The Original Cast of Dream High Gather for a Nostalgic Reunion

Earlier this year I watched one episode of Dream High 2 and I ran away screaming. I was horrified that the second season of the original Dream High could turn out that bad, and I came to that conclusion a good 15 episodes earlier than those who stuck around and ended up totally disgruntled with the entire story and the ending. Seeing how bad DH2 was only made me miss the original that much more because its actually not easy to get six idols and/or actors around the same young age and have them not only deliver the characters but have chemistry with each other as well. Whatever good mojo was in the air during the casting of DH, the result was a home run. I miss my DH sextet a lot, Kim Soo Hyun‘s earnest bumpkin Sam Dong, Suzy‘s haughty diva Hye Mi, Eunjung‘s insecure underdog Baek Hee, Taecyeon‘s just-wanna-dance loveable lug Jin Gook, IU‘s darling songstress Pil Sook, and Wooyoung‘s dense kind-hearted Jason. So I literally shrieked out loud last night when the pictures came out that all six of them gathered together recently for a night of hanging out and BBQ. Just like they promised to keep in touch when they finished filming and realized it was such an unique and wonderful experience in their lives.

Since DH ended almost a year and a half ago, all six of them have furthered their careers mostly in positive ways. The sole actor of the bunch Kim Soo Hyun followed up DH with The Moon Embraces the Sun, a drama I was dying to watch but turned out to be vastly disappointing. His performance was stellar within the cast, but I know he could be much better, but for MoonSun Kim Soo Hyun won the Baeksang for Best Actor in a TV series, and that was just a jawdropping upset. Suzy has been mostly singing, though her one return to television acting in this Summer’s Big was a total waste of her involvement and I wished she picked better. IU, Wooyoung, and Taecyeon have all resumed their singing activities without picking any follow up acting roles. But its Eunjung that’s rather in a precarious situation now, what with T-ara’s scandal this Summer and her getting replaced on Five Fingers. I’m sure she’ll bounce back eventually, but that couldn’t have been a pleasant or easy experience to endure. If Korea makes any other high school-themed drama, whether it involves music or something else, I will always measure it against DH. It’s so good to see my Kirin High babies back together again!


The Original Cast of Dream High Gather for a Nostalgic Reunion — 20 Comments

  1. AWWWWWWW…..I was just thinking about this drama the other day after I finished SUFBB……I wasn’t one of this shows biggest fans but there definitely were many an adorable moment between these 6…how cute that they came together for a reunion…Kim Soo Hyun’s popularity has pretty much skyrocketed since then, but how great that he still seems the same adorable guy…and what’s up with Taec’s hair??! lol

    • He’s been growing it out since 2pm started promoting in Japan. I wish he would cut it, he is really a short hair kind of guy. The longer hair ages him in all honesty.

  2. I still like Kim Soo Hyun paired with Suzy the best. So cute!
    I actually started the drama being a Jin Gook Hye Mi shipper, but converted into a Sam Dong Hye Mi shipper. SamMi!

  3. Love them and glad to see them still so close with each other and the staff. As a fan of her personally, I am glad that Eunjung got to hang out with them, Kim Soo Hyun and Taec are two of her closest guy friends and Suzy is one of her close girl friends so it must of been nice to get to see them and relax for a change. I hope she comes back to dramas again in the future because I do see potential in her. Also Suzy actually acted in “Introduction to Architecture” as the younger version of Han Ga In’s character in between Dream High and Big.

  4. koala, you mentioned soohyun’s baeksang, but you forgot to mention that suzy also won a baeksang this year as the best new actress for her role in the movie ‘introduction to architecture’!

    with that said, dream high will be forever one of my favorite kdramas and school dramas because of the cast chemistry and the characters evolution and how full of heart and soul the drama was, if had many problems, but it was the qualities of the show that truly shone. and i’ll forever love that they indeed became friends, as they often mention each other and always keep in touch.

    and it’s amusing how the two least known members of the cast when it first aired (soohyun and suzy) are now the biggest starts.

