has unfurled. Feels like yesterday I was watching episode 1 due to mild curiosity and finding myself inexplicably hooked.

Next week is the penultimate episode, and from the gist of the written preview, I sense a lot of issues will be set up for resolution. I appreciate how fast-paced this story is, but I worry a bit that the whole entire Asahina-turns-to-the-dark-side arc may get packaged up too easily and a bunch of emotional threads brushed aside. Asahina may be a turd but I know a part of him really cares about Hyuga and did enjoy the company building process with him, and I hope the two men can openly address that they had a functionally dysfunctional relationship that was equal parts good and bad. As for Makoto and Hyuga, forget kissing and skinship, I just want them to truly step towards their respective professional futures while finding a new normal together as a couple.

Written preview for episode 10:

The Tokyo Prosecutor’s Office have arrested Asahina and asks to speak with Hyuga, who testifies that he doesn’t have any knowledge that Asahina directed the leak of the personal files. The Prosecutor tells him that it was Tono who leaked the personal files. Yoko is overwhelmed by the media who have tracked her down at the restaurant wanting to ask about her brother. Nogi suggests that she take some time off.

Makoto happily welcomes Hyuga back to Wonder Wall. But when Hyuga learns that Next Innovation is being further investigated and risks bankruptcy, he can’t help but feel heartache. To help the new company quickly get on track, he works hard with Makoto beside him. But Makoto feels this sadness as she watches Hyuga maturing to run his own business. Yamagami finds Hyuga and begs him to return to Next Innovation. Hyuga says there is something else he wants to protect now, but…..

Hyuga goes to the jail to visit Asahina but Asahina refuses to see him. Not just Hyuga, Asahina also refuses to meet with Yoko or their parents. At this time, Hyuga receives an email from Makoto asking to take some time off. Hyuga senses something is wrong and he calls Makoto but she doesn’t answer her phone. He is worried and rushes to her apartment, but Makoto is already gone……..


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  1. Thanks, Ms. Koala!!! I’ve been checking and waiting for the preview the next episode all day. I can’t believe RMPW is almost coming to an end *cries*. THanks for introducing me (and I know many others) to this drama.

  2. I can’t believe we’re a ep 10 already!! It feels like RMPW just started and now it’s almos over?! As much as I would like to watch our OTP for 16 or 20 episodes, maybe 11 is a good place for the story to end, because, really…how much more of the Asahinas can we take? I don’t want the final ep to come, but on the other hand I do want it to come –as long as Huyga & Makato are riding off into the sunset together. 😎

    Like Koala, I started watching this on a whim (mostly for Oguri) and am so glad I stuck around!

  3. 🙁 why give us an almost kiss!? I could choke the writers!! :/
    OMG the part where he’s waiting for her and they see each other!! Awwwwww 😉
    Ok, thank you soooo much for your previews!
    Ps, I also found this JDrama by accident and I’m so glad I did. (my 1st JDrama 🙂

  4. Rich Man, Poor Woman has been one of the best J-dramas I’ve watched in a while and I’m glad I picked it up right from the start (mainly for the Oguri Shun factor…he rarely disappoints me). I’ll be sad when RMPW ends, but I always feel that J-dramas never over tell a story or give us more episodes (for the sake of ratings) than what is necessary that are full of filler. I am sad to see the Makoto/Hyuga story end, but as long as they get their happy ending (both romantically and professionally) I’ll be happy!

  5. Those bloggers seriously shouldn’t have done so. I mean, you were the one who translated it, so you should have at least been credited, yunno. Anyway, if you do want to lock the posts from being copied, I will totally support that. Although, I must say, if they really were that desperate, they would probably just type it word by word. Thanks for the translation!

  6. Ah, I forget how short J-doramas are. What am I going to do without Hyuga and Makoto to swoon over? Honestly, I’ve been turned off by all the K-dramas that I’ve tried to watch lately and RMPW is my only addiction these days. Can’t believe it is almost over. 🙁

    • RMPW couldn’t have come at a better time. After K2H ended I was in a drama rut….watching some of the K-dramas airing at the time dispassionately. I had even re-watched my fave J-doramas when this drama happened upon me. <3 it SO much.

    • Same here! I used to love K-dramas, but they always seems to go through, like, a year long cycle of REcycling. Only seen one or two other good J-dramas that weren’t procedurals or scary (>_< Eeep! Chicken: "Hai!!"), so after finding this… I am tempted to look that way for my drama-fix. Other than that, I honestly don't know what I'm supposed to watch until some country's writers get their act together. Romance, people; it cannot be faked! <3 RMPW 4Ev-Ar!!

  7. Thanks for the translation Ms. K! Now, I am getting more anxious about episode 10 as the preview doesn’t really tell us that much unlike the other earlier previews.

    I am kinda sad that it will be ending in 2 episodes. I hope they will make a special, 3 special episodes will do. hahahha! I can’t get over Makoto and Hyuga’s chemistry. Mondays will never be the same without them. sigggghhhhh…….

  8. Honestly kissing is an afterthought.. what I want is for Hyuga to do something to show that he loves her. Words are enough! I hate when the girls (in dramas coughISWAKcough) are all over the guy, who doesn’t do anything!! We can see it but that doesn’t count.. I really liked how he held her hand (sort of) on the bike.

    As for ep 10, I am curious to see what is Makoto’s issue…

  9. Oh, is she going to see his mother or her parents or both? Anyway, it’s good to see that they’re going together to the place, Makoto feels they should visit. She always knows what he needs. He can rely on her.

    How many episodes are left?

  10. Thaks for your hardwork.I like very muchb this drama.Lead actor’s acting is very well.I like more lead actress.She have supported to him.she understanding him very well.Her open warmlyheart to him.He also know that but he evertime avoided that.This drama is ending soon everybody hope happly ending.We miss them soon.Good Luck and cheer thaem.

