Written Preview for Episode 14 of Nice Guy

Watching episode 13 of Nice Guy was such a draining process. Seeing how much Maru loves Eun Gi makes me weep, and seeing how Eun Gi is toggling between regaining painful memories and her current helplessness makes me unsure what I would prefer. Would it be best for her to start over now and never try to regain her memories? Probably, but she can’t let Jae Hee get away with stealing her inheritance and not pay the price for causing her father’s death. There was no preview for episode 14 (damn you, live shoots!) but this written preview ought to give us some assurance of what’s to come. The entire hospital scene sequence at the end of episode 13 was so heart wrenching already, and no one is dying even. I will probably be emotionally wiped by the end of this drama. I known some folks might find amnesiac Eun Gi rather frail and helpless, but I don’t get that sense from her. Her steely core is still intact, and what is outside is merely needing time to relearn all the basic aspects of life, which would make anyone seem like a newborn baby bird learning to fly again. For some reason, Maru and Eun Gi always manage to push each other’s buttons, and I hope they stick to each other through thick and thin for the rest of the drama. No more noble idiocy, you hear me!

Written preview for episode 14:

Eun Gi wakes up in the hospital still in shock. Seeing Eun Gi like that, Maru knows what happened to her is because of the pain he inflicted on her and he feels sorrow. He continues to shield the emotionally hurt Eun Gi. Jae Hee sees Maru looking at her with disgust and is hurt by that. In front of the people who don’t know where Eun Gi is, she starts her plan to make Tae San Group all hers. Because of the loss of her memory, the traumatized Eun Gi is assisted by Maru and starts to recover, and even her originally lost memories are starting to come back. Eun Gi goes to the company and Jae Hee hands her a project. Eun Gi guilelessly accepts Jae Hee’s arrangement and steps into a trap.


Written Preview for Episode 14 of Nice Guy — 17 Comments

  1. ahhhh this last episode. Reading this preview doesn’t make me too optimistic.

    I still hope Eun Gi is pretending to not remember Maru and rather than walking into some trap EG’s just allowing Jae Hee think she has the upper hand. The EG I saw at the end of this episode had that edge she had before.

  2. Oh so Jae Hee will step more low? Knowing how EG is, she will then take advantage of it? Oh Jae Hee, you do to others what you disgusted they did to you. You are a #@#$#$@#$

  3. I smell nice guy will be enter me too, flower plot territory in the second half of the drama syNdrome soon T.T. Please drama end this problem quickly.

    God… The amnesia thing makes Eun Gi looks insecure and weak. While i feel for her, really can’t stand it. I just want EG to get through this pain quickyly and be stronger soon so she will gain strength to match Jae Hee.
    She has too. At first when we will think it would be better she never regain her memories. But the more i think about it, she has to get through to it. Even if the consequences is she has to get through to feel her trauma with Ma Ru.
    Maru has to get through the consequences for what he did in the past after all. He did a bad thing to her despite his good intention.

    I hate the fact JH, character who in the beginning still has layer personality and can make awsome layer villain end up being this antagonist fmale lead cliches.

    I really hope the rest of the drama will not end up driven by Jae Hee’s scheming.

  4. I hope Maru didn’t die at the end and eun ki stay happily together at the end. The facts that chairman Taisan’s death turns out to public and the facts that Maru’s murder case reviewed and Jahee will put to prison with lawyer anh. That will be the best from the editor.

  5. Looking forward to the next episode!!!! I am so glad that there’s at least a written preview! If there wasn’t a preview, I will go berserk.

  6. Omg! Because I work, I have no time to watch them yet. But thank you so much for the recap and this! You. Are. The. Best.! =D

  7. i really want EG to get all her memories back now i want to see jae hee go down i want to see EG and Maru become closer in the next few episodes jae hee is getting more low in the next episode i want to see her pay for the things she has done to EG and Maru they both deserve a happy ending i will be exausted by the time the last episode is done I LOVE THIS DRAMA

  8. I wanna cry =(
    A lot of bad things are happening to me right now, and also Eun Gi and Maru suffering like that :'(

    Although I’ve known since the beginning this show would probably have a sad progress/ending, I couldn’t help myself but watching it.
    But now I became greed somehow, praying for a happy ending. Am I wrong?
    I think we deserve to get our happiness at least on dramaland, so that the world doesn’t seem so unfair, right? ^.^ Cutting the wings of EG and MR is TOOOO UNFAIR. They are suffering since ep 01… PDnim, let them have their well deserved joy! PLEEEEEASE!

  9. By the way, thank you Mrs. Koala 🙂
    I’m always passing by your sweet blog to read the news. It’s been more than a year, since Lie to Me I guess hehehehe
    I’m sorry I don’t leave many comments.
    Hugs from Brazil =)

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