Saying Farewell and Disembarking the May Queen Ride

I’m out folks! Strangely I’m not upset or anything, probably because I knew it was inevitable plus I got plenty of happy beforehand so it was all worth it. This weekend’s May Queen finally drove the wedge between Chang Hee and Hae Joo with his discovery of his father’s role in her birth father’s death (and not even that his father also mowed her adoptive father down, which is like pouring acid on an open wound). At the end of episode 16, Chang Hee asks Hae Joo to break up, and unlike the last time when she tried to break up with him and he kissed her into boating their angst away, this time I’m sure it’ll stick. Mostly because this drama is almost halfway done and the writers have to get on a move on in transferring Hae Joo’s affections over to Kang San. I totally accept that San is the better, saner, healthier choice for her as a long term partner, but I find him as interesting as a slightly loopy puppy plus there is no way I will abandon the Chang Hee-Hae Joo ship when they are in love with each other and can’t be together because of circumstances beyond their control. As opposed to him turning evil. So that means I’m ending my MQ ride now and retaining all my happy shippy Chang Hee-Hae Joo moments from the first half of the drama. I love their childhood love story, and the adult portions were as good as I had hoped, with them dating, being so warm and affectionate with each other, and busting out the passionate romance when the situation called for it. However the drama ends, I got what I wanted out of it and for that it was time well spent. I’ll disembark with a cute picture of Jae Hee being goofy on the set and an MV below of my preferred OTP falling in love.

I love how my OTP got so many happy and lovey dovey moments together before the mean scriptwriter tore them apart. šŸ˜› In my heart of hearts, they’ve eloped to Jeju and is running a little marina boat shop together while Chang Hee becomes mayor of their little town and they have 3 kids. The end.

May Queen “First Love”:


Saying Farewell and Disembarking the May Queen Ride — 28 Comments

  1. I like your ending! :)) I said goodbye to May Queen last weekend and I’m not angry or anything. For me the highlight was the first part of this drama because the child actors were sooo good.

    Can’t wait to see them all in different dramas again. šŸ™‚

  2. This drama is funny: Everyone watches it for different reasons and take what they want from it. It’s a self-service show with quite good ratings actually (nĀ°2 & 20.8% for episode 15). At least producers and channel must be happy.

  3. Funny – I got off last week when I thought my ship (I am Team San) wasn’t going to happen, but I am not getting back on just because this drama is so makjang, once I finally got myself free, I am reluctant to go back. It’s like a bad habit šŸ™‚

  4. I am very happy that so far everyone is enjoying this drama and hope some of us watch to till end. I am really behind.. I am still on episode 4 of the childhood part…. I am still Sanjoo shipper so I hoe lots of tons HOT chemistry and skin ship and LOTS of HOT Kisses…

    In another note, Is it Wednesday yet and Koala Unni, have you watched Ohlala spouses yet..

  5. Dun da da da dun, goodbye to romance~

    I’m suddenly shipping Haejoo’s sister and Il Moon. I think they got fantastic chemistry :3.

    Anyways, I still really like both guys, so I don’t really care who she ends up with….BUT how slow the storyline is going is really irritating me. By now I was hoping Changhee went evil. Because I bet $5 that the next 3-4 episodes will center on how depressing Haejoo and Changhee are apart. =_=. Like get to the good stuff already! The plot froze ever since the kids grew up. (Well since ep 4 to be exact)

    Still hanging onto this. I think I can survive. Dropped all the other dramas I was watching. Maybe I should start Nice Guy.

  6. ahah i like your ending. Well I dropped it a long time ago. I still liked the cute love story at the beginning with the child. Bye bye May Queen!

  7. oh yes !!!!!! finally !!! i am so happy to be on board now….i can’t wait to see hae joo with kang san together !! hooray

  8. My interest in May Queen peaked last week and this weeks episodes seemed lackluster…aside from Chang Hee finding out about his dad’s shady past and the possibility of the Il Moon finding out about his stepmom and Hae Joo’s connection. I’m going to stick with it for another few weeks and hope that Hae Joo and Kang San’s new love will bring a spark to the show; although I don’t know how Hae Joo is going to fall for Kang San so quickly since she’s been in love with Chang Hee for 15 years. If MQ is still boring after the next few episodes I may have to jump ship and marathon it when it’s all finished.

  9. Oh s&#$! I’ve been marathon-ing May Queen since your last post…just finished ep 12 and now I don’t know what to do…sob sob…

  10. I agree with comment above re self service drama, and I think it’s true. I don’t usually like dramas with more than 20 eps, but I’m not disembarking just yet as there are plenty to see in the drama and not only focusing on the OTP as it can be worst than seeing all other evil faces in the coming eps. I feel the drama has so much more to tell, and it’s now sailing off as a new drama itself. Lots of potential still for story development and its also crucial how it’ll lead on. Good luck May Queen!

  11. The drama is definitely turning towards a KangSan/HaeJoo pairing, but watching the video makes that turn of events super-sad.

  12. I will miss this couple too. :….. But I am marathoning Can you hear my heart and I can see why the actor that plays Kang San has a million fans lol. I just do not understand writers for May queen. Kang San is now going to be the rebound guy. I guess whatever floats their boats and as song goes – Say goodbye to romance !! Lol

  13. I still need to watch this last episode (have to wait for the english subs). So I only know the preview.

    So I have questions:
    Where was said, Hae Joo will definitely end up with Kang San?
    You sound so sure.
    Any synopsis I found only told about the breakup and the CH/IH-marriage. Isn’t there still the possibility that Chang Hee and Hae Joo reconcile in the final stages of this drama?

  14. koala unnie, I’m feeling the same way as you’ve always described it. I’ve even stopped watching since saturday lol xD. somehow my heart hurts too much for ch and hj. they are just soulmates for life born in such an impossible situation they cant really control. but good luck may queen anyway. ^^ btw, i love the video. adding the adult part would be just more than perfect. farewell for me too, may queen ^^

  15. I will always be a CHxHJ shipper, they make my heart squeal, they are sweet and romantic, I’m gonna miss them so much!! šŸ™
    but I don’t think I can just drop it D:
    I wish I could, It would be less painful, but I have to make sure chang hee ends up ok :'(

  16. Jumped ship a while back. May re-embark after it finishes airing. I was definitely a CHxHJ shipper, and actually wanted to see Kang end up romantically with IH, even though he always treated her like she was a pest in the past.

    It’s definitely frustrating to me to watch as a couple’s relationship was built up over 15 episodes only to have the plot turn direction, and pair the woman with another man as the OTP. At this point, no matter how the series ends, a large part of the viewership will be disappointed.

    My only consolation was that I knew it was coming, so I didn’t get too invested in the story.

  17. Guess I’m the only one that thinks, finally!! I’ve been waiting for this part all along. Can’t wait to see how the story develops. It’s not bad to finally start now, but if only it was earlier. They still have like 14 or 16 more eps to progress the storyline so it’s not like they won’t have time to squeeze in the romance storyline, but I just hope the writer put much thought into how to make it. *Ahem Like BBJX, haha ruo xi totally moved on from 8th to 4th.

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