  11. Thank Koala for the preview, l’ve waiting for it.

    Asahina to jail? That was fast. The evil doesnt seems to be damn evil afterall. With another 2 episodes left, l just feel like there’s too many things, problems and issues to be looked into and solved. l bet those 2 remaining episodes will be fast in everything like Asahina to jail.

    It will be more satisfying if Hyuga meet his mother’s scene be the last episode together with our loving OTP true love reveal.Every NI and Wonder Wall together with Yoko and Asahina being in jail’s issues should be cleared first. Then the ending should be superb!!!

    The last episodes hopefully will show more chemistry between OTP. Now, l am really addicted to RMPW more than any Korea drama airing now. After that l only have Faith to watch over. Why must you end this fast…???

    • Now that you mention it, it will take Makota’s influence on both sides to get the mother son together.
      Mom has repeatedly refused to see him; Hyuga hasn’t been whole enough to go by himself and face her.

      Makota could fake Huyuga Mom out by pretending to want to introduce her future husband, and in walks Hyuga.

    • I know the feeling… what to watch next when RMPW ends soon? I am following Faith as well – its going to be more than 20 episodes (24? 25 episodes?) so still pretty long until it ends.

      Any other suggestion Ms Koala ? cheers ;)b

      • I was thinking… that the reason why Makoto left without a word is because she senses that she is the one who is pulling Hyuga back from going back to Next Innovation, his business baby. And as we have noticed from the whole series, Makoto’s love is very self-sacrificing (not in the melo way, or noble idiots as they call, which is also one point I like about this drama or jdorama in general). So by her route of thinking, she chooses to leave temporarily. Maybe she has gone back to her hometown? 😀 Where Hyuga’s mum is. And Hyuga, knowing that Makoto is now an indispensible person in his life (he is an emotionally shy person, so for him to take that step in realising at the end of ep 9, I feel that his feelings for Makoto must have been really strong to begin with), will venture down to her hometown to fetch her back. And bam! They will meet at his mother’s restaurant because it seems that Makoto likes to confide in his mother over heart matters. I mean, you can be all okay with leaving the man whom you gave up a plushy job offer for right? She has to feel sad somehow. 😛

      • Gerry, this is a very interesting “forecast”? it makes sense and sounds possible! cant wait for Monday! usually not looking fwd to Monday but for RMPW, gives Monday a different meaning – LOL 😉

  12. Koala Dear,

    I just want to let you know that when I put anything anywhere else, it’s just a linky to your site. I hope that is okay. I assume from reading your concern that people are copying your work and posting it on their sites without permission. Just let me know if you don’t want me to do linkies to your site.

    By the way, even though I’ve been to busy to post, I do appreciate your great work. Thank you!

  13. I’m another lover of this jdrama! Everyone involved has done a great job – writer, director, actors… Kudos, kudos, kudos!! I, too, would like to see a kiss, BUT, even more, I would like to see him be gentle and loving toward her. Brush her hair behind her ear, run his knuckles down her cheek, give her a back hug, reach for her hand, actions that show us how much she means to him and how much he needs her in his life. Passion is great, but to be passionately sweet and loving, to me at least, is even better, because it leads to the passion itself! So here’s to hoping that we’ll get our loving, romantic, passionate, emotionally satisfying ending for this OTP.

  14. To me, since Makoto is younger than Hyuga, and doesn’t quite understand his passionate workaholic behavior as an independent adult. I believe she misinterprets it as him not needing her. Or since the scene shows her working in the lab, maybe she’s earning extra money for herself because her parents are pressing her to land a job. In any case, Makoto with patience and a lot of love (when it gets to that stage) has quite a bit of work ahead of her. Hyuga’s a really good man, not too complicated, just a workaholic at times. Yet, being jobless and homeless will make any sound person a workaholic if they weren’t one in the beginning! Next, does Yoko think that by telling him where his mother lives will gain favor or points with him? Foolish woman! She doesn’t know like Makoto does that his mother doesn’t want to meet him! ugh!!!!

  15. is there wont be any RMPW special story or something something ??
    we need more toru hyuga-makoto romantic interaction. all we see in the 9 ep so far was less romantic and more about work work work. please..please.. huhuhuuu….

  16. Okay! I just saw ep. 10 in the raw. Mind you…I really, really like Hyuga, but will it take a mountain to fall on him before he expresses his feelings to Makoto and to give the poor woman some kind of inkling that he likes! Come on Hyuga!!! When he finally found out where she was working and surprised her on the grounds while she was on break, I thought something different was going to happen. I don’t know Japanese, but I know body language and can read eyes and facial expression! She was hurt after their conversation. At the monastery, he agonized over not finding her. So does he think he’s being cool or what??? Whatever it is, is trying to agonize me! Well, at least at the end the enfamous airport drama scene appears with him running through the airport hoping to catch Makoto before her flight departs! Ugh…Hyuga!!!! Or should I say…ugh writer! Why do it that way???!!! All I can say is that this better end well!

    • I am equally devastated after watching episode 10 raw version too last night. like a crazy drama-addict, refreshing the page almost every hour and then watched it without subs when I only understand arigato 😉

      arghhhh…. airport scene?!? can’t believe it when a glimpse preview of the last episode was included in episode 10. why at the airport? after all the fire and turbulence, dont dampen our hope of a memorable ending of this addictive drama.

      Ms Koala, any recap for ep10 and preview for last episode? 🙂 just asking…

      • Adekmanja, you’re so funny…arigato! I’m one up on you haight (spelling ???)! LOL! That’s about it for me!

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