Cha Seung Won Goes Shirtless and Clothed for His Latest Magazine Shoot

Cha Seung Won radiates confidence. He radiates confidence whether he’s dressed or topless, because he knows he looks good either way. He’s like a potato, delicious baked or fried. For L’Officiel Hommes, the magazine decided to give us Cha Seung Won served both ways. I’ll put the clothed version first and hide the muscly one after the jump, because this here is a family friendly blog. He hasn’t been in a drama since the Hong Sisters romcom Best Love last Summer, a drama that I’m still rather ambivalent about. My live-airing recaps were quite positive and effusive, but I confess that it did get a tad tiring watching it with all the frenetic energy emanating from the screen and an OTP that really wasn’t all that chemistry-laden. But during the watch the experience rather swept me up into it and it was only afterwards that it deflated immediately like a balloon. My favorite Cha Seung Won performance still remains his brilliant Jo Gook in City Hall, all devilish and cunning and vulnerable wrapped up into one, and I’m hoping he picks a drama that allows him to both be comedic and serious without going into the extremes of either. Or he can just continue to grace magazine covers modeling impeccable menswear and/or his abs and I’m cool with that.


Cha Seung Won Goes Shirtless and Clothed for His Latest Magazine Shoot — 36 Comments

  1. AHHHHHH!!! * Plonk * A Hunkle with muscles . Hot Flashes of City Hall scenes slinking by.One of my all time favourite Kdrama obsessions.

  2. I love him. I love Jo Gook,too. City Hall is one of my favorite dramas ever (which is how you sucked me into Miss Rose in the first place when I really do not have time to watch any dramas!). He is my fantasy of the sexy, mature man. I think of him when I find myself feeling badly about the fact that I am much too old to be having any thoughts at all about people like ROy Qui or Joo Won or even (sigh) Park Shi Hoo. So thanks, Koala, for remembering to post something for the rest of us.

  3. I’m only 23 but I think this Ajusshi is HOT! Can’t wait for his next drama but I hope it’s one where he gets cast with someone who has chemistry w/ him (best love disappointed me)

  4. In the second pic, he’s all “You wanna piece of this?”
    and I’m all, “Anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Just say the word.”

    It’s pretty much what I have on my bumper sticker.

  5. I have always wanted to see this excellent actor star in a comedic drama with YEH. They both are excellent in this genre….His comedic timing is on par with YEH and, I truly believe the chemistry would be there. Just my opinion.

    • Too bad producers are too busy trolling for flower boy actors… I don’t understand the sudden craze for casting much older actresses opposite young actors. I just read about Choi Kang Hee being cast opposite Joo Won and I want to know what those people were smoking…

  6. since i’m at work, i couldn’t linger too long to fully appreciate such a hot, fine, smexy piece of ajusshi i’ve ever seen. but definitely gonna take my sweet time when i get home. for now, all i have to say is nnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. Cha Seung Won is just too handsome for words!!

    I liked Best Love and was totally swept up in all of its cuteness, but looking back I totally agree that the chemistry between all the leads was a bit mild and the things that had me hooked were the male leads and the awesome writing of the Hong Sisters.

    Btw is it just me or would anybody else like to see him on a variety show. Maybe 1 Night 2 Days. I would love to see him being all funny and developing bromances with that cast.

    • He had done variety shows indeed with full hiliarity – check out YT for his episodes on Family Outing back in 2008 (?) around similar time when City Hall was shown then.

  8. If I wasn’t married and my kids didn’t use my computer…I would have a new screen saver…. drool!Thanks Ms.Koala you’re the best!

  9. *fanning*. I want the same body coach! And his look-alike boyfriend as well. 😀

    Did you know that I had been this close to dropping City Hall after the first episodes? I couldn’t click with his character, which was overly cool and brash and cruel. But then the NGs showed his hilarious and not-afraid-of-skinship side and I got hooked. Then the jacket scene, followed by their moment on the hill and the kiss in the car just took my breath away. ^^ *reminiscing the good ole days*

    I’ll put the clothed version first and hide the muscly one after the jump, because this here is a family friendly blog.
    I shouldn’t say so but I laughed out lol at that last part. Not that I was making fun of you though. 😉

  10. oh. Cha Seung Won, you make your son’s life so hard. Having father with hot body and confidently showing it to people, and probably having female friends who are drooling over him must be hard for a young man, no?

    • HAHAHAHA!!!! Indeed! I hope, for the son’s sake and sanity, that he takes after his Dad in every way. I don’t know how Nature can improve on such a purrrfect creation ….

  11. Thank god he finally has a new haircut and got rid of that previous wavy style!!! This looks much better (and of coz remind me of my dearest Jo Gookie, heh)

  12. I actually loved City Hall, and I never love dramas like that, with politics and tears and what not. But that was good. Choi Seung Won, the man is sexiness on a Shtick! heheh 🙂 God bless him and his family, lets keep it PG ppl.

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