    • over the power of IU? XP
      Soo Hyun and Suzy have definitely come the farthest since DH, I’ll say. He was a less known actor with potential, and she the green idol from a group that debuted not long ago.

      • it depends, iu is huge, but now so is suzy, they are at the same level right now, however suzy is now more respected and known for her acting and her ‘nation’s first love image’ while iu is more respected and known for her singing and her ‘nation’s little sister’ image.

  5. Since Dream High, Suzy’s gained a higher level of fame with Introduction to Architecture 101, and kept in the public eye with CFs, variety show appearances, Big, and miss A. She came so far within one year in showbiz.

    Eunjung, I hope can come back and maybe use this time to polish her acting skill. I miss the six of them together!

  6. Awww…i missed them so much. I see u Suzy “sticking” to your Soohyun-oppa. XD It’s amazing to see their journey so far especially for Kim Soohyun and Suzy. They really did well this year. Soohyun with TMTETS and Suzy with Introduction to Architecture.Their popularity is crazy especially in the first half of 2012.Dream High really opened up more opportunities to both of them. To see that this two was the least unknown (Soohyun is great actor but unnoticeable and Suzy is a rookie who just 3 months in the industry) among all the 6 leads and one year later,they’re the most successful is just really amazing and i am so proud of them.

  7. I love their pics together. Their show of solidarity and support and friendship is something everyone should do. My baba soohyun, has really come a long way from dreamhigh… Well from will it snow for christmas and giant, actually…

    Anyway talking about Highschool themed dramas…? Hhmmnnn i know a couple of those, from the sweet yet confusing God of study, short special oh ma boy, plain to the beautiful you, the tragic jungle fish 2 and the haunting white christmas….
    But what i really wanna recommend are shup flower boy Or answer me 1997…

    Though Kim soo hyun is my baby and dream high is a cotton candy goodness drama, i think the well written, ultimately well characterized and all actorized dramas in shut up flower boy and answer me 1997 are the BOMB! The characters are the ones i feel for and feel in love with, whether they are the main lead or the seconds leads.
    Rockstar and charismatic leader jihyuk just reels me in with his mothering eyes and perfect emotions while the smarty, oblivious, goofy and slightly angsty yoonjae is just the real thing!
    I wish they were in my high school when i was in school…. Hhhmmmmmnnnn….

  8. Want a warm and fuzzy, well-written high school drama? Oh god you gotta check out Answer Me 1997!!! Unless you haven’t heard already, it’s got heaps of praises from everybody, and deservedly so.

  9. Hmm, with everyone talking about how awful DH2 is, my curiosity is piqued to see for myself how bad it really is. Am I crazy? And despite EJ’s “T-ara fiasco,” it’s good to see that she can get away from it all, however briefly, by spending time with her old castmates. And aww! KSH looks adorable in those pics!

    But now, I am going to be nosy and ask you, Koala unni, as others before me… Why haven’t you still watched SUFBB and AM1997???!!! What are you waiting for?!!! (No pressure. 😉 )

  10. Taecyeon was in Cinderella’s sister!!!! He played the obsessed boy-to-grown-up-stalker that’s crushing on Moon’s character, remember?

    • I think Cinderella’s sister was his first role and before Dream High. He’s been doing world tours with 2pm and promoting in Japan since Dream High finished.

  11. I love it…it’s nice to see them again together. I hope there will be a Dream High 3, original cast of the first season will have a reunion @ Kirin, I want to see more romantic scene with my HyunZy Couple, I also wanted to see Lyan (T-ara Jiyeon) & Yoojin (2AM Jinwoon) to be in Dream High 3, only thing I love the second season was the G-Minor couple…Dream High 3 Please…….

  12. It is nice to see them having fun together again, with other DH crew members, I guess?

    Kim Soo Hyun held his own against five professional idols on stage! .
    This is what I remember the most about DH, KSH’s singing abilities, aside from Wooyoung speaking a decent English back then which has improved ever since.

    About the DH2 mess I mostly feel sorry for 2AM’s Jinwoon. He could have shun much more had he been given a role that made sense, because he did demonstrate acting skills. Hopefully he’ll get to bounce back in another drama.

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